Get into Bed with Jennifer Haymore (Author Interview)


Keira: Hi Jennifer! I’m so excited to have you with us today. Loved A Hint of Wicked; what was your inspiration?

Jennifer: My husband came up with the first idea for A Hint of Wicked. We were on a long drive and stuck in traffic, and we and started tossing around book ideas. He suggested an irate husband walking in on his mourning wife with another man. The core concept has evolved since then, but I took that idea and ran with it!

Keira: Oh yes, two men! Sophie is in for a tough decision. Tell me a little about the men – what are their hero qualities?

Jennifer: Oooh! That’s a great question. You’re right—it’s an incredibly tough—and almost impossible—decision for Sophie.

Tristan is tall, dark, and handsome. He’s loyal to a fault, analytical, and completely devoted to Sophie and the family they’ve built together. He’s gone through years of grief and growth with her, so he understands how her mind works and what makes her tick. He “clicks” with Sophie—spiritually, physically, and emotionally.

Garrett is blond, blue-eyed, and powerfully built. He’s intense, emotional, and possesses a deeply ingrained sense of honor. He has suffered tremendously in the past years, and that gives him a very dark edge that comes through in his actions. He and Sophie have loved each other unconditionally since they were children.

jenniferhaymoreKeira: Could she just have both? Would Garrett and Tristan do that for her? No?

Jennifer: Hehe, well, let’s just say that, as an author who feels a strong connection to all three characters, it was a strong temptation to try to push the three of them together like that.

Unfortunately, though, Garrett and Tristan would have none of it!

Keira: In one sentence how would you describe their marriages to her?

Jennifer: Her marriage to Garrett, before he left for war, was the epitome of the blush of first love—romantic, exciting, and full of discovery.

Her marriage to Tristan is a comfortable partnership during the day and fireworks-passionate at night.

Keira: Would you make the same decision Sophie did in A Hint of Wicked?

Jennifer: If I were Sophie, I would! As much as I love both heroes, however, I know they’re destined only for the heroines they end up with in their books. I couldn’t barge in and separate either couple! That would be so wrong!

Keira: What is your favorite type of hero to read/write?

Jennifer: Oh my, that’s tough. I like all kinds of heroes, but I guess my favorites are those who truly love their heroines beyond anything in the world, and will go to hell and back at hundred times to win them. The heroes with that pure, focused, unwavering love for their heroines always give me shivers.

Keira: You said both men are passionate, and we readers love that in our heroes! What makes a great (written) bedroom scene?

Jennifer: As a reader, bedroom scenes resonate for me when there is emotion involved, and when the scenes are crucial to the development of the plot of the story and the relationship between the characters. Mix that emotion and character development with big fireworks, and I’m a happy, happy reader!

Keira: What was the hardest part of writing a Hint of Wicked? The easiest?

Jennifer: I think the hardest part was straightening out the legal confusion while keeping my characters morally in the right and their children legitimate. I bought two books on the history of marriage and divorce in the UK, and wow, what a mire of legalities! The legal system in the UK at the time was extremely complicated, and this particular situation had very little precedent. The similar cases I could find were all associated with commoners, but with the aristocracy (especially dukes), things tended to be handled considerably differently. I finally consulted a legal expert who helped me straighten it out a bit. At times in the book, I found the characters beginning to talk in legal circles. In the end, I tried to keep it all as simple and clear as possible so as not to confuse the reader (or myself!).

The easiest part of A Hint of Wicked….hmmm. Well, it was probably finding the motivation to get it done! Not only was it my first contracted novel, it’s a story that’s very close to my heart. I finished it in record time!

Keira: Is there anything else you’d like to share?

Jennifer: The second book, A TOUCH OF SCANDAL, will be released in April, 2010.

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Keira: Thanks so much Jennifer! It’s been a real pleasure to talk with you! For more information on Jennifer Haymore and her books visit her website and check out her blog.

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  1. Hi Jennifer! So neat your hubby comes up with ideas with you! Does he read your books too? Do you plan to have a book for the hero that doesn’t get Sophie? 🙂 (I don’t know yet who gets her, I can’t wait to find out, LOL, but i’ve been guessing who 🙂

    Great interview!!! Congrats on your release Jennifer
    Too I signed up to get updates and the feed here. Looking forward to visiting and chatting more here. I love chatting about romance books!

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