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All across book blogger land interviews are being shared with readers about their favorite book bloggers and maybe even introducing new bloggers to them. This is because we just started Book Blogger Appreciation Week! Today I have the pleasure of chatting with Susie Tudor Daughter. Susie writes a historical fiction book blog that focuses on English heritage. Please welcome her to Love Romance Passion and feel free to pick her brain!

Keira: What is your favorite part about blogging?

Susie: The wonderful information I have found on books and the new friends.

Keira: Why did you start?

Susie: It actually was by mistake. I found Royal Intrigue blog about Jean Plaidy and I decided to start my own. I absolutely adore British Royal history and thought it would be fun to share this love with others.

Keira: What book are you currently reading and why are you reading it?

Susie: The Tea Rose by Jennifer Donnelly. I love anything about Victorian London, especially thrillers or mysteries. Found the recommendation on Amy’s Passages of the Past blog.

Keira: Which book do you plan to read next?

Susie: The White Queen by Phillipa Gregory.

Keira: How big is your TBR pile?

Susie: Huge!

Keira: Which do you like more: finishing a book or starting a new one?

Susie: Starting a new one.

Keira: What makes you pick up a book and buy it without question?

Susie: I usually wouldn’t do this. I always read the back or cover first, but possibly I would buy without question if it was a Phillipa Gregory’s or Barbara Erskine book.

Keira: Who is your favorite author?

Susie: I have several~ Barbara Erskine, Jean Plaidy, Phillipa Gregory and James Herriott.

Keira: What are three books you’d recommend to new readers of your genre?

Susie: Lady of Hay by Barbara Erskine, Legacy by Susan Kay and The Other Boleyn Girl by Phillipa Gregory.

Keira: Which reading format do you like best: print, audio, digital?

Susie: Print~ I always have my current read with me. I love the covers too and how they all look in my book shelves.

Keira: Who is your favorite royal?

Susie: Anne Boleyn

Keira: For fun share two truths and one false fact about yourself.

Susie: Edward III is my 18th great grandfather: My 11th great-grandmother was almost chosen to be Henry VIII 6th wife instead of Catherine Parr: I am 35 years old.

Keira: What was the last book you bought, borrowed, donated/gave away, and traded?

Susie: The last book I bought was The White Queen by Phillipa Gregory. The last book borrowed was A Great and Terrible Beauty. Gave away was Legacy by Susan Kay. No trades.

Keira: What advice would you give to brand new book bloggers?

Susie: Seriously have fun and be creative. So many fun layouts and widgets to enhance your blog.

Keira: What tips would you give to readers who want to read more books?

Susie: Always carry your book with you. Get a bigger purse if need be, that way you have your current read with you when you get stuck somewhere like the Dr., Dentist, DMV, etc. Go to bed at the same time every night allowing your self at least an hour to read. This may take some discipline and extra planning, but it’s worth it. I am in bed every night by 10 pm and my family knows this MY TIME and do not disturb. I read until 11 and sometimes even longer but never later than 11:30. Lights out.

Keira: Anything you want to add?

Susie: I have 6 children and reading has been a major part of their lives since they were little babies. I would nurse and read out loud to them. They have grown up to love books and some even have a larger library than I do. Reading is the key to life. If you can read there really is nothing you can’t learn about that interests you. My daughter teaches freshman English at our High School and her greatest challenge is getting the kids to read and love it. I think that is so sad.

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4 thoughts on “BBAW Blogger Interview with Susie Tudor Daughter”

  1. Hello:) My first time on your site…it’s great! I just read your interview over at Susie’s and now I’m here.
    Susie, it’s so great to hear that it was our Plaidy’s Royal Intrigue site that got you going!!! We do have very similar tastes:) Loved the interview.

  2. Hi Susie!
    Welcome to Keira’s LRP Blog. Is the false fact your age or the fact about your grandfather being a medieval warrior king. I’m guessing its the latter.
    I find it odd, that so many readers shun digital reading. I have a Kindle, and I also read on my Adobe Digital; it’s so convenient. You’ll also be amazed at how many free books are available on Kindle.
    Thanks for sharing & Happy Blogger Appreciation Week!

  3. HI SUSIE! I am also right there with you regarding hard copies of books. I stare at computer screens all day, then my iPhone on top of that, I wouldn’t want to induce more eye strain by reading my books on them too.
    I have never heard of James Herriott.. interesting find!
    and AMAZING about the coulda-been-sixth-wife, I think your ancestor was MUUUCH better off without Henry. Would so LOVE to hear that story as it stands though! WOWZA!
    Amazing interview, thanks for sharing and I am older than you.. by a teeny bit!

  4. Hi Susan~ The false fact is that I am 35! I wish try 55.
    True fact is that my 19th great grand father is the Warrior King Edward I. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

    Keira you have a couple of comments on my blog about your interview.

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