Get into Bed with Cheryl Brooks (Author Interview 2)

Keira: How come Dax is a virgin? I thought all Zetithians were the best lovers in the universe!

Cheryl Brooks: LOL! Everyone has to start somewhere! The trouble is, Zetithians are scent breeders, and if they don’t smell the scent of a woman’s desire, nothing happens. Dax has never found a woman whose scent arouses him. Until he meets Ava…

Keira: What do you love best about virgin heroes and Dax in particular?

Cheryl: Their vulnerability. If they’re always strong and infallible, they would have no need for a woman’s love.  Dax is special because while he’s got a lot of things going for him, when it comes to wooing a woman, he’s clueless. I find that endearing.

Keira: Why is it important that Zetithian males find viable females?

Cheryl: With the destruction of their homeworld and bounty hunters killing any survivors they find, there aren’t many Zetithians left. Therefore, if their species is to survive possible extinction, they need to reproduce as much as they can, and Dax is no exception.

Keira: Speaking of viable females, tell us about the Aquerei? Are they good matches with Zetithians or only Ava because she’s a half human?

Cheryl: Aquerei are an aquatic species. Purebloods have hair that looks like the tentacles of a sea anemone, they have webbed fingers and toes, and they can breathe underwater. They also have large, round eyes. Their compatibility with Zetithians is unknown, but the mix of human and Aquerei, at least in the case of Ava, is something Dax can’t resist.

Keira: If a fish and a cat fall in love; where do they build their home?

Cheryl: On a starship of course!

Keira: Dax is called The Great Virgin and Super Kitten in the book. What are Ava’s nicknames?

Cheryl: Waroun, who is Dax’s business partner and the navigator on his ship, calls her the Fish Lady.  He also came up with Dax’s nicknames. He was such a blast to write!

Keira: Tell us a bit about Rhylos… the only planet in the universe where the phrase anything goes really means anything goes.

Cheryl: It’s a bit like Las Vegas, only instead of being just one city, it’s an entire planet. Subliminal advertising is rampant, and sex pheromones are pumped into the air in the brothel district. Everything looks, tastes, smells, and feels better on Rhylos—until you leave. Then it loses some of its gloss.

Keira: If you were forced to pick, which is your favorite Zetithian and why?

Cheryl: I love them all when I’m writing about them, but I probably love Cat, the hero of Slave, the most because he was the first.

Keira: For somebody with little background in the Cat Star Chronicles what would you say to them? Do you recommend reading the books in order?

Cheryl: Most sci-fi romances involve relationships between humans. My guys, and sometimes the gals, are aliens. There’s plenty of heat, but lots of fun and adventure, too.

I do recommend reading them in order, but it isn’t strictly necessary. I’ve tried very hard to make them stand alone. The first three—Slave, Warrior, and Rogue—are written in first person. If that bothers you, you might want to read the others first.

Keira: We meet a couple unattached Zetithians in a brothel during this book. Will one be the next Zetithian on your plate to match with his perfect mate?

Cheryl: Yes. Book eight, Stud, is about Tarq, and book nine, which has yet to be named, is Jerden’s story. Tarq styles himself as the Johnny Appleseed of the Zetithian race, spreading his seed across the galaxy in an effort to perpetuate the species. He’s fathered thousands of offspring, but he’s never fallen in love. Until he meets Lucy…


He’s never met anyone who made him purr…

Starship pilot Dax never encountered a woman he wanted badly enough. Until he met Ava Karon…

And he’ll never give his body without giving his heart…

Dax is happy to take Ava back to her home planet, until he finds out she’s returning to an old boyfriend…

As their journey together turns into a quest neither expected, Ava would give herself to Dax in a heartbeat. Except he doesn’t know the first thing about seducing a woman…

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Cheryl Brooks is a critical care nurse by night and a romance writer by day. She is a member of the Romance Writers of America. She is the author of The Cat Star Chronicles series and lives with her husband, two sons, five cats, five horses and one dog in Indiana. For more information, please visit

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20 thoughts on “Get into Bed with Cheryl Brooks (Author Interview 2)”

  1. wow, I haven’t heard of this series, but Virgin sounds hot! I will have to check these out. thanks for the interview 🙂

  2. I’ve read the entire series and think they’re all great! They’re super hot, romantic, engaging, funny, and have interesting characters. Cheryl has created a wonderful mix in her series making them very enjoyable to read.

  3. I have to tell you Cheryl, that out of all your books Slave holds a dear spot in my heart. They’re all amazing books though and I’m so very excited to read Virgin and I loved the glimpse into the next two books too!

  4. Thanks, ladies! It’s been wonderful having all of you along for the ride. Here’s wishing you all good luck in the giveaway!

  5. Hi Cheryl – I love, love, love this series!!! Dax sounds like he’s going to be one of my favorites as well, but he’ll have some competition in Lynx. My all time favorite – Lynx just about broke my heart. Congrats on your newest release!

  6. Since those of us who have read the entire series seem to be giving a shout out to our favorite…mine goes to FUGITIVE:) Not that I haven’t loved all the Zetithians. In VIRGIN, Dax was very endearing and the secondary characters wild and crazy good. It’s going to be a banquet when I go back and read the entire series! I was lucky enough to read an ARC of VIRGIN but need a keeper copy for my library.

  7. I totally get the whole scent thing. My husband’s scent makes me purrr! Thanks for the giveaway!

  8. LOL! That’s one vote each for Lynx, Cat, and Manx. *wicked grin* Dax is a total hottie, but wait until you get a load of Tarq (Stud) in February! He’s sweet and sexy and will break your heart! Good luck in the giveaway!

    I completely agree on the importance of scent, Jen. Especially with my sensitive nose! Good luck in the drawing!

  9. Love the Cat series, I was hooked from the beginning.
    These books are permanet keepers, have to pick up my copy of ‘Virgin’ next time out. Keep the series going…

  10. I have heard fabulous things about this series and I’m really looking forward to reading it! Great interview!

  11. I read Slave awhile back, but I’ll admit I haven’t kept up with the others. I love books with virgin heroes ( pretty hard to find in Romancelandia) so I’ll be looking this one up for sure.

  12. Go for it, Chelsea. The cats are HOT!

    The series has grown quite a bit since Slave, and most are now written in third person, which was a complaint I heard a lot with regard to the first three. I hope you enjoy Virgin!

  13. The Cat Star Chronicles series is the most awesome series! Can’t seem to get enough of them and am so glad there will be more. I really love the covers too – they’re all gorgeous! 🙂


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