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What I Look for in a Publisher

What I Look for in a Publisherby Guest Blogger

Hi, I’m Pippa Jay, author of scifi and the supernatural with a romantic soul. Die-hard Whovian, Scaper, and Sith-in-training, and mum to three redhaired little monsters. I’ve not been published three years yet, but I’ve learnt a lot in that time – some of it the hard way, lol. One thing I have is a […]

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Writing That Sequel

Writing That Sequelby Guest Blogger

Guest blog by Dawn Brower, author of A Crystal Angel Over the summer my plan was to write my second cowgirl book. I started writing the series intending it to be three books. Looking back it seemed like such a good idea. Now? Well I’m thinking I’m never committing to such a thing again. Why? […]

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The Business Of Spinning Sexy Stories – A Slightly Different Take On The Traditional Start-Up

The Business Of Spinning Sexy Stories – A Slightly Different Take On The Traditional Start-Upby Guest Blogger

My name is Kristen Luciani, a self-proclaimed fashionista and momtrepreneur of three. As a deep-rooted romantic who prefers juicy drama to fill the lives of anyone other than me, I created a fictional world of enchantment, sensuality and intrigue and finally uncovered my true passion…and a brand-new venture. The unknown is daunting and fraught with […]

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Author Secrets: What Makes Us Want to Read a Romance?

Author Secrets: What Makes Us Want to Read a Romance?by Guest Blogger

Guest blog by Erin Moore, author of Awakened by the Minotaur Marketing people speak a lot about “conversion” – the point when a shopper turns from a browser into a buyer. For novels in general, and romance particularly, a lot of that conversion happens when we see the cover of a book. But what, specifically, are […]

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Writing Sensuality into a Story

Writing Sensuality into a Storyby Guest Blogger

Guest blog by Mary Sullivan, author of No Ordinary Home I’m so happy to be here! Thank you loveromancepassion for having me. I want to talk today about raising the sensual stakes in a novel without littering the book with endless love scenes. To my mind, it’s important to have the characters yearn for each […]

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Why Listening is Important

Why Listening is Importantby Guest Blogger

Guest post by L.M. Brown, author of Touch of a Ghost First of all, thank you for having me here today.  I’m L.M. Brown, a writer of MM and MMM romance novels, often with a paranormal twist. I believe that there is nothing hotter and sweeter than two men in love with each other… unless […]

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So You’ve Had a Bad Day? Write It Out!

So You've Had a Bad Day? Write It Out!by Guest Blogger

Guest blog by Ishabelle Torry, author of The Gift We’ve all been there. A seemingly endless day full of aggravation or sorrow, and you just want to sit on your couch and eat ice cream— self-pity and self-loathing are your new BFFs. I’ve recently been through one of these stints. Sure, it felt great to […]

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Exclusive Sneak Peak…

Exclusive Sneak Peak...by Guest Blogger

Hello, I’m Mia Epsilon and I write contemporary romance. I’m a southern USA girl blessed to live in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Next to my Hubby, I adore Doctor Who and chocolate. I have a blog at: miaepsilon.blogspot.com and would love to see your comments there. I’m often asked how I handle the dreaded Writer’s […]

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