A Conversation between Grace Callaway, #1 National Bestselling Regency Author of “Her Husband’s Harlot” and audiobook narrator Erin Mallon

her husband's harlot

Erin: What was the experience of listening to the Her Husband’s Harlot audio for the first time? This is your first title to be released as an audiobook, right?

Grace: I got tingles all over! It is a very special experience to hear one’s work performed … to literally have life breathed into the words. I have to confess that not only was this my first title to be released in audio format, but also the first audio book I’ve listened to. Given that Her Husband’s Harlot is an erotic Regency romance, I wasn’t sure how the work would come across read aloud. But after I got over blushing at the steamy scenes (gee, did I really write that?), I was truly impressed at how your performance evoked a spectrum of emotional responses, from titillating to humorous to heart-warming.

To return the question, when you first read the book, which scene came alive for you the most? Which one did you think would be the most challenging to perform? And which came to you most readily?

Erin:  The opening scene hooked me in immediately! I love when writers trust themselves and their readers enough to forgo a lot of exposition upfront and instead dive right into juicy conflict, so I was excited to find that on the first page we were already wandering the halls of a brothel with Helena in hot pursuit of her husband.  That opening chapter has so many rich layers for a narrator to explore.  I mean, a disguised woman trapped in a dark closet with her new husband who doesn’t recognize her while they watch a bawdy threesome who don’t realize they’re being watched?  Does it get any more fun than that?

There are several times in HHH when a character chooses to disguise his/her voice.  This was definitely a challenge! I wanted to honor these moments of the story while staying certain that the listener was always hip to the charade (and clear on who was speaking).  This meant keeping the core components of the voices consistent in those situations and yet altering them just enough to convincingly dupe the other characters in the scene.  The moments where Nicholas’s anger and shame cause him to slip into his native accent created similar challenges.

Chris and Rob, the amazing guys who run Brick Shop Audiobooks have the sharpest ears around, so they kept me on track and let me know if I’d missed the mark and needed a do-over.

As for which scenes came easiest, I have to say any and all between Marianne and Helena.  Marianne was such a treat to play!  I found her character to be equal parts love and disdain, and the opposite of Helena in so many ways, that switching between the two roles became a fun little roller coaster ride for me.

Did the characters sound the way you “heard” them in your head while writing them? Were there any surprises?

Grace: I was amazed at how you got the nuances of all the characters. The heroine and hero were exactly how I heard them in my head. No real surprises … which I think was a good thing!

Given that there are quite a few characters in the story, I was also impressed by how unique they all sounded . What was your process for figuring out how you would perform a character?

Erin MallonErin: I find constraints can be a great boost to creativity.  Knowing I only have my voice to work with teaches me to be very specific and intentional with the choices I make.  Though, even without the physicality I rely on in stage work, there are many avenues to explore in creating character in audio books.  There’s pitch, gender, rhythm, dialect, and most importantly the abundance of clues great writers such as yourself give to us narrators.

For central characters like Helena and Nicholas I wanted to create voices that sat easily in my vocal range but even more importantly, voices that were easy on the listeners’ ears.  After all, they’ll be listening to them for a solid 12 hours and 14 minutes!  Once I had the main characters established, I had a great deal of fun figuring out the supporting cast, though the choices were always sparked by the writing itself.  For example, when I was investigating Paul Fines I picked up on a haughty yet lovable air he seems to carry with every word he says, so I felt I could take his voice to more dramatic places and still keep him grounded.

There’s a lot of freedom and fun in the confines of that tiny booth!

You mentioned that the HHH audiobook somehow helped you in writing your next book (this made me very happy to hear). Can you explain what you meant by that?

Grace: I was working through a scene in Her Wanton Wager (the next installment of the Mayfair in Mayhem series) and felt that something in the heroine Percy’s reaction did not ring true. I happened to be reviewing the audio of Her Husband’s Harlot at the same time, and hearing your performance of Percy (a secondary character in that novel) brought home to me one of the traits that I love best about her: her playfulness and the way she doesn’t take herself too seriously. Hearing Percy’s “voice” inspired me to take the scene in a different direction—one that ultimately proved so much fun to write and was authentic to her personality. So thank you!

And from the point of view of a narrator, what draws you to a script? What aspect of a written piece inspires your best performance?

