Get into Bed with Karen Kelley (Author Interview)

Karen Kelley

Karen Kelley: Hello and thanks so much for inviting me to your home on the web!

Keira: We’re happy to have you here! What is your favorite scene in Where There’s Smoke?

Karen: Wow, hard question. I think as a writer you connect with the characters so much and the story becomes a part of you that it’s difficult to choose one specific scene. That said, I would probably pick the scene where my hero lifts the veil that hides Destiny’s past. Here’s a snippet of what happened after he saw her life play out in front of him:

Chance gasped as the vision was swiftly swept away. He went to his knees, trying desperately to fill his starving lungs with air. He’d taken Destiny’s pain and made it his own, he’d felt the demon’s breath on his face, burning him, and it sucked the life from him. He couldn’t breathe, couldn’t draw in enough oxygen.

He shouldn’t have let her life play out that far. It had been too much. The nephilim were never supposed to hear a bargain made with the Devil.


Too much.

It was too much.

Suffocating darkness closed in around him.

Keira: Talk about opposites attract! A demon and an angel?

Karen: Not exactly a demon yet. Destiny is a demon-in-training. Except she was kicked out of Hell and can only attain demon status if she steals a soul. Chance isn’t actually an angel, either, only half. He’s a nephilim, the offspring of angels who mated with mortal women.

Keira: So is Destiny less demonic than she thinks?

Karen: Life threw Destiny a lot of curves. She doesn’t think she has a choice except to become a demon. Besides, she deserves a better life, even if it’s in death.

Keira: Is Chance less angelic than he thinks? **Waggles eyebrows**

Karen: LOL Only when it suits him—and it usually doesn’t. Nephilim don’t play by the same rules as everyone else. Chance is no exception. Sometimes he makes up his own rules. But when he clashes with Destiny, all hell breaks loose.

Where There's Smoke

Keira: How did you pitch Where There’s Smoke?

Karen: I didn’t just pitch one book, but a series. The following are my original pitches:

 Book One: A sexy wannabe demon is kicked out of Hell and given a week to reach her quota of one more soul, but a nephilim, who isn’t your typical robe-wearing, bright light surrounding him angel, isn’t going to let that happen, especially when it’s his soul, his body, she wants.

 Book Two: Stood up for the last time, a plain Jane prays for a miracle that will take her from dowdy to dazzling.  She never expects an unconventional nephilim, who thinks he’s God’s gift to women, to show up on her doorstep telling her he can teach her about sex.  Yeah, right.

 Book Three: A lady cop meets her match when she arrests a man who claims to be a nephilim, then can’t shake him once he makes bail.  The guy belongs in a mental ward with all his talk about how she’s going to get shot during a burglary, but then it happens.

The titles were changed so I didn’t include them. The last book has changed somewhat but it’s pretty much the same. I knew editors liked series and I had read a few online pitch sessions Deb Werksman conducted and she always asked about other books. I believe in being prepared.

Keira: How do you define love? (romantic/true love/soul mate – as one or separate ideas)

Karen: For me, it’s all one that grows over time.

Keira: Are you watching ABC’s new TV series GCB set in Dallas, Texas? (Had to ask, you live in Texas… lol) What do you think?

Karen: I rarely get the chance to watch TV and had to Google this one. Gee, thanks *frowning* LOL  Now I want to watch it. The only TV I watch is American Idol and I’m hooked! Philip Phillips is my favorite if you want to know.

Keira: What’s next for you?

Karen: Two more books in this series, Where There’s a Will in Sept 2012 and When All Else Fails early 2013, then we’ll see. There will always be another book brewing inside me. Writing is like breathing. I can’t do one without the other.

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  1. Thanks, Keira and Karen for a great interview!
    I love anything you write, Karen. I enjoy out-of-the-box, hot, funny reads and you deliver every single time. ‘Where There’s Smoke’ sounds terrific and I’m looking forward to the whole nephilim series.
    Best of luck!

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