Get into Bed with Catherine Bybee (Author Interview)

NQM Cover ArtKeira: Does the Not Quite series follow the Morrison family and their love lives?

Catherine Bybee: The Not Quite series follows Jessie, Katie and Monica… in that order. Although I do hold the right to take the series farther if I want to.

Keira: When does love find you?

Catherine: I think love finds you when you least expect it. Don’t look, and that’s when it will pop up and slap you in the butt.

Keira: How do you define true love? What makes it true and work?

Catherine: Love is work. Certainly the feeling isn’t something you can ‘work on having’ but only in a book is love easy. And only in a Disney book is it too easy.

Keira: So tell us a bit more about this unexpected baby!?!

Catherine: I think we’ve all read the baby on the doorstep book. But how often is a baby left on a woman’s doorstep? I’ve worked many years in the ER, and have had a few times where a new mother ‘safely abandoned’ her baby in the ER. Legal in California. I remember once a female doctor who wanted to adopt looking into the legalities of a complete stranger ‘giving away’ their child. How if the doctor and this woman had come to some agreement before walking in the ER, there wasn’t a lot standing in their way of the doctor becoming an instant mom. I’m sure much of that has changed, but it sparked this idea.

Not everyone is ready to be a mom when they find themselves pregnant, and the smart pregnant women figure out how to safely take care of their infants.

Keira: What’s the next in the Not Quite series?

Catherine: Monica and Trent ( you haven’t met Trent yet ) are in Not Quite Enough, which is slated for October 2013.  You’ll grow to love Monica, Jessie’s sister, even more in Not Quite Mine.

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Bybee Author PhotoBio: New York Times & USA Today bestselling author Catherine Bybee was raised in Washington State, but after graduating high school, she moved to Southern California in hopes of becoming a movie star. After growing bored with waiting tables, she returned to school and became a registered nurse, spending most of her career in urban emergency rooms. She now writes full-time and
has penned novels Wife by Wednesday, Married by Monday, and Not Quite Dating. Bybee lives with her husband and two teenage sons in Southern California.

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  1. I simply cannot wait for Not Quite Enough! YAY! And I am personally hoping that Catherine decides that 3 in the Not Quite series is just Not Quite Enough.. lol

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