How Love Romance Passion Grades


As of March 10, 2014: 4726.5 Stars/1266 Books = 3.73 Stars/Book

Each reviewer rates based on their own personal opinion. I and my reviewers agree to read books that sound good to us to begin with and aren’t generally outside of our reading preferences. Books are read in as timely manner as possible, but are not read necessarily in the order received, so each book is selected and read when it sounds most appealing to the reviewer. We try to give every advantage to the author possible. This is why our book rating is as high as it is.

Our scale runs from 0.5 Stars to 5 Stars. I chose stars because it’s less of a grade and more of an accolade. (Though admittedly you probably would steer clear from 0.5 Star books and of course 4 Stars is better than 3 Stars and 3 Stars is better than 2 Stars and so on.)

I chose stars because I hated getting a B as a student and I suspect a B makes authors less than thrilled too.

Take comparatively a 4 Stars rating. Hot damn that’s good! See? :D Stars are like shiny rewards for authors and they deserve them.

Think of our site and grade system like you would movie ratings which are also done by stars. The scale for movies is smaller than us as they go from not reviewed, then 1 to 4 Stars.

Ever notice how even a 1 Star review makes money in theaters? Same goes for books as far as I’m concerned.

Also have you ever seen a chick movie reviewed by a guy and he rates it as stinks? But you go see it and love it to pieces and want to own the DVD? Yeah, thought so.

Reviewing is subjective. What I like you might hate. What one of the guest reviewers hate you might love and want to make all your friends read.

Grades are great and they serve a point, but in the end your preferences as the reader count more than mine or another reviewer’s. Search our reviews by grades if you like, but also search our reviews by categories. ;) We made a lot of them to make finding books you like easier.

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