Top Ten Ways Cowboys and Wine Are Alike

Top Ten Ways Cowboys and Wine Are Alikeby Guest Blogger

Guest Blog by Laura Moore, author of Once Tasted Hi, Everyone! First, I’d like to thank Love, Romance and Passion for inviting me to blog today. I’m so glad to be here and to talk about my new release, ONCE TASTED. So, today I’m going to give you a top ten list. It’s an unusual […]

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Get into Bed with B.J. Daniels (Author Interview)

Get into Bed with B.J. Daniels (Author Interview)by Keira

Keira: Tell us a little bit about your upcoming release, “Atonement?” B.J. Daniels: I wanted to write about Dillon Lawson, undersheriff in my Beartooth, Montana series. I’m also fascinated by twins – especially the identical ones who have taken different paths in life. With all my heroes the hard part is finding them a woman […]

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Review: Who Wants to Marry a Cowboy? by Abigail Sharpe

Review: Who Wants to Marry a Cowboy? by Abigail Sharpeby Keira

Hero: Riley Pommer takes care of his family and is glad to do it. He strives to keep them together and keep the peace, but it’s hard not to blow a gasket when he finds out they’ve roped him into a “Bachelor” style event hosted on the ranch with him as the prize steer. He […]

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Review: Drifters Heart (Cowboy Fever, Book 6) by Karen Wiesner

Review: Drifters Heart (Cowboy Fever, Book 6) by Karen Wiesnerby Sandra Scholes

Reviewed by Sandra Scholes We’re back in Fever, Texas again for another in the Cowboy Fever Series of novels. Maggie May’s father is constantly looking for the man who got his dear daughter pregnant five years before, Ryder Mc Call. Her son, Tex hasn’t ever had a father, but that doesn’t stop him being considered […]

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Car Geeks Unite!

Car Geeks Unite!by Guest Blogger

Guest blog by Cynthia D’Alba, author of Texas Tango (Texas Montgomery Mavericks) Hi All! Cynthia D’Alba here. Thanks so much to the Love Romance Passion gang for having me here today to celebrate the release of the second book in the Texas Montgomery Mavericks series, Texas Tango. I read through what other guest bloggers have […]

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Review: Lakota Honor by Kat Flannery

Review: Lakota Honor by Kat Flanneryby Lynn Reynolds

Reviewed by Lynn Reynolds This story takes place in the 1880’s. Nora Rushton is a woman who has a secret that she keeps hidden from others. There’s a creep in town and he’s definitely the villain of this piece – I can picture him having a mustache that he twirls the ends of every day […]

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Dogs and Horses

Dogs and Horsesby Keira

Guest blog by Gail MacMillan, author of Counterfeit Cowboy I’m a world class dog and horse fancier. Since my earliest memories I’ve loved and admired these animals. Therefore, it’s no surprise that both frequently appear in my stories and romance novels. In fact, my fascination with horses led me to follow a lifelong dream I’d […]

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Review: Jake (Wyoming Sky, Book 3) by R.C. Ryan

Review: Jake (Wyoming Sky, Book 3) by R.C. Ryanby Keira

Hero: As a kid, Jake Conway wanted to be a veterinarian. He was always good with animals, especially those in need of serious tender-loving care. If it was wild, even better. That hasn’t changed as an adult and nobody is more wild or in need of TLC than the new neighbor next door! Heroine: Meg […]

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