Top 10 Reasons Why Old Relationships Are Worth Revisiting

All the Boys I Ever KissedGuest blog by Marilyn Kelly, author of All the Boys I Ever Kissed: A Choose Your Own Ending Novel being released on Amazon on April 22.

Do you ever wonder about your old boyfriends? I married my college sweetheart, so it’s been a long time since I kissed another man, but I have some sweet memories. My latest novel is a contemporary women’s fiction called All the Boys I Ever Kissed (A Choose Your Ending Novel), about a widowed travel writer who looks to past boyfriends to find her future. There are three amazing men – a DC firefighter/paramedic, an athletic Argentine millionaire, and a British baron. Which one will win the heroine’s heart? You choose your favorite!

I made this a Choose Your Own Ending Novel because there are three men the heroine falls in love with, and I fell in love with them all while writing the book. It pained me to choose one, so I wrote three different endings thinking I would find a hero I preferred. I didn’t. All three of these men have their flaws and their strengths, and I decided the reader should get to choose their favorite. What do you think of that concept? I also wrote The Man Tell All Q&A because I missed having the men’s point of view in this first-person novel. I broke a lot of rules of the romance genre, but sometimes the writing process won’t follow directions.

We all know dating is hard, and some relationships that didn’t work out in the past might be worth a second look. Of course, abusive relationships are best left behind, but there might be someone who still puts a smile on your face. If you are looking for a new relationship, consider making a list of all the boys you ever kissed. If one of them still floats your boat, find out if they’re available, and reach out to them. Who knows, it might be the start to your happy ending.

I was inspired by a recent guest blog on Why It Didn’t Work Out by Torie James to write the Top 10 Reasons Why Old Relationships Are Worth Revisiting.

  1. You were attracted to each other at one point. As we get older, it seems harder to find people who are physically compatible. Never underestimate the value of physical attraction. It’s a wonderful basis for a loving relationship.
  2. You may have grown because of the breakup. Sometimes people say the most terrible things to each other during an argument, but afterward realize there was more than a grain of truth to the accusations. Maybe leaving your makeup spread out over the bathroom counter drove him crazy. You didn’t do it with the next boyfriend and it wasn’t so hard. Hopefully, you can laugh about it in retrospect.
  3. You will remember each other younger and possibly thinner. Most of us have a flashback when we see people we’ve known for a long time. In our mind’s eye, we recall them with fewer wrinkles. There are times when I look at my husband and tears come to my eyes because he looks just like he did when we met in college. And our children have now graduated. He says the same thing about me, and I wouldn’t trade that for anything.
  4. You know each other’s faults. There are no unexpected surprises three months into the relationship when so many people reveal their true colors. Even if he hasn’t changed his slovenly ways, you’ve realized there are worse faults. Like cheating on you or yelling at you. At least he brings you flowers.
  5. You miss each other. Sometimes you think about him, and vice versa. Unless you had a truly ugly breakup, there are good memories there if you bring them to light.
  6. You have friends in common who would cheer you on. Most breakups divide friendships along with the other belongings. There’s probably someone you miss among his friends. Besides, if it doesn’t work out your ex, maybe one of his friends will be a fit.
  7. If you have children or pets in common, that’s an even better reason to give love a second chance. I have a hard time with couples who claim to still be best friends but split up anyway. Monogamy is hard, but the shared memories and comfort are worth the trouble. Especially if there are children involved, special effort should be made to work through the problems. Nobody’s perfect, but if there isn’t abuse, find a counselor you both like and learn to forgive.
  8. You have equal power going back into the relationship. This is especially important if you broke up because of a power struggle, but everyone can benefit. An honest discussion can be had right from the start about how chores are going to be divided or other sticky subjects that drove you apart. Just be sure to maintain your sense of humor, and you could have your cake and eat it too.
  9. You understand each other’s lives and are more accepting of the sacrifices. Maybe it used to drive you crazy that he worked such late hours, but now you would appreciate the extra money. Maybe he never understood why you called your mother so much, but now his mother is gone and he wishes he’d called her more. Maybe you’d both be more willing to compromise the second time around.
  10. You loved each other. There was a time when you couldn’t think of anything but making him happy, and vice versa. Unless you now hate him, that spark might still be alive. I don’t believe there’s only one person for each of us, but passionate love doesn’t come easily. Second time around, be sure to nurture each other and maybe the love will last forever this time.

Have any of you reunited with old boyfriends? How did that work out for you?

All the Boys I Ever Kissed – A Choose Your Own Ending Novel blurb.

Lana Patterson wants a husband, but she’s striking out online and with blind dates. Her sister suggests she look to her past to find her future, and Lana starts contacting old boyfriends. She’s been practically housebound since her husband died, so she starts local, in Washington DC.

