10 Second Eclipse Sneak Peak

Gut reaction: gah!

I want more than 10 seconds! Where’s the bonus 20%? I could use 2 more seconds. 😛

Give me Robert Pattinson. Seriously, that boy is sex on a stick. As I said on Twitter who ever delivers him to my door for Christmas will have my eternal gratitude.

Kristen Stewart looked very Bella-esque. That makes me happy. I hate scenes where her makeup and clothes make her look more like herself and less like the character.

Also Taylor Lautner delivered his line with excellence. I still think the line is a bit creepy (in context… it could be romantic in other situations) and shows that his love isn’t going to follow Bella if she isn’t human. It’d be like Edward saying, “I’m going to fight for you until you turn furry.” I don’t think he’d say that, do you?

Go Team Edward! (I know there are some Team Jacob fans out there in Romancelandia but I just don’t get it.)

I can’t wait for June 30, 2010. Can you? I’m so going to be in the theaters at the midnight showing opening day. Anybody planning to party while in line for Eclipse? You know you’ll be there at least 3 hours early to get the best seats and possibly longer depending on where you live.

What do you look forward to the most? I want to see the tent scene and the end scene in the meadow and Bella breaking her hand on Jacob’s face and Edward’s subsequent growlies. Swoon. Am I a nerd or what? 🙂

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6 thoughts on “10 Second Eclipse Sneak Peak”

  1. Forget 10 seconds, I want 10 more minutes at least. It’s going to be…good! I hope they have lots of Jasper in this film. 🙂 I’m team Jasper.

  2. Captain Yarr, I don’t think you should mention Jacob around Book Girl. (Holds up copy of Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Acheron, that book can withstand a few missiles.) lol Luckily for me, I’m out of the debate; I like Jasper.

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