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Breaking Dawn Party Ideas

Breaking Dawn Party Ideasby Keira

I have racked my brain for some really great and super fun ideas for a Breaking Dawn party and I believe I have created the ultimate list! Best/Worst Bride’s Maid Dress Contest: Breaking Dawn is centered around Bella and Edward marrying, so why not have a Breaking Dawn party reflect their happy union? We should […]

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Movie Review: Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Movie Review: Twilight Saga: Eclipseby Keira

Heavy on Spoilers. Ye be warned! Lines I Wish Were in Eclipse and Dearly Missed: In order of how much I wish they were in the movie… “Deal’s Off.” – Edward to Bella. “But, if I had been able to take your place last night, it would not have made the top ten of the […]

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Dress Like a Twilight Character: Bella Swan Costumes

Dress Like a Twilight Character: Bella Swan Costumesby Keira

Bella Swan’s style is down to earth with lots of bulky jackets, plaid, long sleeve shirts, and jeans. Her colors are nearly always blue or green focused with occasional highlights in brighter hues like yellow. Here’s how you can put together your very own Bella Swan costume: Hair: Bella wears her lovely curly brown hair […]

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Dress Like Twilight Character: Alice Cullen Costume

Dress Like Twilight Character: Alice Cullen Costumeby Keira

Everyone loves Alice Cullen. She’s the tiniest of the Cullen family and very pixie-like. Her loves include fashion, bright shiny yellow sports cars, and throwing a party. Oh and Jasper. Whether you want to adapt her style to your own wardrobe full time or come up with the perfect Alice costume for a party or […]

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Twilight Eclipse Party Ideas: Invitations, Food, and Supplies!

Twilight Eclipse Party Ideas: Invitations, Food, and Supplies!by Keira

Are you a Twilight fan looking to put together a blowout Eclipse party? Yes? Great! I’ve got everything covered from games to food and more. My comprehensive party guide will help you plan the perfect Twilight Eclipse movie party or Twilight Eclipse birthday party. Making Your Twilight Eclipse Invitations: For the DIYer I totally recommend […]

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Review: Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer (with spoilers)

Review: Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer (with spoilers)by Keira

I was very excited to get my Breaking Dawn in the mail from Amazon. They managed to get it to me one day before they told me that it would arrive on my doorstep and I devoured the novel, all 700+ pages, in two days, which is consistent with how I’ve read the other three […]

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Become Smitten with Twilight’s Biting Appeal

Become Smitten with Twilight's Biting Appealby Keira

I am very upset with Associated Press Movie Critic Christy Lemire’s review of Twilight. She gave the film 1.5 Stars and wrote a very unappealing look at the book’s film adaptation. I thoroughly enjoyed the film and I think the review was written to be controversial rather than an adequate depiction of the movie. I […]

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Final Eclipse Trailer is Here! Take a Look:

Final Eclipse Trailer is Here! Take a Look:by Keira

This trailer focuses more on the deaths, killings, suspense and mystery side of Eclipse instead of the love triangle. It appears to balance the escalating tensions and threat of Victoria more than the book did, which is good. Boys might even like it… just a little. 10 Things I Love about the Final Trailer: We […]

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