Do You Prefer Lycans or Vampyres?

by Lydia Dare, guest bloggers and authors of It Happened One Bite

For this blog, Lydia Dare was asked the question: Do you prefer Lycans or Vampyres? Or do you love them both equally? Let us know your favorite things about both.

But, since there are two of us who make up Lydia Dare, we often have opposing views. Since we couldn’t agree about which we prefer, here’s our chat before we just gave up on our argument about it.

This is what it’s like being Lydia Dare, folks. Unfiltered.

Jodie Pearson: So we’ve been asked to talk about which of our heroes we prefer. Vampyres or Lycans.

Jodie Pearson: It’s hard for me to choose. There are good things about each one.

Jodie Pearson: What do you think?

Tammy Falkner: Do you remember when we were plotting the first book, and we decided vampyres would be too hard to write in the Regency, because you can’t give them a synthetic or other food source? I thought because of that I’d hate the vamps when we got to them. But I think they turned out to be my favs.

Jodie Pearson: Really?

Jodie Pearson: I thought for sure you’d go with the wolves.

Tammy Falkner: That’s what you get for thinking.

Jodie Pearson: I’m just the opposite – big surprise there – but it’s true

Jodie Pearson: lol

Jodie Pearson: In real life, assuming vamps and wolves were real, I think I’d much prefer the vamps

Tammy Falkner: Why?

Jodie Pearson: But in our books, there is something very endearing about the wolves. They’re like playful, big hearted boys who growl a lot.

Jodie Pearson: Why vamps in real life? I think they have more of a sensual nature to them.

Tammy Falkner: Who said there were vamps in real life?

Jodie Pearson: I said “assuming vamps and wolves were real.”

Jodie Pearson: Sheesh!

Tammy Falkner: I think the wolves were great. Don’t get me wrong. And, in the end, I think the attraction to them both was the same. Think about it — at the end of it all, one of the high points of each book was when the hero bit the heroine. And that’s the case with both Lycan’s and Vampyres.

Jodie Pearson: That’s true.

Jodie Pearson: And I adore our vamps, don’t get me wrong.

Tammy Falkner: It wasn’t about the bite. It was about the taking or claiming of someone as his own. But I did find the vamps to be much more dynamic.

Jodie Pearson: Really?

Tammy Falkner: No. I’m lying. Of course, really.

Jodie Pearson: Smarty pants

Jodie Pearson: I mean, my favorite hero IS one of the vamps. So how is that for a dichotomy?

Tammy Falkner: Which one?

Jodie Pearson: I can’t say.

Jodie Pearson: That ought to tell you right there.

Tammy Falkner: Oh, the last one. Got it. Mine, too.

Tammy Falkner: lol

Jodie Pearson: The other two are awesome though!

Jodie Pearson: I mean how can you go wrong with a REAL knight in shining armor?

Tammy Falkner: You have always been taken with the knight in shining armor thing. I don’t get it.

Jodie Pearson: Chivalry!!!

Jodie Pearson: Not dead, even if the knight is the undead

Tammy Falkner: Yeah, still don’t get it. But whatever.

Jodie Pearson: How can you not get it?

Jodie Pearson: I don’t even know how to respond to that.

Tammy Falkner: I’m not taken in by the whole knight in shining armor thing. Hero saves heroine, yadda, yadda, yadda. I’d prefer a kick ass heroine.

Jodie Pearson: Like Blaire from IT HAPPENED ONE BITE?

Tammy Falkner: I can relate to Blaire.

Tammy Falkner: lol

Jodie Pearson: And me not so much! I think you ARE Blaire.

Tammy Falkner: Just ’cause I threaten you with fire does not mean you have to call me names. tyvm

Jodie Pearson: lmao

Jodie Pearson: There’s always a reason to call you names.

Jodie Pearson: 😉

Tammy Falkner: (finger)

Jodie Pearson: I can’t believe you did that!

Tammy Falkner: Why not? I flip you off at least once every time I see you.

Jodie Pearson: I know, it hurts my feelings.

Tammy Falkner: If I didn’t do it, you’d worry I didn’t like you. lol

Jodie Pearson: You’re such a Blaire.

Tammy Falkner: You are such another b word.

Jodie Pearson: Beautiful?

Jodie Pearson: Thanks!

Tammy Falkner: LOL

Tammy Falkner: So, Vamps or Lycans. WHY do the Lycans hold more appeal for you?

Tammy Falkner: And you can’t say ’cause one is a knight.

Jodie Pearson: They’re like playful boys.

Jodie Pearson: Who growl a lot.

Jodie Pearson: Like loyal, puppy dogs – but sexy.

Tammy Falkner: Oh, good griefl. lol Maybe that’s why I’m partial to the vamps. Because they never can get tamed like the wolves? I don’t know.

Jodie Pearson: So are you saying, I’m the classic woman who thinks she can change (or tame) a man?

Tammy Falkner: I said no such thing.

Tammy Falkner: Paranoid much?

Jodie Pearson: Just checkin’.

Jodie Pearson: Paranoid OFTEN

Tammy Falkner: And that would be why you’re not a Blaire.

Jodie Pearson: Then which one am I?

Tammy Falkner: The frail human we’re writing right now. Who is afraid to get dirty.

Jodie Pearson: *sigh* Yes, I am her. But I wouldn’t call her ‘frail’. She is high maintenance.

Jodie Pearson: And there isn’t anything wrong with that!!

Tammy Falkner: Keep telling yourself that

Jodie Pearson: LOL – I do, every day! I just want things the way I want them. And I know WHAT I want.

