Will you review my book?

Maybe. Please see my Review Policy.

Can I advertise at Love Romance Passion?

Yes. More information here: Advertising.

Can I get the blog on my Kindle?

A: Yes. You can find it here: Love Romance Passion [Kindle Edition].

What about FTC Transparency?

If it looks like an ad or sale link, it is. Love Romance Passion runs several affiliate advertisers including but not limited to: Commission Junction, Amazon, Ebay, and ShareAShale. Every purchase/click using one of the links helps support the running costs of Love Romance Passion and is greatly appreciated. Anything over running costs helps me buy books, fund contests, snag a coffee, etc.

Under the new FTC guidelines for blogger transparency I want to make it perfectly clear that Love Romance Passion receives free ARCs and books from several authors and publishers. While we have an ARC category to easily separate and distinguish these books from regular purchases or library borrowing, please assume unless explicitly stated otherwise that every book on this blog was given to the reviewer by the publisher or author and was kept as compensation. Thank you!

Why Hasn’t My Comment Showed Up?

Your first comment to the blog is moderated in an effort to control spam. My spam catcher filters most but occasionally some slip through. After you’ve been approved once (usually sometime during the same day that you’ve posted) the rest of your comments should go straight through. One exemption seems to be those that have links in the body of the comment, not always, but occasionally. I don’t control that double check unfortunately – I do approve most posts with them though (unless the link blatantly irrelevant.)

How do I get a fun little picture next to my comment?

LRP now allows use of images in the comments. If you want to learn how to get your own image to appear next to your name check out Gravatar. It’s very simple and they walk you through it. Your Gravatar is attached to an email so everywhere on the web where comment images are enabled that image will appear. When you comment with the email registered at Gravatar, it will show the image you selected.

Why haven’t you announced the contest winners yet?

A) Busy.
B) Forgot.
C) Internet connection down.
D) Other.
E) All of the above.

I promise I’ll get to it! I swear. If however it’s been 3 or more days do feel free to poke me with a sharp stick. 😉

Are you on Twitter or Facebook?

Yes to both!

Twitter: keiragillett

Facebook: Love Romance Passion Fan Page

Have you posted anywhere else? Would you guest blog at my site?

Yes and maybe. Go to my Media Press Room for details.

Is the answer to your question not here? Shoot me an email at: loverompass@gmail.com

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