A Time Traveler’s Dilemma

Over the last few days I’ve been thinking about Lost in Austen and in particular what song I would have sung if Caroline Bingley put me on the spot. Honestly? It’d probably be from the Disney Broadway show of The Little Mermaid. I know the beginning portion of all of the songs and quite a few all the way through. What song I would have sung though, is not what this post is about. Instead, it’s about what I would bring back to the past if I could.

What would I bring back into the past with me to prove my identity as someone from the future? Amanda Price, the heroine of Lost in Austen, brings with her a modern copy of Pride and Prejudice. This lands her in hot water later when Mr. Darcy finds it and is disgusted to be the butt of “her” literary work.

You won’t believe me, but my first thought was not in fact a book. I actually came up with bringing back an iPod because of the songs I was thinking I’d sing to Caroline, Darcy, and Bingley. Then it occurred to me that as much as I like contemporary music, I like classical well enough and the battery life on those things is kind of sucky.

With the iPod shot down as a contender, my thinking drifted back to Amanda and the book she brought with her to the past. It was then when it occurred to me just what I should bring back to the past… my Kindle. How could I not thought of this immediately? No really, how did it escape me in the beginning? Silly Keira.

The Kindle is a perfect choice for me. I have so many free books on my Kindle I haven’t had a chance to read that going back to the past would actually help with my Kindle’s growing TBR pile. With it I wouldn’t be stuck reading books in Latin or whatever. 😛 Instead I could read contemporary writers and all sorts of naughty things good girls back then couldn’t even hear about let alone read. 😉 Plus with a Kindle I wouldn’t have one book, I’d have hundreds… but while the battery life on a Kindle is quite excellent in my opinion, I could not possibly read the hundred books I had before the battery died. Sigh.

A quick Google search on creating electricity resulted in me going cross-eyed. There has to be a better method for converting energy for dummies than experimenting with a potato. I want something like those Touch Charge Kits for gamers, but that doesn’t need to plug into an outlet, because there were no outlets in the Georgian era. So in fact it would need to be like that platform where all the walkie-talkies were charge on Destiny in Stargate Universe.

Still too complicate though… Maybe I should just buy myself another Kindle battery or two just in case I get stuck in Georgian times. What do you think?

Your Turn: What would you bring back to the past that would give you comfort, entertainment, relief, etc?

2 thoughts on “A Time Traveler’s Dilemma”

  1. Now, see, I would go ahead and take my Nook, but find a way to include one of those solar battery chargers with it. 🙂 Then I could take all my books and even some fanfiction along for the ride.

    I watched Lost in Austen on Netflix a few months ago and I thought it was really cute. I’ve always had a soft spot for Pride and Prejudice.

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