Review: Cinderella and the Sheikh by Teresa Morgan

cinderella sheikHero: Sheikh Rasyn (Ra-sin) Al Jabar has no interest in becoming the next ruler of his homeland, Abbas in North Africa. He decides a Western wife will surely raise the country’s hackles and get him out of the line for succession. When he spies Libby, he thinks he can fulfill his desire to leave the throne and get pleasure out of the arrangement too. He puts on his most charming face and goes in for the kill.

Heroine: Libby Fay is working as a waitress at Hotel Scheherazade in very posh upscale Manhattan. She earns big tips from the wealthy clientele. Waitressing for Libby allows her to wait on people who need a little tender loving care (TLC). She feels that she makes people’s days easier. Growing up, she and her mom would play restaurant, and that’s when she found her calling. This job is the best job she’s ever had and she’s not about to mess it up for a playboy sheikh… even if he’s devilishly handsome and charming to boot.

Review: Libby is no fool. She doesn’t feel Rasyn’s attentions are genuine. He’s only just met her – how can he be in love with her? When he proposes marriage on the first “date” she’s floored. She doesn’t love him, why would she marry him? She says “yes” to help him save face, but an inch given is a mile taken with Rasyn. Twice in the novel, Libby’s mom provides the push to allow Libby to open up to Rasyn. First, he looks at Libby like her father looked at her mother… and then later when her mom asks if she ever gave her heart a chance to love Rasyn. I liked Rasyn’s line about not marrying a man you love, but marrying a man who loves you. I thought that was great! I also like how his plan to bring in an uncultured Western woman backfires. She’s genuine and kind which draws people to her. So while she makes social gaffs like he expected, their results are anything but catastrophic. Poor Rasyn.


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Review: Way Out of Line by Trish Jackson

Way Out of LineReviewed by Sandra Scholes

It’s what happens when two people are in love – age means nothing, but when one partner is underage, it tips the balance of what is considered right and wrong.

Hal fell for Trent one balmy, heated summer, and the effects of that meeting last almost forever in his mind when he becomes charged with statutory rape and has to spend years in prison where he can think about what he has done. Prison is the one place he never wanted to be though, surrounded by felons who had done far worse than he. After too many beatings he and his friend Demetrio plan an escape that could land him a harsher sentence if he were captured.

All the way through the story Hal can’t help but still think of Trent and how she must be feeling when he was dragged away from her so cruelly. They know what they felt in their own way, but it doesn’t fit in with what society says is right or wrong. Her act of telling him she was older causes the havoc in his life, yet he is prepared to overlook that one slight if it means he can get away from prison to tell her how he really feels about her. She is a poor little rich girl who has everything she has ever wanted, and more, and readers will wonder what he could possibly offer her in return for her love.

Way Out Of Line is a sad, touching story that will tug at the heartstrings in the way it has been written. Trent is a seductive siren of a girl who does all she can to convince Hal that she loves him and that they are meant to be together, but what happens to him shadows partly the love he once felt. Hal struck me as a very strong and enduring character that could come through pain and suffering and make something positive of it at the end. I enjoyed the soulful pleas from Trent to Hal in the letters she wrote to him in prison, and the feelings throughout the story.


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Review: Dark Awakening (Dark Dynasties, Book 1) by Kendra Leigh Castle

Reviewed by Sharon S.

This story is set in a closed world. Vampires have divided into dynasties based on a powerful ancestor. Each dynasty has its own special powers and a distinctive mark that appears when you take their blood. The vampire society as a whole functions like a caste system with the “Highbloods”, the aristocracy, and the “Lowbloods” who are treated as slaves. The lowbloods are considered tainted blood and the lowest are the Cait Sith, a cat shifting vampire. Someone is killing off one of the oldest and most powerful dynasties and it looks like the Draculs (yes, Vlad is the head of this dynasty) are behind it, and a brutal war is about to erupt.

This story didn’t ever grab me. The overall plot was predictable and moved in a linear fashion. No plot twists or big reveals, especially considering how complex the world building was. A lot of research went into setting up the dynasties based on actual ancient characters, but I was never able to really buy into it and unfortunately I can’t give you any concrete reasons other than it just didn’t work for me.

Lilly, unknowingly, is a descendant of the ancient dynasty of Lilith that had been wiped out because of jealousy by another dynasty. Our hero, Tynan belongs to the Cait Sith race of vampires and they are considered nothing more than slaves. He is sent to bring her to his Queen to help in the fight against the Dracul. You have a destined queen and a lowly slave whose love will bring back the old ways where everyone is treated equally (expect for the werewolves who are in the next book). The romance between Lilly and Ty never captured my interest. Nothing set them apart from all the other stories out there.

