Reader Highlights

This series of posts are dedicated to showcasing readers from the blog who love romance as much as you!

Reader Highlight with Meghan of Medieval Bookworm

Reader Highlight with Meghan of Medieval Bookwormby Keira

Keira: You own over 1000 books. Do you have special bookcases to display them all and a picture you can share with us? Now, looking at your bookshelf what color pops out the most to you or what color is the most dominant among the shelves? What do you think this color says about you? […]

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Reader Highlight with Mailani

Reader Highlight with Mailaniby Guest Blogger

Keira: What are your top 5 favorite romance books and what would you name them if you could retitle them? Mailani: a) The Wedding by Julie Garwood… aka Peaking up Kilts b) Bet Me by Jennifer Crusie… aka Stuck Between a Man and Open Toed Butterfly Heels c) Rebel by Heather Graham… aka Swamp Thingy’s […]

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Reader Highlight with Kati of Katidom

Reader Highlight with Kati of Katidomby Keira

Keira: You pick up the phone and on the other end is your all time favorite romance author offering to write you a story just the way you want it – setting, names, character types, time period, genre, etc. Which author is it and what are you going to have them write? Kati: Great question! […]

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Reader Highlight with Wendy the Super Librarian

Reader Highlight with Wendy the Super Librarianby Keira

Keira: You’ve been blogging for approximately 7 years now. What are some of your all time favorite posts that you’ve written? Wendy: This question is pretty much impossible to answer, because 7 years worth of archives is particularly daunting.  That said, people seem to like my semi-regular Little Miss Crabby Pants feature and by far […]

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Reader Highlight with Zarabeth

Reader Highlight with Zarabethby Keira

Keira: What was the first romance novel you ever read? Was it the one that got you hooked on reading them? Zarabeth: The first romance novel that I ever read was Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier. It was actually a romantic suspense. It was absolutely not the one that got me interested in romance. It […]

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Reader Highlight with Mandi of SmexyBooks

Reader Highlight with Mandi of SmexyBooksby Keira

Keira: You’re stuck in outer space on the space station with a very fickle mail system (because really how often do FedEx shuttles drop by). They will only bring you one subgenre of romance books. What subgenre do you pick and why: paranormal, historical, urban fantasy, m/m? Mandi: Although this is a hard choice, I […]

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Reader Highlight with Katiebabs

Reader Highlight with Katiebabsby Keira

Keira: You write and run Babbling About Books, and More! Tell me, what is your favorite aspect of blogging and what posts do you think people shouldn’t overlook when they visit your blog? KB: I love the interactions the blogging community has. It’s a great way to be vocal, as well as learn new things […]

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Reader Highlight with Scarlett Moore

Reader Highlight with Scarlett Mooreby Keira

Keira: Let’s take a look at your bookshelf (nightstand, floor, wherever lol). What color covers do you have the most of and are they by a bunch of different authors or by one author? Why do you think you bought those books? Scarlett: The predominant book cover colors are red (Goddess of the Hunt by […]

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