Captain CPR is Chippendale firefighter hot, but other than his incredible body and compatible sense of humor, Lana doesn’t find him the ideal bedmate or potential husband. Pierce Abrams runs into burning buildings for a living, and she wants a husband who will be there to walk her daughter down the aisle.

Lana grew up as a Foreign Service child and is now a travel writer. Her sister and daughter insist she hit the road, so Argentina and England are her next stops. The first boy she ever kissed is athletic, adventurous, intelligent, wealthy, and the most amazing Latin lover. Unfortunately, Sergio Salazar has a closet full of girlfriends that he claims he’s willing to give up. Lana has her doubts.

Her high school boyfriend has more potential, since his current girlfriend is on the wane. Duncan Claymore is a baron with a castle, and oh so tempting, even introducing Lana and family to the Duchess of Cambridge. It would be a fantasy life, but his conniving sister threatens to derail their renewed love affair.

Three amazing men are all having adventures of their own. Which one will capture Lana’s heart? The reader gets to choose!

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All the Boys I Ever Kissed, A Choose Your Own Ending NovelExcerpt:

“What was the best kiss you ever had?” My older sister Marie propped her elbows on my batik tablecloth and adopted her “tell me everything” look, usually as effective as a Jedi mind trick. “Before Jude, of course.”

Best kiss before my soul mate? It had been ages. “I honestly don’t remember.” I glanced through the porch door to the kitchen, where my adorable daughter, Ashley, stood in her soccer uniform arranging cupcakes on a plate. I wasn’t about to discuss my past boyfriends in front of a twelve-year-old tomboy. “I don’t see how that’s relevant to me finding a new husband.”

Marie sat back with a huff, her short black curls a shadowy halo in the fading light. “You haven’t had much luck finding a man, Lana. I’m racking my brain for ideas.”

“I appreciate that, but you can’t hurry love.” What I didn’t appreciate was my dating failures on review, again, no matter how good the intention.

Ashley set dessert on the table and took her seat beside me, her toothy smile a constant reminder of her father. “Mom, don’t you want to remarry?” She and Marie shared a conspiratorial glance. They were clearly on a mission together. “You told me once that snuggling with Dad was your favorite thing in the world. Don’t you miss that?”

Did I ever. Jude had dubbed me the perfect bedmate, always warm and willing. Waking up alone was still tough after two years. “Of course, I do.” I refilled my glass of homemade lemonade, wishing I’d spiked it with some tequila to fortify me for this intervention.

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Marilyn Kelly’s Bio:

My Wanton Widows series, published by Ellora’s Cave, is about three accomplished women in Victorian England who are all searching for love, respect, and passion. The first in the series is Sounds of Love about a matchmaking novelist, a scholarly widow and an arrogant earl.

All the Boys I Ever Kissed (A Choose Your Ending Novel) is my first contemporary romantic women’s fiction. If you like The Bachelorette or Mamma Mia, I hope you’ll love this book!

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Review: Smokin’ Hot Firemen by Delilah Devlin

smoking hot firemenReviewed by Sandra Scholes

Well known as a bestselling erotic author, Delilah Devlin has produced many hot novels. Shattered Souls, Cowboy Lust, Breaking Leather, Laying Down the Law, and Lone Heart are only a few of the books she is famous for. In Smokin’ Hot Firemen, Delilah gives us several stories of sensual guys who know how to help women in distress.

These are four of the stories that stood out for me in this book – I hope you enjoy them as much as I did:

1. Smoking Stilettos by Rachel Firasek

Derek and Matt are the best of friends and firemen, but when Matt’s wife, Red gets in the way and starts a commotion, they are the ones left to pick up the pieces of their friendship. Red takes his job seriously, always hating him coming home day after day telling her about his job, saving women and kids from burning buildings, seeing people burn, fall from high buildings, and worst of all the ones he needs to rescue dying on him. Each time Red hears what he says, it makes her feel as though one day she might get that dreaded phone call where she finds he’s died doing his job – this is what makes her mad, and that day, she was as mad as hell. You can understand why Red would feel the way she does in that situation as she never knows when he is coming back, and doesn’t want to feel the sense of loss from her losing him in a fire.

2. Hook Me Up by Adele Dubois

Lexi has a problem with her cat getting itself stuck up a tree, and as she falls trying to get her beloved cat down, she thinks no one will save her until she hears the masculine tones of someone there, ready to help her out – a fireman in full outfit looking amazing! Knox stares at her in total disbelief as he wasn’t expecting to see a naked woman as part of a rescue and sees her as more of a rescue fantasy from somewhere deep in his psyche. He tries to act the professional man he is, and push what he has seen out of his mind, but it isn’t easy to do when he is faced with a sexy lady like Lexi. It was interesting to see how Knox would handle helping her out, and still be a pro, and this answers all my questions about the classic cat up a tree scenario.

