Best of August 2009


August blew July out of the water! Special recognition must go to Susan S. who wrote 2 reviews and 4 guest posts one of which was a terrific contest (and a challenge!) I got to meet Susan and her sister Isabel on a trip down to Miami which was a blast. After Susan, I want to thank Katiebabs (with Mho Fho & D.D.) and Heather Massey for visiting Love Romance Passion to share their expertise on peaches and sci-fi romance. Then the authors who’ve taken time out of their busy writing schedules to spend a day with us. Last, but not least, to you guys, my readers, whose comments have made all the difference in the world between an okay time and an awesome time. Thank you!

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  1. lol are they still into peaches? 😉 I will definitely invite Mho and DD back. I must find another fun scene for them to act out! Or maybe a wtf like the tree sex.

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