Final Eclipse Trailer is Here! Take a Look:

This trailer focuses more on the deaths, killings, suspense and mystery side of Eclipse instead of the love triangle. It appears to balance the escalating tensions and threat of Victoria more than the book did, which is good. Boys might even like it… just a little. 😉

10 Things I Love about the Final Trailer:

  1. We see snow! I am of the opinion this must be the tent scene and the final confrontation between Edward, Seth, Bella, and Victoria. I can’t wait for the tent scene, how about you?
  2. Seattle looks creepy and a bit otherworldly. It’s a good solid introduction to the city and world outside of Forks. Too bad it’s making for the murder capital of the US.
  3. We get to see more of the newborn army. Hurrah! Lots and lots of them – can you feel the hairs on the back of your neck rising?
  4. Jane and her guard as they come into Washington to observe the goingons. From what little we see it clears up some loose ends from the book on if the Volturi liasions arrived early and did nothing in hopes of the Newborn Army clearing up their little Cullen problem. What do you think?
  5. Edward pushes a tree over. Haha. 🙂
  6. Victoria’s red hair is the brightest color in the whole trailer, have you noticed? It’s kind of cool. If it was a little less orange and a little more red red it would look like blood.
  7. The newborns climbing out of the water. Very ghoulish.
  8. We see Bella’s ring! Now where’s all the yummy groping?
  9. We see three of the wolves coming out of the forest… stalking… getting ready to fight.
  10. Wolves pouncing on newborns… poor newborns.

What did you like from the new trailer?

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