Erin: I think what draws me to want to hang out with friends is the same thing that draws me to want to narrate a book.  Do I want to spend time with these people?  Do I enjoy their company?  Do I want to learn more about them?  For me, falling in love with the characters is a prerequisite to doing great work.  We narrators spend hours (sometimes days) alone in a dark little room, and thanks to the company of your fascinating characters, my days spent working on Her Husband’s Harlot were happy days indeed!

009_rtGrace’s Bio: Grace Callaway writes steamy historical romances set in the Regency and Victorian eras. Her debut manuscript, Her Husband’s Harlot, was a 2010 Romance Writers of America® Golden Heart® Finalist and a #1 National Regency Bestseller.

Outside of writing, she holds a doctorate from the University of Michigan and practices clinical psychology in a medical setting. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her family and has a passion for hiking, cooking, and all things BBC.

Buy: Her Husband’s Harlot (Mayhem in Mayfair #1) [ebook], [audiobook]

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Between the Sheets with Olivia Roland, Narrator of Land of Falling Stars


Welcome to the second article under Between the Sheets. Here we get to focus on going beyond the printed page to learn more about the industry, the parts usually forgotten by the time the product hits the shelves. Today’s special guest is Olivia Roland, narrator of Land of Falling Stars. Please join me in welcoming her!

Q. — How did you get started in book narration?

A.– I started as a stage actor and learned of an opportunity recording books for the blind from a fellow actor.

Q.– What’s the audition process like for audio books?

A.– You’re asked to read segments from different genres (fiction, non-fiction) and submit a recording and will often do an audition to show your reading skills.

Q.– Were you required to do anything special for the audition because it was an erotica novel?

A.– No. We submitted material from a novel with a similar feel.

Q.– What’s your favorite part about narrating?

A.– I love being able to use all the ranges of my voice, and to be able to put my training with languages and dialects and acting to great use.

Q.– Did you feel strange narrating erotica at first?

A.– I’ve recorded romance novels and historical romances for over a decade and they have many explicit sex scenes, so I was accustomed to some of the material when I began to read for Ravenous Romance.

Q.– What other voice acting have you done?

A.– I’ve recorded hundreds of commercials for radio and television, industrials and training videos. I have also recorded several PBS specials and have been nominated for two Heartland Emmy Nominations for Best Narration.

Q.– And finally, why should people listen to audio books?

A.– Audio books are magical to me because you get the advantage of hearing them read by an actor, but at the same time you create all the images and imagine all the people in your mind’s eye all on your own.

You get the best of two worlds: an actor’s voice and interpretation and your own power of creativity and imagination as you hear a writer’s words. It’s the best kind of escape, anywhere you choose to have it!

Thank you Olivia! It’s been so good to talk with you. I couldn’t agree more with why people should listen to audio books. They are definitely magical.

Photo Credits: bondiben

Applauding the Romance Publishers


by Susan Sigler, guest blogger

I’d like to take a moment to applaud the following publishers. Not only do they publish the greatest books ever, but they offer wonderful discounts, sponsor contests, most keep up blogs, and many have Yahoo groups. It goes without saying, authors work extremely hard to bring us beautiful stories with their imaginative plots, but credit should be given to those behind the scenes to publish the author’s vision. So without further ado, here are ten publishing sites I visit regularly. I hope many of you will visit, and it’s my wish you will win their contests or find new authors that peak your interest.

Publisher #1 St. Martin’s Press


2 of their authors- Sherrilyn Kenyon and Cherry Adair.

Publisher #2 Samhain Publishing, Ltd.


Samhain has monthly ebook and print contests.

Publisher #3 Sourcebooks, Inc.


Sourcebooks has special offers and great discounts, beautiful Jane Austen E-cards to send to friends and family. They also have authors Amelia Grey, Carolyn Brown, and others.

Publisher #4 Ravenous Romance has a free short story, discounted books and audio books. Two of their many authors- Isabel Roman and Cecilia Tan.


Publisher #5 Harlequin has publishers like Mills & Boon, Harlequin, Silhouette, MIRA, and Steeple Hill. Harlequin offers Free Book Fridays and gave us 16 free books to celebrate Harlequin’s 60th anniversary, aren’t they divine?


Publisher #6 Loose-Id is an erotic romance e-publisher With authors like Cheryl Dragon, Marie Harte, Ann Lory and Moira Rogers, is it any wonder we love them.


