Defining the Genre

What Makes a Hero Sexy?

What Makes a Hero Sexy?by Keira G

“The hero is sexy,” or some variation, I see a lot when reading reviews. I’m guilty of the same. It got me thinking. What makes a hero sexy? It’s really hard to pigeon-hole as there are many characteristics that can make a hero sexy. Here’s a list of what I came up with: The White […]

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Fall in Love with these Beastly Heroes

Fall in Love with these Beastly Heroesby Keira G

I don’t know about you, but I grew up on Beauty and the Beast, and to-date it is still my favorite Disney cartoon. I love Belle’s quiet grace and inherent sweetness, not to mention she doesn’t flinch at the unexpected, like talking objects. She knows when her imagination is caught up in a book and […]

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Best Romantic Short Stories

Best Romantic Short Storiesby Sandra Scholes

Guest Post by Sandra Scholes Picture the scene, you don’t have much time at work; so in your break you can only do one thing to keep you happy while your friends have gone out shopping or come back from their dinner – read! But because you don’t have much time you want something you […]

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What are Your Favourite Comedy Romances?

What are Your Favourite Comedy Romances?by Sandra Scholes

Guest Post by Sandra Scholes We have gone through the erotic romance novels, the paranormal ones, and Regency, but what about the good old comedy romance novel? What is it that makes a comedy romance good enough to read? It could be the setting, the characters, or the general story of how they all interact. […]

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Review: Everything I Know about Love I Learned from Romance Novels by Sarah Wendell

Review: Everything I Know about Love I Learned from Romance Novels by Sarah Wendellby Keira G

Genre: Non-Fiction look at Romance Novels Who is Sarah Wendell? She’s one of two romance bloggers behind Smart Bitches <3 Trashy Books. She knows her stuff. You should listen to her. She’s funny too! Who Should Read This Book? Non-romance readers wanting to know what’s the big deal about this genre. Who’s in the Book? […]

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My Favorite Tropes: Secret Baby!

My Favorite Tropes: Secret Baby!by Carla F.

Guest post by Carla F. Secret Baby! The phrase just screams for capitalization and an exclamation point. Of course, this plot is when a couple goes their separate ways without the hero knowing that the heroine is pregnant. (Sometimes the heroine doesn’t even know.) The couple could have been separated by war, controlling parents, a […]

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My Favorite Tropes: Marriage of Convenience

My Favorite Tropes: Marriage of Convenienceby Carla F.

Guest blog by Carla F. Merriam-Webster defines a trope as “a common or overused theme or device”. However, it seems to me that it can only be “overused” if it brings nothing new to distinguish itself from all the others. The one thing more satisfying than reading a romance is reading one that has your […]

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Defining the Genre: Gothic Romance

Defining the Genre: Gothic Romanceby Keira G

Gothic romance is a genre you can’t find all too easily today. It was a popular genre a few decades ago and lovers of this romance sub-genre will have to troll secondhand bookstores to find titles. Classics of this genre are novels such as Wuthering Heights and Scarlet Letter. Well known authors of Gothic romance/horror […]

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