Audio Review: Bridget Jones’s Diary: Edge of Reason by Helen Fielding


There was a different reader for this book. It’s something that bugs me when it comes to series and sequels. Same reader please! Tracie Bennett was okay part of the time.

Sometimes I found her Bridget’s voice too harsh. I absolutely hated the mother’s voice; she sounded like she hated her daughter every time she saw her/spoke to her with the sharp hoarse, “HEh-LLooo DAH-ling.” Darcy sounded like a nancy boy instead of a sharp sexy lawyer.

There was more cursing in this book than the first.

The book and the movie are also very different:

  • Plus – storyline is better than movie. Go Helen Fielding.
  • Rebecca the Jellyfish is the woman after Mark not Rebecca Gilles. The Rebecca in the book is not a lesbian and is truly after Mark. Bridget is not crazy.
  • No Daniel Cleaver, which is where the movie is better than the book. Hurrah for mixed up stories and sightings versus giving the wrong slip of paper. Grant and Firth are hot and dorky when they fight.
  • I wasn’t a fan of the Gary the builder/fisher sideline. Seemed more like filler.

Bridget finds out not long after she quit her job with Sit Up Britain in September, that upper management loves her. She supplied 68% of the ideas for the year she worked there, that they produced and put on the show. Talk about awesome! Go Bridget. They want to give her a raise, pay her for the months she wasn’t working for them and call it paid leave, and rehire her as a manager something or other, forget the exact title, or as a consultant. Oh and Richard was fired due to personal reasons a month after she quit. Hurrah!

[rating:3.5] because of reader

[rating:4] otherwise.

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  1. Actually, there is an audio book of this book read by Barbara Rosenblat. It is far superior to the Tracie Bennett books (which are, by the way, abridged versions of the books). The best of the lot, IMHO, is the one performed by Rosalyn Landor.

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