Publisher #7 Kensington Publishing Corp. they have contests. Listen to these authors: Delta Dupree, Heather Graham, Devyn Quinn, Lynsay Sands, and Sasha White.


Publisher #8 Ellora’s Cave has free short story reads and authors like Jaci Burton, Tracy Cooper-Posey, and Marie Treanor.


Publisher #9 The Wild Rose Press has free reads and the author J.L. Wilson.


Publisher #10 Hachette Book Group (HBG) has approximately 9 publishing groups with links to contests you can enter. One of the authors they publish for is Jennifer Haymore, remember A Hint of Wicked? If you enjoyed it, thank HBG.


This is not a comprehensive list it’s a summary, there are many other publishers I’m not familiar with and therefore didn’t mention. Please note, due to limited space and time constraints, I did not name the many hundreds upon hundreds of authors they publish. I simply made reference to my favorites, and the ones I believe you’d recognize upon reading.

If you can enlighten me with other publishers, by all means tell me. I’d love to hear about them.

Should Authors Own a Blog?


I have two thoughts on this subject. The first is of course! The second is heck no! In the end I decided to put together some pros and cons discussing the matter. Feel free to jump in with more ideas!

5 Pros for Authors Owning a Blog:

  1. You are the editor. You can treat it like a newsletter or diary. You get to decide what goes up and what doesn’t. Want to talk about your sex life? Go ahead, but it may be a little TMI (too much information).
  2. You’re easy to write about. Who knows you better than you? There’s so much you can take from to inspire others with: your writing schedule, writing process, writing life, future books, etc.
  3. Your fan base gets a regular update on your life. They came to you, they want you, if they wanted someone else they’d go look them up and follow them.
  4. Everything is somehow about you. Even with guest authors, they’re your friends and acquaintances, mentors, fellow authors, publicist, etc. so while you’re sharing the floor, you’re still in the spotlight.
  5. Increases Your Book Sales. It’s searchable and drives traffic to your main website and your books and can very easily increase your sales.

5 Cons for Authors Owning a Blog:

  1. Providing constant content. How do others do it? How do they provide fun quirky content day after day to keep readers interested and coming back? It’s a heck of a lot of work and can be stressful. You could be devoting that time to writing more books or personal time.
  2. Building a readership for a blog is tough. Why struggle getting noticed when readers and reviewers would gladly share their blog readerships with you? When something comes to you as a great blog idea, ask one of them to host it. Chances are they’ll jump on it (see last point). You’ll get coverage (and pro point five) and they’ll get good free content. It’s a win-win deal.
  3. Do you really want to get that close to your readers? You love them and hearing from them, but do they really need to know what you’re doing all the time? Where’s the line between the public you and the personal you?
  4. You’re not internet savvy. The idea of writing a blog gives you chills. You just master Google for research and now it’s time to start a blog? Which platform should you use? Is it easy to use? Does it look professional? You wouldn’t even know where to start!
  5. It doesn’t sound like fun. You would much rather read other people’s blogs than write one yourself. There’s no shame in that and really there are plenty of ways to get out in front of readers. Channel your time and energy into those and relax.

Middle Ground: if options one or two aren’t for you there’s always co-opting. You can easily share a blog with fellow writers in your genre or under the same publisher. That would cut out the time you’d have to devote to upkeep in both content and promotion. Plus it gives you another way to network and reach readers.

Between the Sheets with Rebecca Rogers, Narrator of Maestro’s Butterfly


Between the Sheets is a play on words, not only referring to sex and the bedsheets but also to the pages of a book. This section of the blog is dedicated to going beyond the printed page to learn more about the industry, the parts usually forgotten by the time the product hits the shelves. Today’s special guest is Rebecca Rogers, the narrator of The Maestro’s Butterfly, to talk about audio books… and more specifically erotica audio books.

How did you get started in book narration?

My family and I own a Renaissance Festival in Washington State. One of our vendors asked me if I had ever thought about recording audio books. I told her that it was a dream of mine. She happened to be one of the cover artists for a local audio book company and was able to get me an audition!

What was the first book you narrated?

My first book was Bound To Die by Brian Lutterman.

What’s your favorite part about narrating?

bedsheetsI love performing and storytelling. Making a story come alive is like magic!

