Top Ten Heroes

Are you on the lookout for romance heroes with whom you could fall in love or lust? Check these posts out to find who other romance readers love most and don’t forget to share yours too! Use this form below to do just that:

Kate Quinn’s Top Ten Heroes

Kate Quinn's Top Ten Heroesby Guest Blogger

Guest Blog by Kate Quinn, author of The Lion and the Rose (A Novel of the Borgias) Any book-loving gal has a list of fictional boyfriends—they get us through lonely Valentine’s Days, bad break-ups, and countless daydreams. And if you’re a historical fiction buff like me (I was reading it long before I was writing […]

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Top Ten Heroes: Sandra Scholes

Top Ten Heroes: Sandra Scholesby Sandra Scholes

Today’s Top Ten List comes from LRP reader and guest reviewer, Sandra Scholes. Sandra would like to introduce you to her top ten heroes of all time, and when she isn’t doing that, she likes to indulge in reviewing many erotic titles, romance novels and even the other branches of romance genres of fantasy, sf […]

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Top Ten Heroes: Yodamom

 Top Ten Heroes: Yodamomby Guest Blogger

Today’s Top Ten List comes from LRP reader Yodamom. I like reading Ilona Andrews, Karen Marie Moning, Charlaine Harris, Patricia Briggs, Kimberly Frost, Susan and Clay Griffith, C.L. Wilson, Gerry Barlett, Kim Harrison, Keri Aurthur… and many more. I love a strong alpha type, one that has been to the dark side of life or […]

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Top Ten Heroes: Karen

Top Ten Heroes: Karenby Guest Blogger

Today’s Top Ten List comes from LRP reader Karen. I love paranormal romance and urban fantasy, more urban fantasy than the paranormal romance. I have a tendency to like the bad boys in the series. The ones with a darker side that the fight to control or fight to suppress. These heroes are the ones […]

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Top Ten Heroes: Marcia

Top Ten Heroes: Marciaby Marcia

Today’s Top Ten List comes from LRP reader and guest reviewer, Marcia. I cannot say that I remember the names of heroes from romance novels with the exception of Jamie Fraser from Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series. Not only is he really good looking and sexy, but he is strong, brave, honorable, intelligent, capable, longsuffering and […]

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Top Ten Heroes: Sharon S.

Top Ten Heroes: Sharon Sharon S.

Today’s Top Ten List comes from reader and guest reviewer Sharon S. The list of my favorite authors and series is too long to list. I love UF and PRN. I like it dark or snarky. I also like to read some paranormal mysteries (Casey Daniels, Shirley Damsgaard, Madalyn Alt). I picked these heroes cause they […]

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Top Ten Heroes: Carla F.

Top Ten Heroes: Carla Carla F.

Today’s Top Ten List comes from LRP reader and guest reviewer, Carla F. Carla F. believes the best place to read romances is stretched out on the love seat in her living room with a throw blanket over her lap. She likes books in the Regency, Medieval, Contemporary, Western and Paranormal genres. My list of […]

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Top Ten Heroes: Cris

Top Ten Heroes: Crisby Guest Blogger

Today’s Top Ten List comes from LRP reader, Cris. Somewhere along the line I stopped being enamored of the typical “Alpha” hero (probably when I dated one and found that rich, handsome, slightly shady, driven men that fixate on the woman they want are not very fun in real life), and I fell in love […]

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