2nd Official New Moon Trailer

Holy baloney eaten by a talking fish-head on a tricycle… wowza. This New Moon trailer looks so much better than the other trailers and it’s really interesting to hear Taylor Lautner (Jacob Black) describe the novel/movie story. I hardly have words to describe how freaking cool it looks. Is it November yet?

4 thoughts on “2nd Official New Moon Trailer”

  1. I am excited to watch how the relationship between Jacob and Bella plays out on screen. I loved reading about it almost more than reading about Edward and Bella’s relationship.

  2. I had absolutely no interest in the first half of this film until this trailer. I was firmly on the side of “who cares?” when it came to Jacob. (So not a JBlack fan in the books) but Taylor just might change my mind. Boy has he grown hunky from that last film!

  3. Wauw.
    First of all I’d love to see Micheal Sheen play Aro. He is soooo good. And I am a Jacob fan, not that into Edward. I like both of them, but I like Jake better 😀
    And I have to agree with Isabel.

    Can’t wait.

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