Author Guest Blog Policy


Are you an author, publicist, book agent, cover model, cover artist, or work for a publisher? You could guest blog at LRP! It’s a great way to promote! We’re a Google Page Rank of 5. Authors will also get links for their book or books to Amazon. So put your thinking cap on and get creative! It’s time to type!

Not sure what you want to write?

Topics to Consider:

These are simply suggestions and not requirements for submitting a guest blog.

For Authors:

  • Your writing process or space.
  • Writing tips (how-tos, dos and donts, etc.)
  • Publishing process (how to get an agent, sign a publisher, pitch a book, critique, etc.)
  • Wacky author bios (tell us about yourself in a creative way! Provide photos!)
  • Exclusive sneak previews (what are you writing/working on now?)
  • Why do you write in your genre?
  • What is your favorite plot line, trope, heroine or hero type?
  • Schedule an interview
  • Join in the fun of our author Kiss and Tell series
  • Come up with a top 10.

For Cover Artists:

  • Designing romance novel covers (when, what, where, how, who?)
  • Working with authors to create covers
  • Selecting models, sets, or props
  • Artists backgrounds (who you are, hiring process, steps to creating covers)

For Cover Models:

  • Cover models (selection process and posing)
  • Model bios (tell us about yourself! Provide photos!)

For Publicists:

  • How to creatively market romance novels
  • Thinking up book titles, cover quotes or blurbs, building media hype.
  • Publishing Houses: history, background, goals, sales

Still unsure? Check the guest blogs on the website or email me. I’d be happy to help you come up with something!

Post Submission Requirements:

  • It must be at least 250 words, no maximum.
  • It must be unique content (that is content not posted elsewhere on the web). If your post is mainly an excerpt from your novel, please submit a unique excerpt.
  • You must submit the guest blog at least 7 days prior to scheduled post date. The sooner the better.

Video Submission Requirements:

  • 2 minutes to 5 minutes in length
  • Under 100 MB
  • Not hosted elsewhere on YouTube or web.

We’ll host you on YouTube at Love Romance Passion’s channel and share the video with blog readers. Twice the exposure!

Additional Things to Consider:

  • 1-3 Sentence bio to use as an introduction.
  • Including your website URL and blog address.
  • Ending in a question to spark conversation.
  • Coming back to the blog on day of article publication and answering comments.
  • Please save your document like this before submitting: LastName_MonthDay_LRP. Example: Smith_Oct31_LRP. This makes it easy to locate and get ready among other blogs. Please don’t label your post LoveRomancePassion! I get too many that way and they get all jumbled up and I have to spend a long time sorting.

Contact me at with “Guest Blog” in the subject. I will talk to you about space availability and help with topic suggestions if you are still in need. Happy blogging!

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