3. Lost and Found by Nanette Guadiano

Sometimes just being happy isn’t enough, and you get to your late thirties wanting more than just the comfort of a regular lover, friends around you and children, and the woman in this story feels that maybe she has to change her life before she gets too old to enjoy herself. In an effort to make that change, she sets about dumping her lover, Alejandro, quitting her teaching job, moving house and giving away her possessions she didn’t want. After a while she thinks doing this might be a bad idea, but she did want to change her life…didn’t she?
There are plenty of women like her, ones who are bored with the status quo, who want more from life, love and sex, but who don’t know how to go about getting it. At least in this, she does the right thing and for once starts to enjoy her life in a different way.

4. Temperature Rising by Cathryn Fox

Delilah Morgan hangs out at the Hose where the firefighters from station 419 come to take a break from their routine and the horrors they see while doing the job. She takes in the atmosphere of the place and the sight of three sexy pool players enjoying themselves, but these aren’t the ones who fuel the fire of her sexuality, it’s the man who comes through the door, Jonah who has everything in a man she could want.
Lots of women love dangerous men, and Jonah is one such man who lives dangerously. The spark is there, as is the mutual interest and when she thinks about it, she sees there is no use sitting there waiting for a man to come who is making her wait, and decides to take a chance on love. I couldn’t blame Delilah for getting off with Jonah as he’s the sort of drop dead sexy guy many would want.

Best bits:

  • Red throwing her stiletto in anger in Smoking Stilettos.
  • Lexi remembering she was wearing the lace thong and nothing to cover her boobs when she fell in Hook Me Up.
  • The heroine in Lost and Found meeting the man of her dreams in the most unusual circumstances.
  • Jonah from Temperature Rising – he’s a dream guy!
  • Some people have needs, and Jose and Isabella do in Unexpected Detour.
  • Addi gets a second chance at love after her former lover had died in a head on collision in Rescue Me.

Bad bits:

  • Some of the stories weren’t my style, even though I read them, but for the ones I liked – they rocked.

Summary: I found there were plenty of stories to get through and they all had their own take on the smouldering, sexy and unflinching firefighter. The firefighter is the one guy who is brave, macho, loveable and reliable, but who also has his own demons he has to wrestle with on a daily basis due to the dangerous job he does. I’ve marked out in detail my four favourites and to be honest, there were some really good ones so it was difficult for me to make the choices. Delilah Devlin knows how to pick some of the best writers in the business.


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Fire and Romance

ShadowFlesh 453x680Guest Blog by Shawn Martin, author of Shadowflesh

Nearly eighteen years ago, I faced a crossroads in my life: March my way into law school and settle for a relatively peaceful and prosperous life. Or slap on a helmet and suspenders to become a firefighter and live life literally by the seat of my pants. Having not yet built up the confidence to become a serious writer, but having all the impulses of someone who finds fiction more appealing than reality, I opted to become one of those smoke-eating dudes who rides around on a big red truck.

As the years went by and my confidence as a writer grew, I discovered that I was a hopeless romantic. Well in all honesty, my beloved wife brought this to my attention during an amorous wrestling match when she had me pinned. “Admit it,” she said. “You love Audrey Hepburn movies, sad endings make you mist up, and you’re always reading my romance novels.”

All true. And yes, I tried on her romance novels and found they fit. Thank God I wasn’t the type of guy who tried on her clothes, too. This coed Greco-Roman style epiphany sparked my passion to write stories where love – whether won, lost, forgotten, or betrayed – became the focal point. And I’ve been hooked ever since.

So, writing romance and fighting fire, two totally unrelated occupations, became my life. The two seemed to have nothing in common, except me. But as time went by, I realized how wrong I truly was. Writing romance and fighting fire have a lot in common, and it isn’t just the heat.

When I respond to an emergency, I am invited into what may often be one of the most memorable days of someone’s life. A person’s world has come falling down around them. Fate has wrecked their car, destroyed their home, or dared to take a loved one from their arms. The end seems near for the helpless and hopeless, and they look in desperation to me to set things right. All I can do is my best, which sadly is often not enough.

Those heart-wrenching experiences come back to me as a writer. Not just the memory of sadness and pain, but the feeling that a group of characters who have found themselves in despair have looked to me for guidance, for a way out of their nightmares. As a firefighter, I employ every ounce of energy and imagination to bring peace to the tormented. As a writer, I do the same exact thing. I pour myself into my stories, holding my character by her hand and taking her through the adventure. That’s how Aileen makes it through Shadowflesh.

