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Disclosure: In March 2015, Keira Gillett, the owner of this blog, self-published her first book in the middle grade / YA genre.

Love Romance Passion would be pleased to read any romance book that an author or publisher would like to send in for review. The only exceptions to this policy are self-published works because of accessibility and quality. If you feel you meet those two conditions and want a review feel free to contact us anyway.

Love Romance Passion reviewers are delighted to read and review ARCs (advance review copies) as well as fully finalized books. We understand these novels are uncorrected and will take that into consideration with our review.

Genres We Accept: Any subgenre of romance will be considered for review here at Love Romance Passion. This includes erotica romance and chick-lit with a strong romantic theme. We try to match reviewer preferences and might decline if a reviewer is unavailable to accept new books. (If you’re willing to wait for a reviewer, please email your PDF with your inquiry.)

Review Ratings: Love Romance Passion does not guaranteed a positive review of any novel sent to us. What we promise is an honest opinion and rating for every book reviewed on this site. Our rating scale goes from 0.5 Stars to 5 Stars and your book can fall anywhere on it. If you are worried about the possibility of receiving a negative review please do not ask for one at all.

Format: It depends upon the reviewer. Some like ebooks, others print books. Tell us what you can offer and we’ll let you know which one we’ll need. Heck! If you want to offer us audiobooks we’ll accept those too. We do commute to/from work and this could get your books reviewed faster.

Wait Time: The waiting time between receiving a book and getting a review depends solely on the number of books in the reviewer’s TBR pile. We make it a point to read promotional copies sent to us first and do not expect your wait time to be very long. That said, sometimes the daily grind does get to us which could delay a review or another book might call to the reviewer first. Our goal is to read and review your book when it most appeals to us to ensure you have the best rating possible.

ARC reviews: We make a point of highlighting all books sent to us under the ARC category even if they’re newly or previously published. We will not post an ARC review until either a) pre-orders can be made or b) during/after the month of the book release. This is to make reviews more friendly to readers who might want to order your book based on what we say.

In addition: Love Romance Passion is happy to be quoted. Please link here if you use more than a brief excerpt and credit the review to the site. We greatly appreciate your understanding.

Contact Keira at with the subject headline: Book for Review. Please include as a minimum – Title, Author, Publication Date, Subgenre, Page Count (if ebook), and Summary. Thank you!

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