Between the Sheets with Olivia Roland, Narrator of Land of Falling Stars


Welcome to the second article under Between the Sheets. Here we get to focus on going beyond the printed page to learn more about the industry, the parts usually forgotten by the time the product hits the shelves. Today’s special guest is Olivia Roland, narrator of Land of Falling Stars. Please join me in welcoming her!

Q. — How did you get started in book narration?

A.– I started as a stage actor and learned of an opportunity recording books for the blind from a fellow actor.

Q.– What’s the audition process like for audio books?

A.– You’re asked to read segments from different genres (fiction, non-fiction) and submit a recording and will often do an audition to show your reading skills.

Q.– Were you required to do anything special for the audition because it was an erotica novel?

A.– No. We submitted material from a novel with a similar feel.

Q.– What’s your favorite part about narrating?

A.– I love being able to use all the ranges of my voice, and to be able to put my training with languages and dialects and acting to great use.

Q.– Did you feel strange narrating erotica at first?

A.– I’ve recorded romance novels and historical romances for over a decade and they have many explicit sex scenes, so I was accustomed to some of the material when I began to read for Ravenous Romance.

Q.– What other voice acting have you done?

A.– I’ve recorded hundreds of commercials for radio and television, industrials and training videos. I have also recorded several PBS specials and have been nominated for two Heartland Emmy Nominations for Best Narration.

Q.– And finally, why should people listen to audio books?

A.– Audio books are magical to me because you get the advantage of hearing them read by an actor, but at the same time you create all the images and imagine all the people in your mind’s eye all on your own.

You get the best of two worlds: an actor’s voice and interpretation and your own power of creativity and imagination as you hear a writer’s words. It’s the best kind of escape, anywhere you choose to have it!

Thank you Olivia! It’s been so good to talk with you. I couldn’t agree more with why people should listen to audio books. They are definitely magical.

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  1. Olivia, thank you for sharing your thoughts, I enjoyed reading them. I wonder, are you asked to read the segments at a certain pace? I’ve listened to audio books on occasion, but find the reading pace a bit fast.

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