Behind the Scenes of the Next Twilight Saga Movie Eclipse!

Can it get any better?

10 Cool Things We Learned from This Clip:

  1. It’s a war. A full scale war! Look at the hottie that is Xavier Samuel. Riley never sounded or looked so good.
  2. Bryce Dallas Howard knows her Victoria! What was once a hunt has turned into  vengeance. Will Bella and Edward escape unscathed?
  3. Lots of new faces. Specifically Jodelle Ferland as Bree. She is so cute!
  4. Elizabeth Reaser (Esme) and Peter Facinelli (Carlisle) sum up the supernatural interaction and cooperation that must take place in the Forks community. Kill some vamps but not all.
  5. Kristen Stewart hits the nail on the head: Bella is in love with her best friend, but not as much as her true love.
  6. Eclipse is promised to be darker and more intense, one of the reasons David Slade was hired because his background is traditionally darker and more intense than the first two Twilight Sage films.
  7. There will be a lot of special effects with ropes, green screens, and technical stuff I can’t even name. So cool!
  8. Boys will be excited for Eclipse – more action!
  9. Girls will love it (duh!) because there’s more romance!
  10. I love Alice’s new wig! Actually I love all the hair and costumes I’ve seen so far in the video. A definite improvement over New Moon’s hair and wardrobe.

I can’t wait! Is it June 30th yet?

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