a highland wolf christmasHeroine: Calla Stewart is not walking but running away from the aisle. She has no interest in reconnecting with her ex-fiance and leader of the pack, Baird. She has a holiday party to plan at her friends the McNeils and Grants and is looking forward to getting away. Until Baird chases her from her car to their property.

Hero: Guthrie MacNeill, is there to protect Calla with other members of his pack. The two have a little history, but peripherally because of their commitments to previous partners. Guthrie is the financial advisor for his clan and werewolf pack, and doesn’t see the point of spending money frivolously. He remembers a time when the clan was near the brink of starvation and doesn’t want to see them there again.

Review: Terry Spear juggles a lot of names and wolf clans in this book. The major players were easy enough but the plethora of side characters and cameos from previous books left me a little confused. I think some of the motivation would have been clearer to a reader who’d read previous books in the series than it was to me. Some of the wolf-logic was lost on me. They were immortal wolves? Wolves only had sex with other wolves when mating? I’m just glad that her ex was all bark and no bite.

Rating: ★★☆☆☆

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Ishabelle Torry Author PicGuest blog by Ishabelle Torry, author of To Have Or To Haunt

Hiya everyone! Ishabelle Torry here, ready to reveal my secrets! Although I have a couple of author bios available to you all, I thought it would be nice and refreshing to offer up 10 facts about me you may not know. *rubs hand together* All right, let’s count them down!

  1. I hate mayonnaise. I don’t care if it’s real, or Miracle Whip. I hate it, and will absolutely starve to avoid it!
  2. I like to watch people. They often catch me staring, and sometimes even run away from my prying eyes. A few have asked if I would like their picture instead…I almost said yes, please.
  3. I’m a night owl. I prefer to be awake all night. Unfortunately, life forces me out of bed way too early most mornings.
  4. I sleep with two blankets. And I’m not talking ’bout little blankets…full sized comforters…all year round. Anything below 80 degrees, and I’m cold.
  5. I love history. The older, the better.
  6. I hate math. Math scares me, and was the deciding factor in choosing history as a major instead of science.
  7. I wrote my first story while on bed rest for pregnancy, and shared it with my AOL friends on a weekly chapter basis. They loved it. :)
  8. My greatest influence to become a writer came from Mr. Olin…my ninth grade English teacher.
  9. I went to reform school for one year, where I met Mr. Olin. I was involved in a fist fight that resulted in suspension, and a 500 word essay. It was this essay that caught all of my teachers’ attention, and despite the reason I had to write it, gained praise.
  10. And my biggest secret…People terrify me. For most of my life I’ve hidden from people. But the desire to write has forced me to creep out from under the safety of my rock, exposing myself to the world. I’ve learned to interact, and in the last year I have grown tremendously. I love it out here now! Thanks to all of you, and your support! Rock on!

So now that you know a little bit more about me, is there anything you want to share? You can find me at:


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To Have or To Haunt 200x300Blurb:

Can Melanie’s Halloween bash survive Leah’s ghostly tricks?

Melanie Fyre is a passionate teacher determined to raise funds for the town’s school. What better way to do it than by expanding the local businesses? All she needs is land. Untouched for years thanks to a local superstition, the Crowe property is perfect. If Melanie can debunk the myth, she can get the use of those 600 beautiful acres. She just has to prove to the town that Leah’s ghost is not haunting the mansion, even on Samhain night.

Burned to death and proclaimed a witch, Leah Crowe’s soul has been cursed to an eternity of loneliness, all because she dared to love a woman. When the saucy Melanie arrives at her home to throw a costume party that mocks Leah’s very existence, the bitter ghost resolves to renew the town’s fear of her name. Will Leah’s ghost ruin all of Melanie’s plans?

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That voice… Melanie’s head snapped left, then right. “Leah?” On either side stood groups of people, but no one she didn’t recognize immediately—even through the plethora of costumes. She turned in a circle, searching for the face the voice belonged to. “You know it’s not nice to stalk people.”

“I was thinking much the same in regards to someone inviting themselves into my home.”

Melanie jumped. It sounded as if Leah were speaking directly into her ear. “Your home? As in Leah Crowe’s home?” She laughed so hard she snorted. “So that’s what you were doing in the room upstairs…haunting me?”

Once again, Leah’s voice sounded near. “No. I had only intended to ask that you leave and take your party elsewhere. I will haunt you if you fail to comply.”

Melanie crossed her arms and chuckled. Someone was definitely pranking her.

Circled by a group of men paying homage to her costume, Ally randomly waved from across the room, raising a glass of beer. Melanie smirked. So busted! This scenario had her best friend’s name written all over it. She nodded, licking her lips. “Bring it on, ghost chick. This party needs some entertainment anyway.”

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Paranormal Romance: Because Some of Us Can’t Live in the Real World 24/7

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Review: In Bed with a Rogue (Rival Rogues, Book 2) by Samantha Grace

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Hero: Baron Sebastian Thorne is the subject of ton gossip ever since he was jilted at the altar. It doesn’t help that his sister was also jilted. The ton wonders if there’s something wrong with them — because their father was mad — and if madness runs in the family. Sebastian vows to restore the […]

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Review: Must Love Breeches (Must Love, Book 1) by Angela Quarles

Review: Must Love Breeches (Must Love, Book 1) by Angela Quarlesby Keira

Heroine: Isabelle Rochon thought this reenactment ball would be spectacular. She did the research, came dressed in a period-correct gown, and finds the evening less than enchanting. The women are dressed slutty, the dancing is a boor, the lights too bright, and her coworker crush turns out to be an ass. Where’s the magic? Clearly […]

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Excerpt and Giveaway: Strollers and Stilettos by Nana Malone

Excerpt and Giveaway: Strollers and Stilettos by Nana Maloneby Keira

Book Summary: What happens when real life gets in the way of Happily Ever After? Chronic list-making, event planner, Jaya Trudeaux Westhorpe, envisioned a fairytale ending once she married hotel magnate, Alec Westhorpe—complete with a steamy, extended honeymoon and an eventual family.  What she didn’t expect was a baby on their doorstep and a family-phobic husband. […]

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