Between the Sheets with Rebecca Rogers, Narrator of Maestro’s Butterfly


Between the Sheets is a play on words, not only referring to sex and the bedsheets but also to the pages of a book. This section of the blog is dedicated to going beyond the printed page to learn more about the industry, the parts usually forgotten by the time the product hits the shelves. Today’s special guest is Rebecca Rogers, the narrator of The Maestro’s Butterfly, to talk about audio books… and more specifically erotica audio books.

How did you get started in book narration?

My family and I own a Renaissance Festival in Washington State. One of our vendors asked me if I had ever thought about recording audio books. I told her that it was a dream of mine. She happened to be one of the cover artists for a local audio book company and was able to get me an audition!

What was the first book you narrated?

My first book was Bound To Die by Brian Lutterman.

What’s your favorite part about narrating?

bedsheetsI love performing and storytelling. Making a story come alive is like magic!

In your opinion, what is the hardest aspect of the whole narration process?

The most challenging aspect for me is doing the author justice. Not having direct contact with most authors, I have to use my best judgment when developing a character’s voice.

Did you feel strange narrating erotica?

No, I didn’t feel strange at all! It was new territory for me, admittedly, but I had a lot of fun with it. I also wanted to sound genuine. It was a challenge that quite often had me laughing!

What do you do to prep for a new narration?

Research is vital. Most importantly I need to KNOW the characters. I try to nail it the first take to minimize corrections. In order to do this I need to know my pronunciations, know when a character has an accent and be familiar with the setting.

Tell us about the narrating process after prep!

Most recently my process has been relatively solitary. I come to the studio with my water and apple slices having prepared several chapters for recording. I act as my own engineer, punching and rolling when I make a mistake. When my session is done I load my files onto a hard drive for my engineer. Once the engineer has listened and we’ve made any corrections we call it a wrap!

I really enjoyed your rendition of Maestro’s Butterfly, how did you decide on the character voices?

Thank you! Maestro’s Butterfly was especially fun for me. Vampires have intrigued me for many years. I pulled some inspiration from Anne Rice’s vampire Lestat who was also French and had a vicious side. I also enjoyed playing with lead characters who were so diametrically opposed to each other; strong/male/foreign/exotic vs. lost/feminine/naive/southern. Such fun!

Besides Maestro’s Butterfly what other books have you done, either for Ravenous Romance or other publishers?

For Ravenous Romance I have read The Brotherhood: To Slay or to Lay by Elizabeth Miette, Haunted Seduction by Morgan James and Destiny’s Jewel by Rachel Kenley. With Blackstone Audio I have read Nancy Drew Girl Detective: Framed by Carolyn Keene, Nancy Drew Girl Detective: Dressed to Steal by Carolyn Keene, The Shiloh Renewal by Joan Leslie Woodruff, Foul Play by Tori Carrington, and many others.

And finally, why should people listen to audio books?

Audio books offer another level on which authors can reach their readers. Audio books are an exciting way to “hear” your favorite characters come to life. They bring you closer to the work.

Thank you so much Rebecca! It’s been a pleasure to listen and to talk with you!

Photo Credits: Frederic della Faille

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  1. Lestat is the ultimate vampire, he’s the reason why I adore vampires. LOL. Anyway, Lestat is a character written by Anne Rice and he appears in books such as Interview with a Vampire, The Vampire, Lestat and Queen of the Damned. Edward Cullen is a vampire created by Stephenie Meyer who is a “vegetarian” and is in love with a human. lol I love it.

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