10 Reasons to Love Georgette Heyer

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This post is a counter post to 10 Reasons Why I Can’t Read Georgette Heyer by Zarabeth. I was surprised but not upset with Zarabeth’s reaction to Georgette Heyer’s writing style. It does take a little getting used to and in my opinion the hardest Heyer to read is your first. This will probably not be the case if you read a lot of historical fiction. Trust me, the pages will soon begin to fly as you read Heyer. Here are some reasons to love her:

  1. Georgette Heyer novels have characters that steal into your heart and mind.
  2. Georgette Heyer novels are stories that are worth rereading over and over.
  3. Georgette Heyer writes farces that make you laugh out loud and shake your head in gentle amusement.
  4. Everyone seems to have a favorite or two Georgette Heyers they grew up with.
  5. Where else can you encounter thief cant and learn words like snabble and snaffle?
  6. Georgette Heyer provides it all from spinsters to female gamblers, from dandy heroes to brooding alphas, and from enemies to best friends. She has a whole gamut to choose from.
  7. Jane Austen fix. Need I say more?
  8. Fairly unusual character names like Lizzie Winwood, Marquis of Alverstoke, Vidal, etc.
  9. Reading Heyer with those glorious new tradeback covers from Sourcebooks is an experience not to be missed. Aren’t they just gorgeous? Strokes glossy cover… yum. Which are your favorites?
  10. All of Heyer’s novels are filled with sweetness and chastity. Like a fairytale all HEA are sealed with a kiss!

Now if you have read a Heyer and both Zarabeth’s and mine arguments about Georgette Heyer – where do you fall?

How do you feel about Georgett Heyer romances?

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4 thoughts on “10 Reasons to Love Georgette Heyer”

  1. Why I love Georgette Heyer, having only recently discovered her books in the HQN releases: The book “This Old Shades” featuring the Satanas Duke of Avon and Leonie, page 316 (SPOILER ALERT), after he through the sheer force of his personality convinces the Saint-Vire to commit suicide: “M. de Saint-Vire has provided the end to my tale.” He took the soiled paper from the mantelshelf where he had left it, and threw it into the fire, and laughed.

    Ms. Heyer’s characters surpass any genre and have a force that that is classic.

  2. I adore Ms Heyer, and have been reading them since I was about 12 … far, far too many years ago. ’tis simply a life long addiction that I’ve never felt the need to find a cure for! I can read and re-read them and never tire of the delight contained in those pages. My most beloved hero is the Duke of Avon as well.



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