At this point in my life, I have found that writing and fighting fire create a synergy for me. Each endeavor makes me better at the other, which I hope is a good thing. I have several years ahead of me with a pen in one hand and an ax in the other.

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Review: Fever (Phoenix Rising, Book 1) by Joan Swan

joan swan fever

Reviewed by Lynn Reynolds

Doctor Alyssa Foster is seen coming to the end of her fellowship at the St. Jude’s Hospital. She’s hoping that she’ll get the radiologist’s position at the hospital but then something happens that changes all that. Teague Creek is an inmate from San Quentin that is sent to the hospital because of some mysterious pain he’s been having.

He’s really hot – in more ways than one. We see that Teague does not want to be there and Alyssa is just the person to help. But one thing that Teague doesn’t realize is that she has plenty of both spunk and attitude.

Jason Vasser is a man from Teague’s past and is ready to reconnect – but not as friends. He was hoping to go on R & R but those plans have now changed. And once Alyssa and Teague leave the hospital that’s when all the action begins.

Some of the language used in this story can be a little graphic but it works because it gives you an indication of what the characters are like. Alyssa also finds out that Teague has some very special talents that you or I will never have. But Teague also has some misconceptions as to who Alyssa really is.

They end up in a motel room together and Alyssa gets an eyeful of Teague. And she loves what she sees. We may not be able to see that but the cover can help with that. At this point, Teague still doesn’t realize that he’s made a mistake about her.

Once he finds out, everything between them changes. I love how Teague, in one scene, compares Alyssa to a bull. I can just about picture that in my mind. You can also picture a lot of other things too – Joan has a great way with the use of words to set up a scene. Let’s just say that there’s a lot of heat coming off the pages.

I didn’t want to put the book down because I didn’t want to miss anything. This book was an addiction that I hope they don’t find a cure for. I can’t wait to see what happens in book two of the series. Joan knows how to write a very hot read some of which is innuendo and not all about sex.

Teague has a purpose and he’s very driven to see a very special young lady. Alyssa’s brother, Mitch, also steps in to try to help Teague. Alyssa tells Teague that he’s a lawyer. And Mitch is not all he makes himself out to be.

Luke Ransom is Teague’s brother-in-law and they actually used to work together. They both used to be firefighters. Alyssa goes to try to talk with Luke and at that point we see how involved she’s become.

It will be interesting to see that when Joan tells Luke’s story, “Blaze” coming out in October, if Teague and Alyssa will be making an appearance. Will Mitch appear in any of the other books in the series? We’ll just have to wait and see.

Fever will be coming out in both paperback and e-book so you can decide which you would prefer. If you are of the old school, the paperback edition will be for you and then you can check out the cover whenever you want to. For those of you that have an e-reader, just make sure to leave room in your library for books two and three of the series. If you find you like her writing style, as much as I did, you may want to leave room for any other books that she may write.


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Review: A Shot in the Dark (Long Shots, Book 2) by Christine d’Abo

Reviewed by Lynn Reynolds

This is the second book in the “Long Shots” series.

Main Characters: Paige Long is part owner of a coffee shop along with two of her siblings. Carter is a firefighter who frequents her shop. Right away he likes what he sees and invites her to Mavericks, a local sex club.

Paige walks into the coffee shop’s kitchen to find two of her employees having sex. Now what would you do in her shoes? She ends up working the rest of the night shift and this guy starts to hit on her – his name is Carter. In talking with Carter, it finally dawns on her that he is a Dom.

Her brother Ian comes to see her the next day after hearing what happened the night before. She’s concerned about him. Is this what leads to Christine’s third book? Can’t wait for number 3 to come out so that I can find out the answer.

On her way back to the coffee shop, guess who she meets again. This time in a uniform. Don’t you just love men in uniform? He’s also back to hitting on Paige.

One thing I love about Christine’s writing is that she sticks to her scenes. There is no going off on tangents that don’t have anything to do with the interaction of our main characters. Or that don’t add anything to a scene.

Things start to happen quickly for Carter and Paige – another good thing about short stories. They both know that they can give each other what they want. This is what makes Carter a good Dom. You will find that the BDSM is very subtle in this story.

If you are more of a sensualist, this story will be good for you. None of the sex scenes are over the top and unbelievable. If you have an adventurous sex partner this story may give you some ideas. And isn’t that what some of our romance/erotic novels do? Give us ideas that spice up our lives a little.

The story ends with us wanting more. I can’t wait to see how Christine is going to end this trilogy. Will Ian finally be happy and find love? This is definitely a series that you will want to read again.

I do have questions for Christine though, is Josh going to have his own story? He seems to be a link between our main characters. I would love to see him connect with someone. Is Maverick’s going to show up in other books?


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