Get into Bed with C.C. Hunter (Author Interview)

whispers at moonriseKeira: Do you have a hand in the clever titles of the Shadow Falls series? I really like what imagery Whispers at Moonrise invokes!

C.C. Hunter: First thank you for having me here today.  I love bloggers and appreciate them helping me get the word out for my series.  The title Born at Midnight was my mine.  After that my editor and I have brainstormed titles for each one.  I would come up with a five and she and marketing would come up with five and we’d start pairing them down.  It got harder and harder with each book.  Because we were running out words like midnight, dawn, dusk, and moonrise. The last book is Chosen at Nightfall.

Keira: If you were faced with a choice like the one Kylie faces what would you do: choose to stay with your loved ones or go to find out the truth?

C.C. Hunter: It was one of the hardest decisions Kylie has had to make.  For me personally, I think we need to know the truth.  You know the old adage: the truth will set us free.  As for what Kylie does?  Well, the readers will have to read Whispers at Moonrise find out.

Keira: What are the whispers Kylie hears?

C.C. Hunter: Funny you would ask that.  I’m just writing a scene in Chosen at Nightfall that deals with one of those annoying voices. You see, Kylie hears all kinds of whispers.  The whispers of the dead.  The whispers that seem to come from the forest, and she had no clue what they want.  Then there’s one more voice.  A voice that seems to offer her advice in her head.  Who is that?  Kylie is still trying to figure that one out in Chosen at Nightfall.

Keira: Three reasons to be Team Derek:

C.C. Hunter: You know I really did myself an injustice when I started Shadow Falls.  This was my first love triangle to write.  I didn’t know one of the heroes were really supposed to outshine the other. I wrote two great guys.  And in way, they both are perfect for Kylie.   Kylie and I are going to break some guy’s heart in Chosen at Nightfall.  It’s going to be a hard scene to write.

  1. He understands what she’s feeling because he can read her emotions.
  2. He’s tolerant of her ghost issues.
  3. He just so darn sweet.

Keira: Three reasons to be Team Lucas:

C.C. Hunter:

  1. He’s known and cared about her from the time she was young.
  2. He obviously cares deeply about her because he’s so darn protective of her.
  3. When she’s with him, he feels like Kylie’s touchstone to happiness and a good life.

Keira: Thanks for talking to us about your fabulous series!

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