Get into Bed with Amelia Grey (Author Interview 2)

Gentleman Says I Do

Keira: Twins! I love twin romances. Are they some of your favorites too?

Amelia Grey: It seems like the first “twin” romances I read were Jude Deveraux’s Twin of Ice and Twin of Fire. Of course the heroines were the twins in her books and in my books the heroes are the twins, Iverson and Matson Brentwood. I’ve always found the idea of twins intriguing. After twenty years of writing and twenty-five books I thought it was time to do “Twin” books.

Keira: Sounds like there’s trouble when you use your father’s name as your nom de plume. How much trouble?

Amelia: Oh, yes, my heroine Catalina Crisp gets herself into big trouble when she starts finishing her father’s work for him. Catalina’s father is a well-known writer, but he’s a wastrel whose disappearances continuously put the family close to destitution.  She knows something drastic must change, so it is with quill in hand, that Catalina completes her father’s latest parody of Iverson and Matson Brentwood’s spectacular arrival in London.  When the story hits the newsprint, the darkly handsome Iverson is at her door, looking for her father, but of course, he finds Catalina.

When she see the dashing rogue in the flesh, for a bewildering moment, dallying with the rake seems like the perfect fictional escape—and it’s all she can do not to give into the madness of the intriguing man.

Keira: Doesn’t Lord Iverson Brentwood have a sense of humor? After all Catalina wrote a parody right? *wink*

Amelia: It’s hard for Iverson to have a sense of humor about the parody because it casts a slanderous light on his mother’s good name. It suggested that his mother had an affair while married and the twins were the result of the affair and Iverson found no humor in that.

Keira: If your characters were real and you could talk to them, what would you tell them? What advice would you give?

Amelia: I would probably tell Iverson to lighten up which of course he does toward the end of the story as he falls in love with the lovely Catalina. He is a very intense man and doesn’t take lightly someone besmirching his family’s good name. I love stories in which the heroine helps to soften the bad boy hero. As for Catalina, I would have told her that she should have confessed that she had finished the story for her father the first day she met Iverson. But, I think it is human nature to put off doing something if we know it’s going to be unpleasant. I know I certainly do.

Amelia GreyKeira: When you’re not writing you are… (fill in the blank)

Amelia: I’m traveling. My husband and I love to travel to places we’ve never been before. We’ve seen most of Europe and we even spent a couple of days in St. Petersburg, Russia a few years ago. I do have to say the highlight of all the places we’ve gone is on a safari in Tanzania, Africa a couple of years ago.  We hope to tour Australia in 2013.

Keira: What do you love best about the Regency period?

Amelia: I love the time period itself because men were gentlemen and women were ladies.  The clothing is stunning and delicate with fine linen chemises, silk stockings, wispy bits of lace, brocaded gowns, and jeweled hair pieces.  I love seeing the pictures of gentlemen wearing perfectly tied neckcloths, cutaway coats, Hessian boots polished to a sexy gleam, and carrying an ivory walking stick.  I would love to ride in a glossy black barouche pulled by six white, spirited horses. I love the expansive marble floors, and wall scones that flicker candlelight in corridors that are perfect for a romantic rendezvous between an innocent young lady and a handsome gent, or star-crossed lovers. And the added touch of royalty is very intriguing to me.  We have little knowledge of the concept of a king, queen, duke, or an earl, but to me it’s fascinating.  And servants… I don’t have much knowledge of servants, but I think might enjoy having someone pick up after me—for a few days anyway.

Keira: What is the strangest manner rule you’ve come across in research?

Amelia: That a young lady was seldom left alone in a gentleman’s company. Even widows and married ladies needed a companion with them when they went out of the house to remain respectable. We are so free in our society that it’s sometimes difficult to relate to this strict rule. And it also makes it very hard to come up with ways for the hero and heroine to be alone so they can share a kiss or two—or more.

Keira: What are your current projects?

Amelia: I am currently finishing the second twin’s story with the title yet to be determined. Here’s a short synopsis of the next “TWIN” story:

Matson Brentwood has finally met the woman of his dreams. The lovely, red-haired Sophia Hart heats his blood like no other lady.  Her alluring countenance has stopped him dead in his tracks. But no matter how attracted he is to her, he can’t give into his desire to possess her in every way because she is the ward of the man he’s sworn to hate.

Newly arrived in London, Miss Sophia Hart is in need of a husband, but not just for herself.  She has twin, spinster aunts and one of them has decided she wants a man. Sophia agrees to help her aunt by allowing older gentlemen to call on her and then make sure Auntie spends more time in the gentleman’s company than Sophia does. But when Sophia meets the darkly handsome and intriguing Mr. Matson Brentwood, she knows that for the first time, she in danger of losing her heart.

But there’s more than just an adversarial guardian and a long list of beaus standing between Sophia and Matson. Sophia promised her dying father she would honor his lifelong plan for her as an heiress and marry a titled gentleman. Matson isn’t titled so she must deny her love for him and make up to her father for costing him the love of his life.

However, Iverson Brentwood’s story comes first in A Gentleman Says “I Do” which is currently available at your favorite local or online bookstore.

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