Get into Bed with Ashlyn Chase (Author Interview)

This author interview with Ashlyn Chase is conducted by Sandra Scholes.

Sandra Scholes: I know you are a very busy person with your writing career, but do you get much chance to continue your painting?

Ashlyn Chase: No. I’ve lost my passion for painting. I still love both still and performance art and enjoy art museums, but I prefer to tell my stories with words rather than images.

Sandra: The Werewolf Upstairs is a fine supernatural romance novel. I have always liked reading this sort of novel that has humor in it. Tell me, were you always writing humorous novels?

Ashlyn: I began by writing romantic suspense, adding moments of comic relief. More and more reviewers and readers complimented my sense of humor. I warned them they were creating a monster, but they seemed to want more anyway. Eventually I discovered the joy of writing “light” and haven’t looked back.

Sandra: In The Werewolf Upstairs, I loved the dialogue between Konrad and Roz. Were they based on real people, or did you get a real kick out of creating these two main characters from scratch?

Ashlyn: Their personalities were not based on real people. Their looks were though. Ellora’s Cave’s gorgeous male model Ryan was someone I wanted on the cover, so I described him to a T. When the series was picked up by a different publisher, Sourcebooks, I knew Ryan wouldn’t be on the cover, but that’s okay. I adore the cute covers they made even more. They really stand out. Miracle Laurie was the actress on whom I based Roz’s description. She’s not stick thin, and I think she’s beautiful.

Sandra: Are werewolves one of your favorite horror/supernatural creatures, or are there many others who surface in your novels?

Ashlyn: My paranormal characters run the gamut.  I’ve written vampires, werewolves, “the little people” of Ireland, witches, shapeshifters of many varieties, a genie, a merman, a dragoness… If I’m forgetting one or two, I apologize.

Sandra: I have had time to do plenty of research on you. You have had quite an interesting career history; nurse, hypnotherapist, and interior designer. What was it about all these skills that made you want to write professionally?

Ashlyn: It’s humbling to know you’ve read up on me. Well, I burned out of nursing and didn’t feel like the other two jobs you mentioned were quite the right fit. I’ve wanted to write for many years. When my folks passed away and left me enough of an inheritance to follow my dream, I knew they’d want me to. I gave it my all, and I’m still working hard, but I love it so much it doesn’t feel like work.

Sandra: Does comedy romance come naturally to you or is it something you developed over time?

Ashlyn: I guess it’s both. I didn’t have much of a sense of humor growing up. It developed as I got older. The more I joked around, the more I enjoyed life. Now I’m having so much fun it should be illegal.

Sandra: How do you create your characters? Do you create them with your readers in mind?

Ashlyn: My characters tell me who they are. I may start with a general idea, but before long, I get to “know them” as you’d get to know anybody. What they think, say and do defines them. I might tweak their actions a bit, but only to keep them consistent.

Sandra: Konrad Wolfensen sounds like a rather handsome and desirable man, have you any more handsome characters in mind for the next novel, The Vampire Next Door?

Ashlyn: The vampire Sylvestro Flores, or Sly as his friends call him, is a handsome latino man. You can see a picture of him in my video for Strange Neighbors.

Sandra: What plans have you got for future novels? I know your fans are itching to know more!

Ashlyn I’m working on two books simultaneously. One is a shapeshifting tiger and is a sequel to Vampire Vintage (Ellora’s Cave.) The other one is called Oh La La and is about a restaurant in New Orleans that used to be a brothel. It’s being haunted by the madam and two of the “working girls.” More paranormal comedy—what fun!


Petty Crime Never Looked So Good…

Alpha werewolf Konrad Wolfensen sees it as his duty to protect the citizens of Boston, even if it means breaking into their businesses just to prove their security systems don’t’ work. But when his unsolicited services land him in trouble with the lay, he’ll have to turn to his sexy new neighbor for help.

She Should Know Better

Attorney Roz Wells is bored. She used to have such a knack for attracting the weird and unexpected,. But ever since she took a job as a public defender, the quirky quotient is her life has taken a serious hit. Until her sexy werewolf neighbor starting coming around…

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A multi-published author with Sourcebooks, Ellora’s Cave and Total-e-Bound, Ashlyn Chase specializes in characters who reinvent themselves, having reinvented herself numerous times. She has worked as a psychiatric nurse, and for the Red Cross, and has a degree in behavioral sciences. She lives with her true-life hero husband in beautiful New Hampshire, where she is working on the third book in her series, The Vampire Next Door, set to release in August 2011. For more information, please visit

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  1. I like stories with humor in them, I use them to escape from the everyday trials of life. I haven’t read any of your books yet, but I’ve had them on my list for a while. What authors do you read?

    seriousreader at live dot com

  2. HI Linda,

    I love humor too! I think we all need more laughter and love in this world.

    I love to read Mary Janice Davidson’s paranormals. They’re hilarious and fast-paced. I can easily devour one of her books in a single sitting.

  3. Hi Ash! Loved the interview. I didn’t remember hearing about interior design too. You’ve been so successful with so many things, I think your a super woman!! I’m so glad you started writing and have found happiness with Romantic comedy! I still remember the laughs I got from Love cuffs. The first book of yours I read. It made me laugh Out loud! As have all the rest. It’s good to laugh, I know it really picks me up. So thanks for giving us such great books!! You really are something wonderful.

    Big Hugs, Christine

  4. Hi, Ashlyn! I’ve been hearing about your hilarious-sounding book everywhere! I have to say– it sure does sound like a good time! And who doesn’t need a good time? Thanks for the interview! 🙂

  5. I loved Strange Neighbors. In fact I am writing up a review for it. I hope to get The Werewolf Upstairs. I know it will be just as entertaining as the first book. I am anxiously awaiting The Vampire Next Door too.

    Thank you for your hard work and talent.

  6. The Werewolf Upstairs sounds like a fun book! I really enjoyed Strange Neighbors and am looking forward to reading more books in this series. 🙂


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