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Awkward Moments in Writing

Awkward Moments in Writingby Guest Blogger

My name is Ember Leigh, and even though I write erotic romance and love it, I’ll be the first to admit it can be a little awkward sometimes. My current release Carlos and Casey features two ex-lovers seeing each other for the first time after four years. The short story features a very uncomfortable, awkward […]

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How to Write a Book in Five Days

How to Write a Book in Five Daysby Guest Blogger

Guest post by Amber Page, author of All’s Fair in Lust & War Impossible, you say? Not at all. Insane, yes. But not impossible. I did it…and the manuscript sold (no one was more surprised than me). Of course, in my case, there were extenuating circumstances. I entered my first chapter in a contest put […]

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What’s a Good Way to Write?

What's a Good Way to Write?by Guest Blogger

Hi! I’m Crystal Perkins. My good friend, Tera Lynn Childs and I are taking over the blog today as part of our Sassy and Sexy Romance Tour! Tera is the “Sassy” part of our equation. Her City Chicks books feature behind closed door, or in the case of Trying Texas, behind closed bushes action. I’m […]

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Let’s Talk Shop: Evoking Imagery

Let's Talk Shop: Evoking Imageryby Guest Blogger

Guest blog by Brantwijn Serrah, author of All Mad Here Imagery. By golly, imagery is one of my all-time favorite literary devices. I’ve been told I have a very “immersive” writing style, because when I get on a kick with imagery, I can go on forever. My editor has even had to cut down some […]

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Forget Babies, Here’s Where Love Scenes Come From

Forget Babies, Here’s Where Love Scenes Come Fromby Guest Blogger

Guest blog by Dani Collins, author of The Dani Collins Erotic Romance Collection: Mastering Her Role\Playing the Master One of the most clichéd question we romance writers get is something along the lines of, “How do you research the sex scenes?” It’s one of those things where the people saying it don’t mean anything, they […]

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Hang Your Writing Shingle

Hang Your Writing Shingleby Guest Blogger

Guest post by K. E. Shade, author of Outlaw in Her Bed and Her Beauty Within Being a writer isn’t easy. Glamour is not part of the package either. When I see all the authors who’ve made careers of what I love to do, I can’t help be a little envious. Sure, I’ve got plenty […]

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What the Heck is a Trope?

What the Heck is a Trope?by Guest Blogger

Guest blog by Kirsten Blacketer I’m Kirsten. I’m also Mom, Wife, Den Leader, and TSgt Blacketer’s spouse. I’m addicted to romance and Tom Hiddleston. There’s no hope for me, save yourself. *grins* When I’m not writing or reading, I’m outside or crafting jewelry in my office. I write medieval romance and I love it. My […]

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10 Key Elements to a Heartfelt Romance

10 Key Elements to a Heartfelt Romanceby Guest Blogger

Guest Blog by Dee Dee M. Scott, author of Sent From Heaven Thanks so much for having me on today. I write in many genres, but I have to say, other than writing thriller/horror my other favorite genre to write is Romance. I was a romance reader way before I was a romance writer. My […]

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