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The Greatest Mysteries are Inside Us

The Greatest Mysteries are Inside Usby Guest Blogger

Let’s welcome guest author DD Symms who clues us in on his latest story, a male-male romance that digs into the intense emotions of guilt and anguish that we try to hide in our struggle to cope. Log on to DD’s website, for his upcoming works. The greatest mysteries lie inside of us. Medicine […]

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What’s So Great About Christian Romance . . . Even If You’re Not the Religious Type?

What’s So Great About Christian Romance . . . Even If You’re Not the Religious Type?by Guest Blogger

Greetings!  Lee Tobin McClain here, urging you to give inspirational romance a try, even if it’s not your usual fare. Why? Here are six reasons. Without the sex, there’s more room for other aspects of romance. “Hey, Christian romance, that’s like a contradiction in terms!” is a line that at least eight men have used […]

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Let is Snow

Let is Snowby Guest Blogger

Guest blog by Samantha Tonge, author of Mistletoe Mansion Mistletoe Mansion is set during the last couple of weeks in December, when wannabe celebrity and aspiring cupcake magnate, Kimmy, finds herself housesitting a supposedly haunted mansion. This house is situated in a beautiful cul-de-sac, has magnificent gardens and is in Harpenden, an upmarket village in […]

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Get to Know Pippa Jay

Get to Know Pippa Jayby Guest Blogger

Hi, I’m Pippa Jay, author of scifi and the supernatural with a romantic soul. Whovian, Scaper, and Sith-in-training. Also mum to three redhaired little monsters. And a huge fan of scifi films and TV shows. I’ve been watching Doctor Who since I was three years old, and my first crush was Luke Skywalker. *blushes* I’ve […]

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Giveaway: Harlequin’s Sexy Christmas Romances!

Giveaway: Harlequin's Sexy Christmas Romances!by Guest Blogger

Naughty & Nice…: Public relations whiz Matthew Beaumont won’t let scandal ruin his brother’s Christmas wedding. Yet scandal is Whitney Maddox’s middle name. He grudgingly allows the outrageous child star turned horse trainer to stay in the wedding party…as long as she behaves herself. But soon he’s the one misbehaving with this irresistible maid of […]

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National Month of Exquisite Pain

National Month of Exquisite Painby Guest Blogger

Hello all you fun and reading type people! I’m Mia Epsilon and I’m a writer. Don’t you just love saying that? I’m a writer. It’s the hardest job in the world (and I know, since I’m both a mom and a teacher). How many of you are participating in the National Month of Exquisite Pain? […]

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The Politics of Being Shifter

The Politics of Being Shifterby Guest Blogger

Guest blog by AE Jones, author of Shifter Wars Thank you for having me today on Love Romance Passion. I write paranormal romances and urban fantasy. The series I am writing now has all kinds of paranormal characters playing a part. Vampires, demons, angels and shifters living harmoniously or not so harmoniously with each other. I […]

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My Writing Top 10

My Writing Top 10by Guest Blogger

Guest Blog by A.J. Llewellyn Hi gang! I am back again this month and should be talking about my new book coming out in just a few days at Breathless Press. Palehua (The Last Warrior Book 2)is available for pre-release, but I’m really going to talk about my writing top 10. Since it’s my list […]

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