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Book three in the Twilight saga is by far my favorite of those books published. (Breaking Dawn, book 4, is coming out in August) Eclipse is simply beautiful. It’s longer than the other two books but does not contain chapter one of the next book (darnit!). In Twilight, true love was found. In New Moon, true love was lost. In Eclipse true love is a choice.

Eclipse is all about Jacob and Edward and their love for Bella. Edward hates Bella’s attachment to Jacob, but he feels he should not get between. Why? Simply put, because Edward feels he should suffer the consequences of his actions last year. That having to deal with Jacob is part of the price he has to pay for his foolish decision to leave Bella.

Victoria, the vampire out to get Bella from the last book is still at large. It is Bella who puts all the clues together and comes up with the answer. Edward and Jacob and the rest of the Cullens and Werewolves have to work together to protect her. Are the dogs and bloodsuckers really going to work together? Hmm… you could say trouble is in the air.

I have three favorite scenes in this book. The first is the night Bella goes over to the Cullens for her weekend abduction (this is part of the plan with the werewolves and the vampires) and stays with Edward alone. I won’t say exactly why I like this scene, but if you could probably guess if you have read the other books by this point. I loved it. It is hands down the best scene out of all three books. I laughed out loud quite a few times because of Bella’s remarks.

The second is Bella’s quasi dream where she overhears Edward and Jacob talking in the tent. Jacob asks that Edward speak plainly since he can’t hear his thoughts like Edward can hear Jacob. They talk about Bella and Edward is so noble in this scene you just want to find him and cuddle him to death. Pun intended. Their truce ends at daylight.

And lastly I loved the ending scenes from the time Bella stops crying to the very end. They feel like one big scene, culminating once again in Edward and Bella’s meadow. It is here he’s determined to be the selfless he’s ever been. He’s been watching her and it seems she’s doing everything everybody else wants, making them happy at her own expense. So he puts his wants aside and lets Bella choose how to best make herself happy. She’s happy right where she is and the other pain will fade in time… she hopes.

The point of view changes from there to Jacob’s and as I read it I was feeling vindictive. Not a very nice thing to begrudge a fictional character, but I was glad for his pain. I still am. It’s just another sign in my opinion at Stephenie Meyer’s skill at writing her own characters. We don’t get that wrapped up in the story too often. It is very rare, last seen in Harry Potter, the story of the boy wizard. I hope you will pick up this saga and find yourself as riveted by this compelling love story as I was.

Rating: 5 Stars

Happy Readings!

P.S. What book four will be about I can not begin to guess. True love is able to heal all wounds? What do you think? Leave a comment and tell me!

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  1. Hmm…what did you mean by “We don’t get that wrapped up in the story too often. It is very rare, last seen in Harry Potter, the story of the boy wizard.”

    The changing of the point of views?

    5 stars? Why? I mean why do you think so…what makes it THAT superior?

    Book 4 is supposed to be about Bella being engaged to Edward btw. It’s on Meyer’s website.

  2. Well I haven’t been this engaged in a story since HP. Eclipse is the perfect segue to a happily ever after book four. There’s a book five which is Midnight Sun that is from Edward’s pov of Twilight. Chapter one for that book is up on her website and is very hot.

    Well the quote on the saga is from Meyer’s own words. Twilight is about finding true love. New Moon is about losing it. Eclipse is choosing true love. So while we know it’s about them getting married, what aspect of love is it that we will be reading?

    I gave it a 5 because there were many highs and lows that got me riled up. Sweet moments with Edward, moments with Jacob where I wanted to beat him up, and moments when Edward pwns Jacob. The whole story was good, even the parts I didn’t like.

  3. Oh okay, I see what you mean now. I thought you were talking about something else.

    So we’re talking about the shades of love, as through its different phases. That’s different.

    I look forward to reading them, when they appear on my doorstep…


  4. I really agree with your 5 star ranking. I thought this was the best book from the saga. Most of all I adored the vindictiveness and other tensions between Jacob and Edward. I also liked that Bella finally saw Jacob as a choice, that gave a lot of passion! That was very important to me. I really like how the story turned out in the following book, but I often play with the idea of writing Stephenie Meyer a letter and asking if she could rewrite the 2 last books with Jacob as the hero. I think that would please a lot of fans so that they could choose for their own. I would choose both of them =D

    Anyway, you’re quite right about the wrapping up part.

  5. Yes the tent scene is great! Loved the two guys picking each other apart.

    As for JxB kiss – I’d have slugged him again and rebroken the finger lol.

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