Tammy Falkner: We’re supposed to be deciding who’s sexier – Lycans or Vamps.

Jodie Pearson: You mean, we’re not discussing ME? What a travesty.

Tammy Falkner: ON TOPIC, Jodie.

Jodie Pearson: Fine!

Jodie Pearson: Wolves!

Jodie Pearson: There are we done?

Tammy Falkner: NO. Because I choose Vamps. We’ll have to agree to disagree. Like normal.

Jodie Pearson: I would be a miracle IF we ever did agree.

Jodie Pearson: We should never be given choices. We’ll always take opposing sides.

So, there you have it. Jodie prefers wolves. Tammy prefers vampyres. But in the end, we love them all. For very different reasons.

We hope you love them, too!


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Lydia Dare is the writing team of Tammy Falkner and Jodie Pearson. Both Tammy and Jodie are active members of the Heart of Carolina Romance Writers and live near Raleigh, North Carolina. Their next two books will also feature gentleman vampires: In the Heat of the Bite (July 2011) and Never Been Bit (September 2011)! For more information, please visit

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25 thoughts on “Do You Prefer Lycans or Vampyres?”

  1. I like vampires better! They are darker, sexier and they don’t shed as much! LOL! Thanks for sharing with us today!

  2. Hello ladies!
    I am a werewolf/shifter girl all the way. Vampires are a close second. Werewolves are hot-blooded, alpha and rough around the edges. Vampires can be cold, aloof and emotionally reserved at times. Both have their appeal but shifters are my weakness.

  3. I really like the lycan books a lot. Many authors write about Vampires but not that many write about Lycans.

  4. Lycans for sure. I wouldn’t mind the few days a month, they get in touch with their baser animal instincts…as long as they don’t track mud in when it rains! LOL

  5. snort, that was funny. I think I would go for the Lycan. That animal beneath is very sexy. And can you imagine having a man “growl” while having his way with you? oh, yeah….;)

  6. Hi Ladies! I love your Westfield Lycans. Probably no surprise to anyone here but I prefer a werewolf/shifter. Vampires generally have a more sinister air about them. Werewolves are unpredictable bad boys/wolves. How can a gal resist the chance to tame a beast?

  7. I like lycans. My first scary movie was a vampire movie, I haven’t quite gotten over that in over 35 years. I have always been partial to canines.

  8. I think I’ll have to go with Lycans. They’re loyal, protective, and only really have a problem a couple of days out of every month. And I’m with you on the growl, too. Very sexy.

  9. Hi Tammy, Hey Jodie,

    Hope you ladies are doing well.
    Oh…MY Gosh. That was HILARIOUS! Only proves why I adore your writing. Please exclude me from your contest. I’m on p. 95 at the moment. You’ll have to wait till my review on which I prefer. Your Westfield lycans or Baron Kettering. Bwah—ha—ha!

  10. Hey everyone! Sorry for the delay in replying. For some reason I can’t access certain blogs from my work computer. So – I’ll try to reply to everyone here. 🙂 It looks like we’re pretty evenly split. (But – and this is Jodie replying – I think more of you are in agreement with me, which just goes to show your good taste.)

    Johanna ~ I could do without the shedding. You’ve got me there. 😉

    Keira ~ A big cat shifter, huh? What is your favorite big cat? I think I’d have to go lion – King of the Jungle, after all.

    Stacie ~ Hot is better than cold. I’ll give you that.

    Debra ~ Almost fell of the couch laughing at your stamina comment. 😉

    Jane ~ So glad you agree with me.

    Melanie ~ You are too funny. They certainly wouldn’t be the only men who track in mud. 😉

    Sharon ~ Love the “growl”. I’m right with you!

    Carla ~ I agree. The “beast” is pretty sexy.

    Jeanine ~ Heavens! What vamp movie 35 years ago scarred you for live? That’s awful!

    Estella ~ Fine you agree with Tammy. 🙁 Just kidding. Immortality is pretty cool, but only if you have someone awesome to share it with!

    Jane ~ One of our wolves would definitely change your mind. Allow me to introduce you to Lord Benjamin Westfield or Dashiel Thorpe, the Marquess of Eynsford.

    Coley ~ LOL! You’d still have a good 20+ good days a month, right?

    Susan! ~ You know how much we adore you. And congrats on getting your quote on the cover of IT HAPPENED ONE BITE! (It’s ok – you can tell Tammy you agree with me.)

  11. Blush. 🙂 Thank you.
    O.k., I’ll tell her. Here goes: “Tammy, I…….prefer……
    C`oig witches. Ha,ha. I know, that wasn’t one of the choices. And I really need to quit playing at LRP. Keira’s goin’ to kick me out any…minute now. Well, not really. I’m just looking for an excuse to leave so I can keep reading about Blaire and Kettering. Hugs, bye.

    1. @Susan – You know I’d never kick you off the blog! That’d be too too tragic.

      @Lydia – All of them Leopards, Lions, Panthers, Tigers, and Cheetas Oh My!

  12. I’m definitely a shifter gal. I especially like cats, but other animals are fine too. I think it’s because I’m always cold and shifters are usually very warm. I want something I can snuggle up to at night.

  13. They both have raw magnitism working for them so I think that’s the main attraction for everyone one way or another. But as much as I like my vamps I LOVE shifters, no matter the type.

  14. That’s a tough question – I love them both. But I guess I lean toward vampires a little more than wolves. I think it’s that cold, heartless presentation vamps have – it just begs for someone to break through and bring them to their knees…

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