In your opinion, what is the hardest aspect of the whole narration process?

The most challenging aspect for me is doing the author justice. Not having direct contact with most authors, I have to use my best judgment when developing a character’s voice.

Did you feel strange narrating erotica?

No, I didn’t feel strange at all! It was new territory for me, admittedly, but I had a lot of fun with it. I also wanted to sound genuine. It was a challenge that quite often had me laughing!

What do you do to prep for a new narration?

Research is vital. Most importantly I need to KNOW the characters. I try to nail it the first take to minimize corrections. In order to do this I need to know my pronunciations, know when a character has an accent and be familiar with the setting.

Tell us about the narrating process after prep!

Most recently my process has been relatively solitary. I come to the studio with my water and apple slices having prepared several chapters for recording. I act as my own engineer, punching and rolling when I make a mistake. When my session is done I load my files onto a hard drive for my engineer. Once the engineer has listened and we’ve made any corrections we call it a wrap!

I really enjoyed your rendition of Maestro’s Butterfly, how did you decide on the character voices?

Thank you! Maestro’s Butterfly was especially fun for me. Vampires have intrigued me for many years. I pulled some inspiration from Anne Rice’s vampire Lestat who was also French and had a vicious side. I also enjoyed playing with lead characters who were so diametrically opposed to each other; strong/male/foreign/exotic vs. lost/feminine/naive/southern. Such fun!

Besides Maestro’s Butterfly what other books have you done, either for Ravenous Romance or other publishers?

For Ravenous Romance I have read The Brotherhood: To Slay or to Lay by Elizabeth Miette, Haunted Seduction by Morgan James and Destiny’s Jewel by Rachel Kenley. With Blackstone Audio I have read Nancy Drew Girl Detective: Framed by Carolyn Keene, Nancy Drew Girl Detective: Dressed to Steal by Carolyn Keene, The Shiloh Renewal by Joan Leslie Woodruff, Foul Play by Tori Carrington, and many others.

And finally, why should people listen to audio books?

Audio books offer another level on which authors can reach their readers. Audio books are an exciting way to “hear” your favorite characters come to life. They bring you closer to the work.

Thank you so much Rebecca! It’s been a pleasure to listen and to talk with you!

Photo Credits: Frederic della Faille

Curvalicious: A New Romance Line

by Karen Jones, guest blogger and Promotions Manager for Accomplice Press.com

Accomplice Press is proud to announce a new romance book line called Curvalicious.

Here at Accomplice Press we love a good juicy romance and a few of us are vivacious, full-figured women, so we are extremely excited to bring this series to our readers.  The Curvalicious line will be short novella length romance stories that showcase plus-size heroines in a very positive light.  These curvy, inspirational women are beautiful, strong, sexy in their own ways and intelligent.  The best part is that Curvalicious women always get the man of their dreams without losing weight or changing who they are on the outside.  The stories will be available in e-book format with periodic print anthologies.

As publishers and women we feel that there are countless romance lovers who don’t see real life females, like themselves, portrayed in the books they read.  We offer books that stimulate hope and build self confidence while entertaining with enticingly creative plot lines spotlighting the voluptuous heroine’s point of view.  Our selections always depict relationships between a hero and heroine that are fully realized by the end of the story with a “happy ever after” or “happy ending for now”.  Romance novels should be like a warm sunny day in the middle of the coldest winter night, we strive to make that happen with every turn of the page.

“Society and the media have convinced women that men won’t find you attractive if you are double-digit sizes.  This is reinforced by the romance book industry.  The leading terms used to describe a heroine are slender, thin, lithe, small, and tiny.  Real women read romances, and real women deserve to be able to relate to the heroines.  Romance stories are about fantasies, and as a large woman, I personally do not find it satisfying to fantasize about a man touching a body that I can’t relate to.  I also happen to know that men love women of all sizes.  Sexy comes from within.  That is why I created Curvalicious.” –DJ Alling, CEO, Co-Founder of Accomplice Press and Editor in Chief

At Accomplice Press we realize that the word “romance” means different things to different people so Curvalicious will have two distinct categories based on the relationship’s heat level. Curvalicious Sweet is romance with sweet or sensual love scenes, but no explicit language or sex. Curvalicious Spicy is erotic romance containing explicit language and sex scenes. The first book released in this series is a spicy but touching romance called A reason to Stay by Delinda Jasper.  The heroine Ellie is ready to move far away from the home and man she loves because she doesn’t feel her best friend Jake will ever feel the same way.  After an amazing evening together she wonders if she’s lost him forever.

