An Excerpt of Love at First Flight


By Marie Force, guest blogger.

Thanks for having me today and for the lovely review of my second book, Love at First Flight. I’m so glad you enjoyed the flight! I thought it would be fun to give your readers a taste of the book with an excerpt that’s never been made public before now. Enjoy!

As they left Baltimore and all their troubles behind, Juliana began to relax.

“How long will it take to get there?” she asked Michael.

“Six or seven hours, depending on the traffic on the Jersey Turnpike, the Cross Bronx Expressway, and in Connecticut, which is always the worst.”

“Do you usually fly or drive?”

“I fly because I never have much time, but I prefer to drive.”

“If I had this car, I’d prefer to drive, too.”

“Want to?”

Her eyes widened. “Really?”

He pulled over. “Really.”

Juliana clapped her hands with glee and jumped out of the car to change places with him. Once in the driver’s seat, she put on her seatbelt, shifted the car into first gear, and hit the gas.

“Jesus!” he said, gripping the armrest with alarm.

Juliana smiled at him. “Hold on to your hat, baby.”

“I’ve never gotten to Connecticut this fast—ever,” Michael said just over three hours later. “How about giving me a turn?”

Juliana smiled. “Nope. I’m having too much fun.”

He cringed when she darted between two semis. “You’re stressing me out.”

“Don’t look.”

“The way you’re changing lanes, I’ll puke if I close my eyes.”

“I never knew you were such a wimp.”

“You weren’t calling me a wimp last night.”

Snorting, she glanced over at him. “Just a tad bit full of yourself, aren’t you?”

“Watch the road!”

Cruising along the southern coast of Connecticut, Juliana confessed that she hadn’t been to New England before.


“Nope. We didn’t really go anywhere when I was growing up. A daytrip to Ocean City was a big deal.”

He reached for her hand. “You didn’t have an easy go of it as a kid, did you?”

She shrugged. “It was what it was. Most of the time, it was just my parents and me since the next oldest—Vincent—was eight years older than me.”

“And your parents were unhappy together?”

“That’s putting it mildly. They fought like cats and dogs—when my mother wasn’t loaded, that is.”

“Your brothers and sisters weren’t around?”

“Not unless they had to be. They all moved out as soon as they turned eighteen.”

“Why didn’t you?”

“Well, by then my father was heavily into his ‘extracurricular activities,’ as my mother called them, and she was hitting the bottle pretty hard. I just felt like I needed to be there with her.”

“So how did you end up moving out?”

She glanced over at him and then back at the road.


“Jeremy kind of put his foot down about it. He hates the way my family treats me, so he insisted I move out of my mother’s house and in with him.”

“He insisted?”

“He gave me the push I needed to do something about a bad situation.”

“Like an ultimatum?”

“Of course not.”

“I’m sorry.”

“He didn’t give me an ultimatum, Michael. It wasn’t like that.”

“It’s none of my business,” Michael said, looking out the passenger window.

Juliana tugged on his hand. “Hey. Don’t check out on me. What’re you thinking?”

“I forget sometimes that you’re not really free. Then I’ll remember all of a sudden, and it just kind of hits me right here.” He ran a hand over his gut.

She sighed.

He looked over at her. “What am I going to do if you go back to him?”

“Can we not do this?” she pleaded. “I don’t have to make any decisions today, tomorrow, or even the next day. Can we just be together for now?”

He studied her for a long time before he answered. “I guess we can do that.” Kissing her hand, he added, “For now.”

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  1. Hi Marie!
    You’re probably in DC by now. I’ll be there tomorrow. Can’t wait!
    To answer your question, I’ve never had two men to choose from!

  2. I haven’t personally and it would be a tough choice. But if I were in that situtation, I think I would have to go with my heart and see which guy would make me happier and ultimately which one of them I have a a future with.

  3. thanks for the never-before excerpt; very interesting.

    I’ve had 2 men in my life at one time but didn’t ever have to choose between them like say for marriage. I dated the one, if there was one at the time, that showed he was interested in me as a person and not just for a bed mate. This is true and was in the ’80’s.

  4. Hi everyone,
    I was on the road to DC all day today. It was a nice uneventful trip–just the way I like em! I did have to choose between two guys once and let’s just say, it was a decision that haunted me for years. The best man won, but it was an awful predicament, similar to Juliana’s in Love at First Flight. Glad you enjoyed the excerpt!

  5. Jeesh, I wish I had two men to choose between!! 🙂 I’ve kept it to one…Unless it’s which hottie I’m going to see at hte movies on Friday…Johnny Depp…Christian Depp…That’s the kind of choosing I’m used to!

    Glad to see you Marie!! “Flight” looks AWESOME!!

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