Excerpt and Giveaway: Deadly Force by Misty Evans

Excerpt and Giveaway: Deadly Force by Misty Evansby Guest Blogger

Book Summary:  Some secrets can kill… NSA agent Bianca Marx is determined to save her marriage, even if it kills her…which it just might do since she knows a secret about her estranged husband’s last mission that has put a target on her back. A highly-skilled assassin is hot on her trail and the only […]

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A Hopeless Romantic

A Hopeless Romanticby Guest Blogger

Hello again. Thanks for inviting me back. My name is Spender Dryden-at least that’s my pen name. Like many erotic romance authors I use a pen name hiding from family scorn. I love what I do, but a lot of people don’t, including most of my family, friends and associates who’d drop dead in horror […]

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My Top 4 Christmas Movies

My Top 4 Christmas Moviesby Guest Blogger

Guest blog by Mia Epsilon, author of When You Believe It’s December so of course everyone’s thoughts turn to Christmas in some way or another. When you need a break from the chaos and hustle bustle, or if you want a unique party idea, fix some tea or hot toddy, your favorite snacks and cozy […]

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Audio Review: How to Marry a Duke (How To, Book 1) by Vicky Dreiling

Audio Review: How to Marry a Duke (How To, Book 1) by Vicky Dreilingby Keira

Hero: Some think the Duke of Shelbourne is too picky. He wants to find the perfect wife – someone who is a darling in the ballroom and a temptress in bed. He’s perfectly bored with the ladies he’s met so far and is sure he doesn’t want to court a girl just out of the […]

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Review: How to Catch a Wild Viscount by Tessa Dare

Review: How to Catch a Wild Viscount by Tessa Dareby Keira

Previously titled The Legend of the Werestag. Not a paranormal. Hero: Luke Trenton, Viscount Merritt, is beastly in appearance and temperament. War stripped him of his civility and hardened his heart. He feels like he has nothing to offer the girl who looks at him with stars in her eyes. He wants her to get […]

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National Month of Exquisite Pain

National Month of Exquisite Painby Guest Blogger

Hello all you fun and reading type people! I’m Mia Epsilon and I’m a writer. Don’t you just love saying that? I’m a writer. It’s the hardest job in the world (and I know, since I’m both a mom and a teacher). How many of you are participating in the National Month of Exquisite Pain? […]

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A Man on Writing Erotic Romance

A Man on Writing Erotic Romanceby Guest Blogger

Hello. My name is Spencer Dryden (  http://www.fictionbyspencer.com/ ) and I’m delighted to be back. I’m an old, white, straight guy trying to make an impact in the world of erotic romance. My first book, a novella, “Bliss” wasn’t erotic, although it was about sex—a woman’s struggle with sexual shame. And it wasn’t romance, although […]

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Giveaway: Harlequin’s Rugged Cowboys

Giveaway: Harlequin's Rugged Cowboysby Guest Blogger

Stranded with the Rancher: For billionaire horse breeder Drew Farrell, the day starts with the usual argument with ornery neighbor Beth Andrews. But within minutes, he and the irritating beauty are huddled together in a storm cellar praying for their lives. They call a truce…and seal it with an unexpected kiss. They emerge to a […]

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