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Excerpt & Giveaway: Caught in the Act by Kim Law

Excerpt & Giveaway: Caught in the Act by Kim Lawby Guest Blogger

BIO: As a child, award-winning author Kim Law cultivated a love for chocolate, anything purple, and creative writing. She penned her debut work, “The Gigantic Talking Raisin,” in the sixth grade and got hooked on the delights of creating stories. Before settling into the writing life, however, she earned a college degree in mathematics and […]

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My Top 5 Romance Novels

My Top 5 Romance Novelsby Guest Blogger

Guest Post by Amy Smolcic, author of Someone Like You Some might consider me a newbie to the club of romance novel lovers as I’ve only been reading them for approximately 4 years. I will admit it though, picking up and reading a romance novel is probably the best thing I’ve ever done. Now, I […]

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Top 10 Reasons I Love Medieval Romances

Top 10 Reasons I Love Medieval Romancesby Guest Blogger

Castles are very cool. I’ve been fortunate to visit assorted castles in England and Wales, including the castle where my AT HIS COMMAND heroine lives (Castle Rising). You can tell from the ruins how vast some of them were. Climbing spiral staircases in a tower or walking on narrow castle walls with amazing views of […]

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Excerpt: Going Against Type by Sharon Black

Excerpt: Going Against Type by Sharon Blackby Guest Blogger

BLURB: Some would say Charlotte ‘Charlie’ Regan has it all. Beautiful, smart, athletic and a great job working as a journalist – in the almost exclusively male sports department. But Charlotte is not quite as sure as she seems. Recently split from her overbearing boyfriend, she escapes for weekends, surfing in the Atlantic, and spends […]

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The Setting of My Next Book

The Setting of My Next Bookby Guest Blogger

Carolyn LaRoche grew up in snow country but fled the cold and ice several years ago. She now lives near the beach with her husband, their two boys, two finicky cats and one old dog. When she is not at the little league field cheering on big hits and home runs, she is busy teaching […]

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Casting the Spotlight on Liana Brooks

Casting the Spotlight on Liana Brooksby Guest Blogger

  Liana Brooks would like to SCUBA dive Europa (that moon around Jupiter), but with the NASA shuttle program shut down she’s resorted to writing science fiction instead. She likes southern beaches, warm weather, sharks, and striped socks. Her superhero romance series started with Evan Villains Fall in Love and continues with Even Villains Go […]

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Excerpt and Giveaway: Deadly Force by Misty Evans

Excerpt and Giveaway: Deadly Force by Misty Evansby Guest Blogger

Book Summary:  Some secrets can kill… NSA agent Bianca Marx is determined to save her marriage, even if it kills her…which it just might do since she knows a secret about her estranged husband’s last mission that has put a target on her back. A highly-skilled assassin is hot on her trail and the only […]

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Scarlett Legacy by Shelli Rosewarne

Scarlett Legacy by Shelli Rosewarneby Guest Blogger

Hi all. It’s wonderful to be here today with my new release, Scarlett Legacy. It’s a paranormal romance, inspired by the fairytale of Little Red Riding Hood – but this one is definitely not for children! Now, my Big Bad Wolf is bad in a whole different way, so I thought I would share a […]

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