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thunder on the plainsGuest blog by Rosanne Bittner, author of Thunder on the Plains

Love, Romance, Passion – That’s a great blog title – and it’s what all lovers of romance novels want in their stories. You will find all three in anything written by Rosanne Bittner! I have been writing over 30 years, with 57 novels published and #58 coming in the spring of 2013, PARADISE VALLEY, a love story set in 1800’s Wyoming! The book will be published by Sourcebooks, and I will give it a big promotion, so watch for the details in my web site, and on my blog, And of course Sourcebooks will make lots of details available for you!

Right now I am promoting Sourcebooks’s reissue of one of my past titles, THUNDER ON THE PLAINS, a wonderful love story set against the building of America’s first trans-continental railroad. Just visit my virtual book celebration at to see how you can win free copies of THUNDER and possibly win my grand prize of a Kindle Touch!

You will love the hero and heroine in THUNDER ON THE PLAINS, and although Native Americans are not a big part of this particular story, I have written numerous books about American Indians. Part of my great passion for writing about America’s magnificent history is telling the truth about our Native Americans and the “not always very honorable” way in which our government treated its natives.

One of my best depictions of this history can be found in my 7-book SAVAGE DESTINY series, which is set in Colorado and involves (often in great detail) the history of the Cheyenne. After 30 years those books are still selling. I have also written about the Sioux, Comanche, Cherokee, Nez Perce and Apache. You can find out more about my books that depict Native American stories by visiting my web site.

I don’t think any of America’s own founders or government officials spoke with more eloquence or more bold truth and pride than some of the famed leaders of our Native Americans. One book that tells the real truth of what happened to our Natives is Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee by Dee Brown. And the courage and pride of most Native American men make it easy to romanticize them in historical novels. I miss the 80’s and 90’s when Native American romance was at its peak. I hope that theme will return because I am ready with more stories!

In the meantime, I continue to write American history, and mostly about my great passion for the history of America’s Old West and Native Americans. Thanks for inviting me to contribute to your blog, and be sure to watch Sourcebooks and my web site for more news about books by Rosanne Bittner!

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  1. Love, Love, Love Rosanne Bittner. My fav’s are the Native American romance. They are filled with romance of course, but there is always a history lesson. They make me smile, laugh, mad, sad, but always grateful that there is a great writer telling a wonderful story. Thank you Rosanne.

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