Get into Bed with Kristine Grayson (Author Interview)

Love Romance Passion is glad to welcome today Kristine Grayson author of Utterly Charming.

Keira: When writing your light fantasy romances you’ve had a diverse group of characters. Do you ever find a large cast to be unruly?

Kristine Grayson: Occasionally. But that’s only because everyone wants to say something. 🙂 Seriously, it’s not that hard because the characters are all so real to me.

Keira: What happens to be your favorite fairytale? If you could live in your own version of a fairytale would it be the same as your favorite one?

Kristine: The Little Mermaid is my favorite fairy tale, and no, I wouldn’t want to live in that one. I just love that story. But I’m happily married, I have a job I love, and my life is quite good, so I feel like I’m living in a fairy tale already. I suspect my cats are the fairy godmothers. 🙂

Keira: Why do you think there’s such an appeal for updated fairytales?

Kristine: I think these are stories that we all grew up with, stories that we all love. And we love to hear the same stories told somewhat differently. Stories for our times, I think.

Keira: How is love defined in fairytales and does that definition change when it comes to the real world for you?

Kristine: Love in fairy tales is really romance. It’s the early part of the relationship. Then, when the couple decides to stay together, they will live “happily ever after.” In real life, the real relationship work begins at the commitment. And the love deepens if the couple stays together. So in some ways, fairy tales have it backwards.

Keira: If Utterly Charming was optioned for a movie and you had unlimited funds who would be your ideal cast?

Kristine: This question is always so hard for me. For Utterly Charming, I have to go back to older movies. I mean, George Clooney could play Blackstone, but he’s not quite right. But I would prefer Cary Grant—from the 1940s. As for Nora, Rosalind Russell would be perfect. Although, Danny DeVito would make a spectacular Sancho.

Keira: What’s the most magical fairytale setting you’ve ever been to? (Share a picture please if you can!)

Kristine: I live on the Oregon Coast, and there’s a place here called The Devil’s Churn. It’s a very wild cliff face that the ocean has carved into. I’m rather astonished that you can visit this place. It’s magical and dangerous and dark, and I just love it.

Keira: What fairytale are you looking to update next?

Kristine: Bluebeard. He’s my next hero in Charming Blue coming out next fall. Before that, though, you get Thoroughly Kissed, which is Sleeping Beauty’s story.

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