Get into Bed with Christy English (Author Interview)

how to tame a wilful wifeKeira: Tell us How to Tame a Willful Wife! What about the husband? 😉

Christy English: LOL… Absolutely! Thank you so much for hosting me and my novel. As with so many romance novels, How to Tame a Willful Wife really is about taming the husband. It’s about two headstrong, stubborn people learning to live together as equals without killing each other. The dynamic between Anthony and Caroline is a bit like a dance…Caroline does something outrageous: throws a knife, beats a man at archery, rides a stallion wearing breeches, and Anthony chastises her. Of course, the chastisement doesn’t work at all unless he can back it up with seduction. Their argument escalates into love making, and the next day, Caroline goes right back to doing exactly as she pleases. Over time though, they learn to talk to each other, and to communicate more than just in bed. Though they still always have their best conversations there. 🙂

Keira: When should one choose a biddable bride and when should one choose a headstrong one?

Christy: A man should choose a biddable bride if he’s willing to be bored for the rest of his life. Though in my experience in reading romance novels, a bride who seems biddable in chapter one usually finds her voice and her courage by the middle of the book. Then the hero discovers that he has a strong woman on his hands. A good thing for him, and for the reader.

A man should choose a headstrong bride when he knows his own mind and is brave. The perfect combination of traits for any hero.

Keira: What do you love best about the trope of a reserved hero matched with a fiery heroine?

Christy: I love a man who is drawn out of his shell by a strong woman. Mr. Darcy in Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice comes to mind. Just as the hero in a romance novel seduces the heroine, teaching her the ways of love, a good heroine draws the strong, stalwart hero out of his shell, so he can unbend enough to fall in love with her.

chrisKeira: Describe your perfect hero.

Christy: Fitzwilliam Darcy. A man who will go the distance for you even when he thinks you will never know that he’s the one who saved the day. A man whose devotion lasts.

Keira: What is next for you?

Christy: I’m continuing my joyful jaunt into Shakespeare with Love on a Midsummer Night in which Raymond Olivier, Anthony’s best friend, is reunited with his true love. I’m a sucker for a rake who gets redeemed by the love of a good woman.

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17 thoughts on “Get into Bed with Christy English (Author Interview)”

  1. Christy, I have to agree with you, my idea of a perfect hero is Fitzwilliam Darcy! Your book sounds wonderful. I would love to read it. Thanks for the chance to win a copy!

  2. Thanks for a fabulous interview and congrats to Christy on the new release! This book sounds awesome and it’s definitely on the top of my “want” list 🙂 Ooooh… Darcy was the archetype for the perfect hero! Best of luck to you and I can’t wait to get my hands on this book! Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. I like a hero who appreciates a strong-minded woman. It means he knows his mind and likes challenges. Mr. Darcy is a good choice!

    1. Thanks erinF I am a huge Darcy fan…though I would not kick Captain Wentworth out of bed either…LOL

      NaS I love a strong minded hero too…and Anthony us definitely that 🙂 Caroline can handle him though, lucky for me. I loved watching them interact as I wrote this book. 🙂

      Maureen, Anthony and Caroline definitely agree on nothing at the beginning of the book, but she wins him over 🙂

      Thank you all for joining in on the Give Away. I hope you love these two half as much as I do. 🙂

  4. What jumped out at me from the interview is how much I agree. I think a headstrong heroine is the way to go. She will always make the heroes life interesting!

    1. Jackie, thank you so much for joining in the give away and for tuning into the interview 🙂

      Jen B, you are so right! Caroline makes Anthony’s life interesting from the moment they meet when she throws a knife at him LOL

  5. Well, my husband is now my hero because he brings me the local paper on Sundays when they have a book review he thinks I will like! He’s two for two ! How To Tame a Willful Wife was just in last Sunday’s book section and I’m dying to read it, and would LOVE to win it! Thanks Keira and Christy!

  6. I agree Christy, I am also a sucker for redeemed rakes. I love rakes all together. I love that flirting, their playfullness, and just their sexiness in being secure. This book looks great, loved the cover.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

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