In conjunction with this groundbreaking launch Accomplice Press is holding a Curvalicious writing competition.  Beginning on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2010 and ending at midnight on May 14, 2010, we’ll be accepting submissions in two different categories, one sweet and one spicy.  On May 28, 2010 two winning entries will be announced on Accomplicepress.com, then contracted and published in e-book format by the publisher.  The top three submissions of each category will also be included in the first Curvalicious print anthologies.  Curvalicious contest entries must be sent to curvecontest@accomplicepress.com. The specific guidelines for sweet and spicy submissions, word count and formatting requirements are all available at our website accomplicepress.com.

Accomplice Press may be a new kid on the block but we aren’t amateurs, instead we’re perfectionists striving for literary excellence.  Accomplice press is NOT a self-publishing company; we are a full service, boutique-style publisher dedicated to being a partner to our readers and authors.

Happy reading and writing…good luck authors!

BBAW Blogger Interview with Susie Tudor Daughter


All across book blogger land interviews are being shared with readers about their favorite book bloggers and maybe even introducing new bloggers to them. This is because we just started Book Blogger Appreciation Week! Today I have the pleasure of chatting with Susie Tudor Daughter. Susie writes a historical fiction book blog that focuses on English heritage. Please welcome her to Love Romance Passion and feel free to pick her brain!

Keira: What is your favorite part about blogging?

Susie: The wonderful information I have found on books and the new friends.

Keira: Why did you start?

Susie: It actually was by mistake. I found Royal Intrigue blog about Jean Plaidy and I decided to start my own. I absolutely adore British Royal history and thought it would be fun to share this love with others.

Keira: What book are you currently reading and why are you reading it?

Susie: The Tea Rose by Jennifer Donnelly. I love anything about Victorian London, especially thrillers or mysteries. Found the recommendation on Amy’s Passages of the Past blog.

Keira: Which book do you plan to read next?

Susie: The White Queen by Phillipa Gregory.

Keira: How big is your TBR pile?

Susie: Huge!

Keira: Which do you like more: finishing a book or starting a new one?

Susie: Starting a new one.

Keira: What makes you pick up a book and buy it without question?

Susie: I usually wouldn’t do this. I always read the back or cover first, but possibly I would buy without question if it was a Phillipa Gregory’s or Barbara Erskine book.

Keira: Who is your favorite author?

Susie: I have several~ Barbara Erskine, Jean Plaidy, Phillipa Gregory and James Herriott.

Keira: What are three books you’d recommend to new readers of your genre?

Susie: Lady of Hay by Barbara Erskine, Legacy by Susan Kay and The Other Boleyn Girl by Phillipa Gregory.

Keira: Which reading format do you like best: print, audio, digital?

Susie: Print~ I always have my current read with me. I love the covers too and how they all look in my book shelves.

Keira: Who is your favorite royal?

Susie: Anne Boleyn

Keira: For fun share two truths and one false fact about yourself.

Susie: Edward III is my 18th great grandfather: My 11th great-grandmother was almost chosen to be Henry VIII 6th wife instead of Catherine Parr: I am 35 years old.

Keira: What was the last book you bought, borrowed, donated/gave away, and traded?

Susie: The last book I bought was The White Queen by Phillipa Gregory. The last book borrowed was A Great and Terrible Beauty. Gave away was Legacy by Susan Kay. No trades.

Keira: What advice would you give to brand new book bloggers?

Susie: Seriously have fun and be creative. So many fun layouts and widgets to enhance your blog.

Keira: What tips would you give to readers who want to read more books?

Susie: Always carry your book with you. Get a bigger purse if need be, that way you have your current read with you when you get stuck somewhere like the Dr., Dentist, DMV, etc. Go to bed at the same time every night allowing your self at least an hour to read. This may take some discipline and extra planning, but it’s worth it. I am in bed every night by 10 pm and my family knows this MY TIME and do not disturb. I read until 11 and sometimes even longer but never later than 11:30. Lights out.

Keira: Anything you want to add?

