15 Perfect Gift Ideas for Your Book Lover

Don’t know what to get the book lover in your life this year? Try this guide on for size:

  1. Book Journals. Think of it as a A Book Lover’s Diary or as Goodreads.com for her purse.
  2. Bed Lamps. You know one of the best things about hotels? Their double wall lamps. These babies shed just enough light to illuminate her side of the bed (or yours) without disturbing the other person in the room. Want to read until 4AM to finish that epic novel – no problem!
  3. Book Lights. The LightWedge Original Book Light looks seriously cool. It will illuminate the page she’s reading and nothing else. I want to get me one of these!
  4. Romantic Times Magazine Subscription. Romantic Times Book Reviews is a magazine dedicated to serving romance readers and dishes up 200+ reviews an issue.
  5. Reading Club Paraphernalia. If she’s in a reading club you definitely want to get her a Reading Group Journal. Buying her the books from the club would also be a terrific gift!
  6. Book Magnifiers. Books don’t always come in large print so it’s nice to have a Handheld Magnifier to zoom in on the text.
  7. Bookends. Those Harlequins and category novels don’t hold themselves up you know. A cute set of bookends would go a long way to organizing that TBR pile. Kikkerland Leaning Ladies Bookends might be nice or these executive frame bookends which you can personalize.
  8. Book Stands and Holders. They come in many shapes, sizes and functions. Are you looking for a Paperback Caddy, Book Clip, or an All in One Bookholder, Bookstand and Bookmark?
  9. Blankets. Reading is fabulous when snuggling with a Blanket. A new fuzzy and warm blanket to read under would not be unappreciated.
  10. Audio Books. Another great gift idea is an audio romance book. There are several titles available from big name authors. Check out: 8 Sandpiper Way by Debbie Macomber, Birthright by Nora Roberts, Outlander by Diana Gabaldon, or Lover Avenged by J.D. Ward.
  11. Ebook Reading Devices. Does she love to read ebooks? Choose from Amazon’s Kindle, Sony’s e-Reader, or B&N’s Nook.
  12. Hot Beverages. A steaming cup of Ghirardelli Chocolate Premium Hot Cocoa or Bigelow Cinnamon Stick Tea is sure to make anyone merry.
  13. Boxed Book Sets. There are a ton of box sets out there, do you know what she’s looking for or what she likes? Try a Nora Roberts box gift set: Sign of Seven Trilogy Box Set, or In The Garden Box Set, or Key Trilogy Box Set.
  14. Bathtub Caddies. If she loves to read in the bathtub you need to get her a Bathtub Caddy with a book holder in it! She’ll love it!
  15. Laptop Table. If you’re waiting on an electronic reading device an Adjustable Laptop Table with Cooler is the next best thing. It will make reading ebooks easier and cooler!

Edit: Bonus Gift Ideas!

  1. Bookstore Gift Cards. Give books through gift cards and ease your book lover’s budget guilt. Even if they use an Amazon Gift Cards for something other than books, you’re getting them exactly what they want.
  2. Bookmarks. Something like Book Darts, which are plentiful, cheap, and pretty would suffice. I’m also a huge fan of Magnetic Page Markers. Love them a lot because the heavy weight of the magnet opens the book to the page easily and without fuss. Great stocking stuffers!

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5 thoughts on “15 Perfect Gift Ideas for Your Book Lover”

  1. I love the book clip idea, now why didn’t I think of that?
    Might have to re-write my list, all I wrote down were books.

  2. Well those were a given. 🙂 I could add two more to the list and make it 17… actually I think I might just do that. 😀 Look for the post edit.

  3. I got some magnetic book clips for Christmas last year and I never use them! They’re too heavy for the pages of my books.

    I wish someone would buy me The Windflower for Christmas….

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