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I’m often asked how I handle the dreaded Writer’s Block. I don’t handle it well. I usually wrestle it to the ground, or it kicks me nine ways to Sunday. However, my editor showed me a way to tackle this bane of a Writer’s existence. She sends me a picture and tells me to write a scene around that one picture. So a few weeks ago, as I struggled to try to finish edits for ‘Take A Chance On Me‘, she sent me the below picture and said, “Write me a scene.” This is what I came up with and I’d love your opinion and comments as to rather I should keep it and perhaps develop a story, or consign it to the ‘trash can’.


And yes, the picture is Benedict Cumberbatch because…well, because. :)

His legs gave out and he tumbled to the pavement, ripping gaping holes in his jeans. Burning pain tore through his knees, the seeping blood adding to that on his hands, chest, and neck. Behind him the twisted wreck of burning steel exploded yet again and filled the air with deafening noise and the horrible acid smell of materials burning which never should. Head bent, he watched through blurred eyes as his blood and tears mingled on the broken ground in front of him. He had little voice left, but he drew a painful deep breath and whispered, “Why?”

“You’re welcome.” His brother flopped to the ground beside him, his hands blistered, hair sticking straight up and face a mask of pain. “Damn you, Benjamin, for thinking I’d stand by and just let you die.”

“I’ve no reason to live damn you!” Ben shouted the words, or tried, but his tortured voice refused to spill out more than a hoarse whisper. “I hate your freaking ‘save the world’ complex.”

Sirens filled the air as the ground rumbled beneath them. “I may not like you very much right now for what you just tried to do, but I don’t, even now, hate you. The trucks are coming. We’re get you help.”

He didn’t want their help. Could no one left on this God forsaken planet understand that? Ben dropped his head in his hands and tried to ignore the arriving fire trucks and ambulances screaming to a halt behind him. He just wanted to be left alone. He just wanted her. Only, ever her.

So… should I keep this or trash it? Comment below and thank you.

takeachanceonme_200x300Book Blurb:

Friends and lovers rarely mix well with coworkers and embezzlement cases, just ask Christine and Charlie.

After a near fatal accident leads to one incredible night of amazing sex, Christine and Charlie take the leap from friends to lovers.
Christine has battled many demons in the last few years. Charlie has always been her confident and support. When Charlie refuses to answer emails or texts after an embezzling scheme arises at work, Christine must come to terms with not only losing a fabulous lover and her best friend but her job as well.

Charlie carries his own scars when it comes to women. Yet there’s something about Christine which brings out his protective side and makes him hope for love he’s wanted for years.

Christine and Charlie must work together to catch the thief before they can secure a love of a lifetime. Can they catch the embezzler before they lose not only their jobs and each other, but their lives as well?

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“I wish I could go with you. I could show you such delights.”

She hesitated, unsure as always if Charlie meant an innuendo or just conversation. He was a world class flirt, a charmer like none she’d ever encountered, and Christine never felt quite steady around him. For six years he’d seen her as a coworker, then a buddy, then as a good, close friend but not as anything more. Damn it all. “Oh, I bet. You’re a world class traveler and adventurer after all. When did you last visit Australia?”

“Eight years ago. You will love it.” Charlie leaned back in his chair, the window behind him showing the rolling waves of the ocean. “There’s nothing like the Sydney quay and the Nations Row houses in Canberra. I’d love to see your face when you see them.”

She sighed. So much for a romantic vacation with him. He meant friendly conversation. It was all for the best really. They’d both seen how rumors regarding coworkers being more than coworkers affected the professional atmosphere. “This has been a dream of mine, especially with Maddy begging me for ages to visit.”

“I understand.” Of course he did. She’d mentioned the trip several times. Charlie even helped her make the flight arrangements to finally visit her best friend. “No one deserves it more. The last three years have been horrible for you.”

“I do need this vacation.” So why did it feel so empty to be going alone?

“Don’t forget to have fun.” He winked. “I could give you some ideas on fun.”

Geez, he had to be aware how his wink affected women. Every female in ten miles went all fluttery in the knees. Did he have to use it on her? “Stop flirting with me. You don’t need practice. It comes as natural to you as breathing.”

“Who says I’m flirting? Your plane flies right over Honolulu. Stop by and see me in person. We could have dinner, see the sunset, and play on the beach. I’ll drool over you in a bikini while you feast your gaze on me in a Speedo.”

She laughed even as the idea almost took root. Charlie in a Speedo, wet, glistening in the sun with nothing but a few scraps of tiny material between them. Oh heck no. “Like I’m ever going to put a bikini on in front of you? You’ve had chances to stop here on the east coast and see me. Yet you didn’t.”

He lost the smile and the teasing light in his face faded. “I did when you needed me most.”

She swallowed, wishing she could take back the thoughtless words. “I remember. So much I’ve forgotten or blocked, but I recall your face and voice. You held me and made me feel safe. Why haven’t you visited since?”

“Because I’m obviously a fool.” Charlie tapped his long fingers together against his chin.

She felt her gaze widen. He couldn’t be serious. But damn, he seemed so intense, leaning forward, navy gaze all but drilling into her. She swallowed again. Maddy always told her to be bold. She could push a bit, flirt back then lick her rejection wounds during the fifteen hour flight to the other side of the world. “I always have your favorite brand of scotch on hand.”

“Do you?”

She shrugged, crossed her legs, and tried to appear nonchalant. Maddy would be proud. “Your favorite scotch, favorite foods, nice cleans sheets on the bed, and a jogging trail all waiting for you here.”

One finger stroked his full bottom lip then slid down his chin. She’d love to trace the same path with her mouth. “You believe you’re so well acquainted with my wants and desires?”

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any duchess will doHero: Griffin York has just been kidnapped by his momma. She’s a desperate duchess and wants grandbabies, but her son, the Duke of Halford, has no desire to wed. So they make a deal – he will pick one woman from the ladies present at the inn and if his momma can turn her into a duchess acceptable to the ton he will wed her. Who does he pick? The barmaid. Take that!

“Her – I choose her.”

Heroine: Pauline Simms is just trying to save money to open her own circulating library. She wants to remove both herself and her sister from under her father’s heavy handed rules. She can’t believe he’d sell her for five pounds to a duke. She’s determined to walk away with something from this ridiculous bargain and that is the finances to start her dream. So she agrees to being employed by the duke, take duchess training, and fail at it – but he can have a week – she needs to be home for her sister.

Review: This is a feel-good romance. You will laugh, you will sigh, and you’ll want it to last longer. Griff and Pauline together are a great match. They find the longer they are together the more they have in common. Pretty soon Griff isn’t thinking a week – he’s thinking a lifetime. Some of the best moments in the book are in Griff’s private thoughts as he finds himself thinking again and again “Her – I choose her.”

Pauline’s duchess training is similar to Eliza Doolittle’s. Pauline gets to practice her “H” sounds by reading “H” words from Bible. She adds a few in there to suit her mood too. She starts on her madcap adventure believing everything she does results in failure which should be a plus for her current assignment… except she wants to be told she’s doing well (at failing) and she wants Griff’s approval (and kisses).
You’re going to love Griff’s momma.

Narrator: Eva Kaminsky does a great job switching from a “low class” accent to an “upper-crust” accent. She brings a lot of liveliness to the story and is a refreshing narrator. I’d listen to her again.

Rating: ★★★★½

Buy: Any Duchess Will Do (Spindle Cove Book 4), Any Duchess Will Do (Audiobook)


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