It might just be the author’s writing style didn’t mesh well with me, but this just wasn’t a book for me. I suggest checking out other reviews to see if this one is for you.

[Rating:2.5 Stars]

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Review: The Egyptian Slave by Alcamiya Payne

by Sandra Scholes, guest reviewer

For some men the love of a woman is not enough. In Mem’s case, he has had enough of the usual woman who he has around him, so much so he has lost his will to perform in bed with anyone. Feeling he is doomed to failure with the opposite sex, he tries one last time to see if he can get the sensation of love and yearning back in his heart.

Going to the slave market Mem looks around at what is on offer, and goes for an unlikely beauty that catches his eyes for all the wrong reasons. Toomela is the one he buys and takes with him, but is she who she thinks he is?

Only he can find out…

Egyptian Slave by Alcamia Payne is set in the heart of the land of the ancients, where Pharaohs ruled with an iron hand, and one man is his favourite at court.

I liked the cover art, as just from looking at it you can feel as though you are transported to that far away land of sand and sensuality. Of course, it is a depiction of Mem and Toomela in a sand dune having a moment to themselves before the Pharaoh calls upon him for his services.

At first Mem does not take to his new slave girl, in fact he treats her badly, hitting her and such, but this is not shown, only talked about by Mem’s cook, Ati. He finds her useless, and does all he can to reprimand her, but Ati doesn’t know why he is so hard on her. Is it the devilishly sexual look in her eyes that bedazzles him? Or is it something else.

There is a lot of fun to be derived from the fact that Ati has noticed how Toomela is not like the other girls he has seen, as she is flat-chested and has no curves at all – what either Ati or Mem don’t know at first is that Toomela is very different from the girls he has brought home before. Mem has had his fair share of beautiful slaves, yet none of them had brought out the passion in him. On the advice of the court astrologer, Mem takes it upon himself to train Toomela to cater to his every whim by massaging and taking care of him in bed as well as out of it. It is when he discovers Toomela is a boy that he really starts to get excited!

The Egyptian Slave is a read that can only be done on your own as it is so sensual, sexual and as sizzling as a summer barbecue, and you will be forever looking round to see if someone is looking over your shoulder.


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Review: Desert and Destiny by Isabel Roman

by Susan S., guest reviewer

Roman nocked her arrow, drew back an imaginative bow, took aim, released her words, and hit bull’s eye dead-center!

Desert and Destiny stands alone, and is book three from The Dark Desires of the Druids Series.

Get ready to save a camel and ride a magicker. Yes, I did say that. Go ahead, you can read it again if you’d like. This is erotica, after all!

I felt Roman’s third installment had more. More suspense, more magick, more sex and just flowed better than its predecessors. Lucien and James are still my favorite male characters, but WOW-E-WOW, Gareth can sure rock a heroine’s world. Get ready to pant, plead, scream and whimper because he knows the term foreplay.

Gareth Moore, hero, has just witnessed a murder. As master of his Druidic line and magicker, he knows time is of the essence. Sir John Corwin, witch hunter, is angrier and more desperate than ever. His greed and hatred knows no bounds. He wants the box and he’ll kill…again for it. Which is why Gareth enlists the aid of an Egyptologist at the British Museum in London. Her name is Arabelle Bahari, heroine. Moore and his fellow magickers are relying on Arabelle’s expertise with runes and hieroglyphics to unlock a jeweled box. If she succeeds, it’ll lead them to a book that’s believed to be over 400 years old. Well protected by magicks, after all-it conceals all Druidic knowledge.

Gareth thinks Arabelle only wants a sexual relationship. Arabelle thinks his heart belongs to another. And Corwin can care less…he wants them all dead. It’s a race to the cavern chambers in Egypt! Will anyone make it there…alive?!

Recommendations: If you enjoy historical, erotica, paranormal romances, happily-ever-afters, magick, mystery, and getting caught up in a great series, then there’s a high probability-this book is for you.

The ending will leave you with not one, but three surprises. HEA indeed, this’ll be a re-read for me-no doubt! Will I read book four, titled Temptation and Treachery? Is there an M in the word magick?

Rating: 5 Jeweled Boxes

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eBook, Ravenous Romance, Fantastica, Copyright 2009, Historical, Erotic, Paranormal Romance.
ISBN-13# 978-1-60777-108-1. (Soon to be released in paperback format on September 2010.)