Audio Review: A Knight in Shining Armor (Montgomery, Book 16) by Jude Deveraux

A Knight in Shining ArmorHeroine: Dougless Montgomery is unhappy but fighting it. She’s determined to make her relationship with a man, who on paper is a great catch. In reality, he’s a douchebag who takes his bitterness about her trust-fund wealth out on her, while pretending he isn’t. He plays just enough of the lover to string her along, but he takes pleasure hurting her feelings and expectations. So is isn’t so surprising to learn, that a romantic trip for two, becomes a miserable nightmare when he insists his daughter tags along, which turns Dougless into the third wheel. Eventually, she snaps on the trip after an encounter with the nasty daughter, and runs weeping into a historic church. Her tears bring to life a man dead 400 years.

Hero: Nicholas Stafford, Earl of Thornwyck, a sixteenth-century knight, is not pleased to be pulled by magic to stand before a strange weeping woman. She is obviously a witch and he must return home because her trickery is too bizarre to contemplate. He especially wants to get back in time to his rightful place to clear his name of the slander of treason and find out who betrayed him to the Queen. He’s convinced staying near the witch woman will eventually send him back, if he helps cure what ails her. But being close to her and learning about her world change his heart forever.

Review: I really can’t stand it when a heroine stays with a fellow who is so obviously bad for her because she fears societal pressures or being alone. I am really unsympathetic toward her situation because she perpetuated it herself. It felt like a huge portion of the book was spent showcasing just how bad her current boyfriend was before the hero was introduced. Thank goodness Audible’s app has the ability to double and triple time the reading speed.

Once the hero is introduced the story and romance crackle like wild fire and take off just as fast. I loved their interactions, I loved the hero’s attempts to learn and understand modern society, I loved how they plan a future and the magic of time strips it from them. I especially loved when the heroine goes back in time to a point prior to him jumping forward and the hero had to fall for her a second time. Angsty and delicious. So much good stuff happened in the past. I really loved how both parties jumped and learned about the other’s time period and life.


Why is it that the hero and heroine do not actually wind up together? I do not care for this look-alike nonsense at all. Very frustrating. Extremely frustrating. Everything was great until “Bam!” Time separates them permanently and that’s it. No more time pretzels to bring the hero forward or the heroine backward. Not cool. It’s not the same, because the hero’s physical twin or reincarnation or whatever does not have the hero’s memories.

Narrator: Steve West, had a great voice. Had to turn the reading speed up though because he reads very slow and precisely. It’s very British in its reading in a good way, especially sped up a bit. I loved his accent.


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3 thoughts on “Audio Review: A Knight in Shining Armor (Montgomery, Book 16) by Jude Deveraux”

  1. Hi! I’ve read this book… I don’t know how long ago and one of the historical romances I enjoyed. Is it considered a historical romance? A time-travel romance?

    Anyway, my reaction when I first read the ending of the story, I was pacified since she got her happy-ever-after albeit with someone who looked like Nicholas. Reincarnation? Descendant? If either of them, Dougless and original Nicholas, were displaced in time and settled there, there would have been some sort of timeline consequences I think. However, the modern Nicholas was not Nicholas at all, the man she had fallen in love with. It was like loving vicariously so to speak. Although she might have learned to really love the new Nicholas.

    But, I’ve read the book again and at that time I wondered whether it was possible for them to be together in any time period. Darn it! It’s fiction! Anything can happen. LOL

  2. Isn’t there an alternative ending? I didn’t read this be queen of the non HEA. And I heard she re-released with a HEA? I have no idea how to figure out which is which. I could be wrong but I remember a discussion about this.

    Most TT I’ve read had the HEA but another TT that left it where it’s like the don’t have their HEA after returning back to her time but having to start over again?!?. It left me so confused and unsatisfying not knowing…I can’t remember the author and all but thinking it was a Johanna Lindsay? (I could be wrong and its nit one of her TT. ?) Seems it ending that way didn’t confirm a HEA. I loved Kathleen Kane (Maureen Child) THIS TIME FOR KEEPS. She just re-released it in ebook under Maureen Child. It’s been a while since I read a TT and your post got me wanting to read one but don’t know which! Lol. Great post!

    1. I hate auto correct when one letter wrong changes it… it should be “because ” not ” be queen”

      And HEA Is happily ever after…

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