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Brink of Passion by Sondrae Bennett

Brink of Passion by Sondrae Bennettby Guest Blogger

Hi! Thanks for having me today. My name is Sondrae Bennett, and I write paranormal romance. When I wrote my first book, Arctic Winds, five years ago, I never imagined the scope of the journey I’d began. How could I have known that a little novella about two people finding love would develop into a […]

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In the Spotlight: Sacred by Max Ellendale

In the Spotlight: Sacred by Max Ellendaleby Guest Blogger

Some decisions are easy to make, especially when it comes to the well-being of your mate. Even if the decision means ending the life of another… Just when Shawnee thought her life would finally settle down, an unexpected visit from Vanessa’s family sparks an unraveling of a different sort. The visitors bring news that the […]

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Writing What I Know: The Backstage World of a Working Actor by Kathryn Leigh Scott (Giveaway & Guest Post)

Writing What I Know: The Backstage World of a Working Actor by Kathryn Leigh Scott (Giveaway & Guest Post)by Guest Blogger

Kathryn Leigh Scott, author, publisher and actress is probably best known for her star turn as Josette Du Pres, ingénue bride of reluctant vampire Barnabas Collins in the TV cult classic “Dark Shadows.” Her third novel, Jinxed (a Jinx Fogarty Mystery) (Februrary 2015), is a stand alone sequel to the successful Down and Out in Beverly Heels […]

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Sneak Peak of Mia Epsilon’s If You Want Me

Sneak Peak of Mia Epsilon's If You Want Meby Guest Blogger

Hi everyone, Thank you for having me here again today.  I was trying to figure out what to talk about today and then I realised that I wanted to share something special with all of you… an exclusive sneak peek at Book 5 of the Weddings by C &C, If You Want Me. I hope you […]

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Review: Killer Heels by Tracy Tegan

Review: Killer Heels by Tracy Teganby Guest Blogger

Reviewed by Cara Lynn This was a short book compared to some. Devlin Manning is a Hollywood actor. He has more girls throw themselves at him than he cares to think about. And then he meets a girl that draws his attention who waits on him in a local coffee shop — and she disappears. […]

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The Myths of Working from Home by Liana Brooks

The Myths of Working from Home by Liana Brooksby Guest Blogger

If I had a dollar for every time someone said, “It must be so nice to do nothing all day and just sit at home!” I could actually sit home all day doing nothing. America’s office culture makes most social interactions for a writer weird. Them: “So, where do you work?” Me: “I work at […]

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Sensually Snowbound with Lindsay Evans

Sensually Snowbound with Lindsay Evansby Guest Blogger

Sex and snow have always seemed to belong together. Not necessarily two or more people rolling around in the cold white stuff (although I’ve written about that before) but being snug and warm behind closed doors with snow falling outside the windows, a fire getting the room nice and hot while an equally hot man […]

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Heart and Souls by Monica Corwin

Heart and Souls by Monica Corwinby Guest Blogger

Exclusive Sneak Peak Many who have read my work consider my ideas to be a little different and I’ve grown to pride myself in my ability to take tried and true genre norms and creating something totally different. This month I am working on edits for my next dose of insanity titled On a Red […]

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