Can Real Men Compete with Paranormal Heroes?


Truth or another whiny complaint from males about our reading material? Does paranormal romance hopelessly increase our expectations in a man? Let’s examine the paranormal hero to find out:

  • He isn’t human. The paranormal hero is vampire, lycanthrope, demon, shapeshifter, angel, or other. Can a normal man get that irresistible dangerous edge? Yes, and he needn’t even have a romantic suspense hero occupation. Role play and grab that Halloween cop uniform! Practice your growl. We love it when men growl their excitement!
  • He has otherworldly powers. The paranormal hero is powerful in many aspects from his body to his personality, from his wealth to his influence and even to the impossible. Just because the paranormal hero can enter our minds, doesn’t mean a real man can’t guess what’s in ours. Hint: A glass of wine, and a backrub will give any man superhuman powers.
  • He’s ridiculously good looking. It’s our fantasy! Besides have you never heard of a gym? You expect us to be perfectly coiffed, made up with shaved legs, I think a few hours in a gym is not asking too much.  Quit complaining and give me twenty! Or two hundred as twenty a six pack does not make.
  • He’s an out of this world lover. The paranormal hero is a skilled lover. He’s sex walking and a giver of multiple orgasms. Nervous? Don’t worry. Real men can be phenomenal lovers too. It’s all about the E^E equation: Experimentation ^ Experience = Amazing in Bed.
  • He’s too perfect. Not all the time! If the paranormal hero didn’t screw up sometime he wouldn’t be so perfect now would he? Flaws create the perfect character. Real men have flaws too.

Conclusion: Paranormal men sparkle. Real men can sparkle too.

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5 thoughts on “Can Real Men Compete with Paranormal Heroes?”

  1. Not only can REAL MEN COMPETE AND WIN against the Paranormal hotties (and oh my, I love me some Paranormal hotties!) , I give you DAVID.

    David is the main male character in my story, Phoenix Rising. You can read an excerpt on my blog ( and see this gorgeous *human* character in my brand new (unreleased, actually!) book trailer.

    I introduce: David. 🙂

    Come see what I mean. He is fabulous, sexy, amazingly romantic and oh yes, he’s HUMAN!

    Thanks for this very, very cool post!

    (My main site:

  2. Real guys feeling threatened by vampires/werewildebeests, etc…? Heehee! I think I’d take a real human being over someone sparkly who could accidentally kill me any day. 🙂

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