“Some books are to be tasted, others swallowed, and some few to be chewed and digested.” ~ Francis Bacon

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Romance novels: Find it. Read it. Love it. Talk about it.

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We love romances and are equal opportunists for every genre. We can’t review every book, but we love to try.

All readers are encouraged to submit reviews to Love Romance Passion (LRP) and become members of the team! When you submit three (3) you will be asked if you would like to start getting free books to review! If you say yes, I’ll add you to my review team e-mail list. From there you can request from books that are shared. You can never have enough romances on your shelves as far as I’m concerned.

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All posts, and especially the reviews, are highly categorized to help you find the type of books you love to read. Just scroll through the archive page to get started or use the search bar. You can find books by author last name, review rating, romance sub-genre, character types, character jobs, plot devices, tropes, and more.

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If you can’t commit to being a regular reviewer you can still get free books without any obligations. LRP hosts many giveaways for print and digital romance novels. You can find out about these opportunities by going to the category contests. You will almost always find them in author interviews and author guest blogs. So drop on by and leave a comment!

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Email me here: loverompass@gmail.com.

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Hi I’m Keira Gillett, and for a very long time I’ve been only a reader and a reviewer. In March 2015 I self-published my first book in the middle grade / YA genre. You can check out my author website here.

I’m still an insatiable romance reader. In any given month you can see me reading a romance in paperback, on my Kindle Paperwhite, or listening to an audiobook. Did I mention I was insatiable? I love romance novels.

In particular, I love historical romances. Give me a duke, earl, or marquis in tan breeches, white billowy shirts, and starchy cravats. Or failing that I’d take a strapping logger, farmer, or railway baron from America. I’ll even take a brooding vampire struggling to keep the woman he loves safe and happy forever.

When you read my reviews you’ll know right away, I like my heroes to be damaged. Give me a tortured, blind, or scarred hero and I’m halfway in love already. They are exactly my cup of tea. Throw in some variation of “I’m not good enough for her…” and now we’re really cooking! Just don’t do that to my heroines. It’s a double standard, but I don’t apologize for my personal preference.

My favorite plots are marriage of convenience, secluded/isolated (desert) romances, and fairy tale reinventions. Beauty and the Beast works well with the type of hero I prefer. If I could find more Little Mermaid plots that would be gravy! Check here for a full list of My Instant Turn Ons, Offs, and Ifs.

My idea of a perfect evening is a rainy night spent curled up under my old fuzzy blanket as I read the latest from my TBR pile. Now if I was reading and traveling, that’d be fab too!

Any questions? Check out the FAQ page first.


Email me here: loverompass@gmail.com.

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The blog is a growing forum and welcomes all readers to become reviewers on any romance sub-genre, plot, cliche, or lead type, as well as any author, book, or topic that you can think up! The two major guidelines for review submission are unique content (content that is not shared with another website) and to write at least 250 words. Learn about our grading scale.

More on Guest Review Submission Guidelines.

Article Submission Guidelines – for authors, publicists, publishers, models, cover artists, etc.

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