Get into Bed with Diana Palmer (Author Interview)

Keira: Who is the most persistent husband hunter in FBI agent Jon Blackhawk’s life?

Diana Palmer: That would be Joceline Perry, who has appeared in many other books, lol. I fell in love with her when she refused to do menial chores at work and she became my heroine.

Keira: What makes single mother, Joceline Perry, stand by Jon when he’s threatened by a revenge seeking criminal, especially because it might put her son at risk?

Diana: Because she loves him – she can’t stand by and let him get killed. She has a secret that he doesn’t know yet.

Keira: The mystery behind Kilraven’s first wife and child double murder from Dangerous is solved in Merciless. Are there any hints you’re willing to divulge here? Or perhaps a red herring?

Diana: There is another link to this chain. I was very surprised to discover that the murderer wasn’t exactly fingered in Dangerous. It’s amazing how characters take on life and become people inside the pages of a book. Often they come up with situations and conclusions that I never really thought about. (Don’t get nets and come after me, other writers will tell you the same thing).

Keira: Tell us about Jon – is he a virgin? Why are virgin heroes sexy?

Diana: In this convoluted world where sex has become a party favor rather than a solemn, beautiful part of love between two people, I think virginity is sexy. I don’t like promiscuity. Oddly, at the turn of the 20th century, even men were expected to wait until marriage to indulge. I think that’s sexy, too. Okay, I ‘m a dinosaur, I admit it. I don’t belong in the modern world.

Keira: Tell us about Joceline – will she ever reveal who the father of her son truly is?

Diana: Oh, yes, she will, and people will be surprised.

Keira: Why does Cammie, Jon’s mother, dislike Joceline so much?

Diana: She doesn’t think anybody is good enough for her son. But Cammy also has very old-fashioned attitudes which sometimes lead her to erroneous conclusions. She will get a real shock about Joceline, and have to face her own prejudices head-on.

Keira: Merciless is the newest book in the Long, Tall Texans for readers who haven’t read other books in the series, what does each LTT book have?

Diana: They all take place, more or less, in a small town called Jacobsville, Texas(and its neighbor, Comanche Wells, Texas). These are small, fictitious towns set in stasis, where everybody knows everybody and it’s like living in a large, very diverse family. In fact, I live in one of these myself. I think small towns are the closest to heaven you can get on earth. I’m glad that some other people, my wonderful readers especially, feel the same way I do.

Keira: What’s coming up in the LTT series? Whose story will we get to read next?

Diana: It was going to be Rourke, the one-eyed South African merc with the very wild sense of humor. But my readers spammed me for Grange, so it looks like the ex-Army Major is next up for hardcover treatment. But in December 2011 True Blue comes out – it’s the story of San Antonio detective Rick Marquez, well known for his single status and very sexy look. He winds up in the middle of a South American revolution which will involve Grange and General Emilio Machado, who appeared in my last hardcover, Heartless. Going to be an interesting year. Oh, I love my job!!!

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Thanks for dropping in Diana! This was great!

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  1. I’ve been looking for Stanton Rourke and Clarisse Carrington”s story and can”t find it, when’s it coming out and what is the title of the book, thanks

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