Review: Twisted (Eternal Guardians, Book 7) by Elisabeth Naughton

Tempted.inddReviewed by Lynn Reynolds

Cynna is a spectator of an interesting fight.  Nick is fighting for his survival without losing who he is.  Almost right away this author shows how ugly the beast of sexual and mental abuse is.  I found that even though this is part of a series, you could read this book by itself.  But if you want to know more about the Guardians, you’ll want to stay true to the series.

If you’re someone that likes Mythology (one of my favorites in English class) you’ll see that it’s combined with a group trying to protect us humans and half-breeds.  You might even recognize some of your favorite gods and those you loved to hate.  If you like some action in your read then this book will be perfect for you.  On top of that, Elisabeth adds a mystery into the mix that will heighten your reading experience – who doesn’t love a good mystery.

An interesting character to watch out for is Ari – you’ll understand when you meet him.  But he also makes me curious – what’s his story.  Nick gives the readers hints but I still found myself wanting to know more.  Both of the main characters are strong willed but for different reasons but that doesn’t stop them from realizing how much they need each other.  Once you get involved in the story, you will find it hard to put down – there’s just no good stopping point because something else will come up that will grab your attention.


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Review: Knight of Love by Catherine LaRoche

knight of loveHero: The hero has a complicated name. He is Wolfram von Wolfsbach und Ravensworth, also known as Wolf, the English Earl of Ravensworth. He first meets the heroine when he’s undercover as a blacksmith in Prince Kurt’s court, where he finds her being publicly whipped for a small infraction to the amusement of the Prince. Barely able to contain himself, Wolf watches and then volunteers to carry Lenora upstairs where he gives her a large knife for protection.

Heroine: Despite appearances to the contrary, Lady Lenora Trevelyan is not a damsel in distress. She is resourceful and determined to make her escape on her own… no knight in shiny armor needed. She successfully escapes her abusive fiancé, Prince Kurt von Rotenburg-Gruselstadt and is galloping toward freedom and safety with the English/German diplomat… and gets captured by rebels just days down the road. The head of the rebel camp is none other than the blacksmith who gave her the knife.

Review: The hero is an unusual mix of beta and alpha characteristics. He’s very flowery in his language, chivalrous, and believes in love at first sight, but is also skilled at war, believes in civil rights of man (and woman,) and carefully controlling to ensure all is in his favor. For my tastes, I would have had less flowery language and more determined wooing. Wolf arranges a wedding to Lenora in order to protect her – this battlefield wedding is hardly legit as she didn’t give her consent. Still, he consummates the marriage in a forced seduction that evening. It is a heartbreaking (and erotic) experience for both of them which makes it successful. That night destroys what trust Lenora had in him. Now she’s plotting a new escape… but it’s harder to break the touch of silk than the touch of iron. There’s also an erotic scene where Lenora is in full control of Wolf and that is also successful as it is healing for both. I felt the story fell short when it changed locations from Germany to England. It was a night and day difference and the smoldering passion cooled quickly. Definitely a memorable read.


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Review: Highlander Most Wanted (The Montgomerys and Armstrongs, Book 2) by Maya Banks

highlander most wantedHeroine: Genevieve McInnes has been held captive at McHugh Keep for over a year. Her family believes she is dead and she prefers it that way because of the atrocities she’s been forced to endure at the hands of the laird’s son and his men. She hasn’t a hope to escape her situation until she another clan comes to exact revenge on Patrick and Ian. When hope blossoms she offers up her last shred of dignity and respectability to the Acting-Laird only to be rejected.

Hero: Bowen Montgomery is disgusted with the McHugh clan. The people are cruel and ignorant and not worth the effort to save, which is why he’s so surprised when the person they’ve hurt the most stands up for them. At first he’s led to believe Genevieve is a whore/mistress to the despicable Ian McHugh, but as her story unravels, Bowen is drawn more and more to her. He wants to help her, heal her, and hold her close forever but to do right by her might mean letting her go.

Review: Highlander Most Wanted is an emotional, quite possibly a tear-jerker, story. Bowen and Genevieve jump off the page and sizzle, sizzle, sizzle. Genevieve has a tragic past and soon learns she has strength she didn’t know she had. Bowen is a great hero and I personally enjoyed his actions against a McHugh who tried to take his impotent anger out on Genevieve. I was puzzled by one thing, Genevieve had access to a bow and arrows, can shoot better and more accurately than most men, and never once thought to use them to kill off her captors? I get that Ian was taunting her with the ease of access, trying to make her feel even more impotent in her situation, but the girl came out with arrows blazing as it were at the first opportunity when the Montgomerys were in trouble. Despite that, I say that this is one of the best books out this year!


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Review: Seduction of a Highland Warrior (The Highland Warriors, Book 3) by Sue-Ellen Welfonder

Seduction of a Highland WarriorReviewed by Zarabeth

It is abundantly clear that this book is written by a woman who loves the Highlands (and Highlanders :P) of old. I loved every time she painted the picture of the landscape, the horizon, or the men in this book.

And her characters are just as well-written. Lady Marjory Mackintosh and Chief Alasdair MacDonald are your quintessential highland characters so I enjoyed them greatly. He is strong, bold, honor-bound, and incredibly stubborn. She is fiery, brave, superstitious, and also incredibly stubborn.

Their love alternates from dripping with passion to crumbling under the weight of their clan enmity. Of course the Mackintoshes and the MacDonalds have been at war longer than anyone can remember but Marjory and her friends have a plan to bring everyone together sealing the King’s Peace Treaty with a marriage pact. I believe this is the 3rd and final book of that trilogy though it easily stands alone. So its up to Marjory to finish things or let everyone down.

It is obvious to all that Alasdair wants and desires the beautiful Marjory, but can she seduce him into marriage despite their clans’ history? You’ll have to read the book to find out!

Which I recommend you do!

Marjory’s seduction of Alasdair has some magnificent points of sexual tension where you can almost feel the heat from his body. But a much more serious threat could also keep them apart, or perhaps seal their fates together.
Read Seduction of a Highland Warrior to find out if our ladies win out!


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Review: Broken Prophecy (Heirs of Aedan, Book 1) by Raven Raye

Broken ProphecyReviewed by Lynn Reynolds

Killian is thinking of a human and her name is Marcella. His purpose in our world is to find out who is threatening his kind. Marcella Rowan works at Cloudcroft’s hospital. She cares a lot about her patients. Her friend Brenna also works there as well.

Raven gives her readers a little bit of everything – paranormal, mystery, thriller, horror, and romance. She shows what lengths some people will go to for the person that they love. She has also made Lilith, an angel who’s not so angelic, the evil in this piece. I think she could give any other evil being a run for their money.

A circle seems to connect our characters. They all interconnect – both good and evil. For some, family has no meaning. For others, friends and family mean everything. Brenna and Marcella are the perfect friends. They complement each other and seem to know what the other needs. Plus they each have a special gift that can help the other.

This is a story that took a lot of creativity. Raven has taken everything that we thought were just fairy tales, and myths, and turned it around into a story that could be totally believable. She also shows the reader that no matter how “superior” a race, prejudice can exist and until something changes it always will. Hatred can cause a lot of destruction but can love and faith have a chance to change the impossible?

The only disappointment I had was that I kept seeing the pages disappear. I didn’t want the tale to end. But knowing that this is book one means that there will be another tale to follow. It will be interesting to see if Killian and Marcella’s story will continue or if Raven will introduce two new characters. You may want to keep an eye on her web site,, for any possible updates.


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