Susie: I have 6 children and reading has been a major part of their lives since they were little babies. I would nurse and read out loud to them. They have grown up to love books and some even have a larger library than I do. Reading is the key to life. If you can read there really is nothing you can’t learn about that interests you. My daughter teaches freshman English at our High School and her greatest challenge is getting the kids to read and love it. I think that is so sad.

For more fun: BBAW Interview Swap with Keira from Love Romance Passion…

Mr. Romance: Charles Paz, Reflections on RT 2009

Busy, busy, busy! No rest for Mr. Romance. Charles Paz is already off working on photo shoots and got a wicked sunburn for his efforts. Don’t worry Charles, I know right were the aloe is and I can help rub it in… I mean… uh… ahem… right. Where was I? Oh yes, between some crazy antics at the shoot and aloe rubbing Charles and I sat down to go into detail on his win at Romantic Times 2009.


How does it feel to not only win Mr. Romance, but to also be Readers’ Choice?

I was shocked and surprised. Winning Mr. Romance is truly an honor and a privilege. I’m very excited to be a part of all of this. A year ago I wouldn’t have thought I could be anything; now I have this. Winning this competition is cool because I get a cover contract, and getting to come back next year to be a part of the ceremony is an extra cherry on top.

Winning the Readers’ Choice, in my opinion, is just as sweet as the cover model win. I’m glad that I made a great impression with the people who attended the convention because, let’s face it, this week was all about them. It’s about them having a great time and enjoying themselves. For me to be a part of their experience and getting to contribute to them having an awesome time is something I can’t explain. I’m just very honored to have met such wonderful people at this event and want to let them know that this means a lot to me.


What was your favorite part about the competition and the convention?

My favorite part of the competition was winning, duh! HAHAHAHA! Seriously though, I enjoyed giving the crowd a show and making sure they enjoyed themselves. Hearing the crowd react to things I did during the competition was very cool and reassured me that they were being entertained, which was the main point of the competition.

As far as the convention goes, I’d have to say that seeing a group of people so passionate about something all gathered in an area is always an awesome thing. I’m very new to this world of Book Lovers. Seeing and experiencing what they love was something I will not forget. Probably one of the coolest things was seeing the readers meet the authors that they love and getting their books signed. The smiles on these ladies faces were priceless.

What were some of the things you did behind the scenes at RT?

Most of the time behind the scenes was spent rehearsing for our show. If we weren’t at an event, we rehearsed. I didn’t get much downtime, but I did manage a few gym sessions while I was there. It was almost like a trip in Vegas, where the only time you are in your room is to take a shower and a power nap. LOL. I spent a lot of time as well chatting with people by the pool and around the convention. I didn’t stay in my room, I made sure I was out and about.


Funniest thing a person said to you while in Orlando:

Funniest thing someone said to me? Well, if it was said, I guarantee it was said by fellow contestant Franco D’Angelo. The entire time he had all of us guys cracking up. We were like two sides of the same coin. My stomach hurt from laughing so much.

One of the things that was kinda funny, that actually made me blush a lot, were the women there that would tell me, “I’m too old for you, but my daughter is not. You should meet her.” It was said more than just a few times and it was very flattering.

How do you think winning this competition will affect your image?

I hope that this will boost my image and help me get seen. I’m on Model Mayhem. That was what I have been doing before this event. You can actually see my work by going to that site and searching my number #591117. It’s just a sample of what I have done. I’m looking forward to doing the book cover for Dorchester Publishing and hope that the this can help me land other covers and possibly acting as well. I’d love to take this win as far as I can and hope that you all will see me again.


One piece of advice you’d give future Mr. Romance candidates:

The best advice I can give to the other guys is this… The competition is cool and fun, but remember the real reason why you are there: the people. Somebody told me this is their Christmas, their one chance to get away and have a vacation to have a good time and relax. Make sure you remember that when you are speaking to them. You will get noticed by publishers and authors, and you will get business cards for future projects, but make sure everyone there is having a great time. I can safely say that me and the other guys did a great job doing that. Every time I looked around, I saw them engaged in conversation with people and they all looked like they were happy. That’s what matters most!

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

I would love to thank everyone I met this week. You all helped make it one of the best times of my life. The contestants, the readers, the organizers, all of you guys are very much appreciated and words can not express how thankful I am for all of this. I hope everyone got home safely and that I am looking forward to seeing you all next year! =-)