Get into Bed with Mary Wine (Author Interview)

trouble with highlandersKeira: As an author of 20+ works, what is your process? Do you have any tips for perseverance or obtaining a steady/growing word count?

Mary Wine: Hello Folks! It’s grand to be here! Thanks for having me over to blog. I’m really excited to have The Trouble with Highlanders making its way into your hands.

It’s a constant battle of good vs the evil distractions of the internet. Okay and chores and of course the parrot. It is my main job to hold and love the parrot. LOL. You know, like any job, you’ve got to be focused. There are going to be times you want to just sleep in or leave early or log onto Facebook and play silly games. But if you want to finish your book, you’d better strap your little tail into the pilot seat for the long haul. ‘How bad do you want it’ really fits. I keep a word count log and make myself stick to it. The other thing I keep is a log of other things I do. This helps me identify wasted time when I sat down in front of the TV or something else non-productive. It’s always surprising to me to discover where my hours are slipping away into.

Keira: What is your favorite reenactment? If you could travel back in time to the real deal, would you?

Mary: I love all time eras. I met my husband at a renaissance faire and we still go. He kisses the back of my hand and we dance period dances. I think he might just be going for the sword fighting…wink. I might travel back if I were in control. History is full of brutal realities from violence to bacteria. Would I love to sit in the court of Elizabeth the first and just watch? You bet! But I’d think twice about how to do it because it’s likely I’d be accused of being a spy. Still, wouldn’t it be something to visit Victorian England? Maybe join one of the cycling women’s groups for an afternoon. I would love to walk through the fabric market and watch a tailor at work.

Keira:  There’s trouble and then there’s The Trouble with Highlanders – explain the difference!

Mary: Trouble…in this case, a big, arrogant Highlander who has never had a woman walk away from him. This isn’t the first time Daphne McLeod has taken a hand in her fate. She hid in a convent to avoid her arranged marriage because it was causing two best friends to fight over her. She also let Norris seduce her so that Broen, her arranged marriage, might renounce her and marry the woman he truly loved. Daphne is her own woman and it was good for Norris to meet his match. The handsome brute just had it too easy with females if you ask me.

Keira: Either/Or: If you were kidnapped like Daphne MacLeod, the heroine, in The Trouble with Highlanders, would you prefer to be rescued by a Laird or a Lord? Why?

Mary: I’d bloody well take care of myself. I don’t drag myself to martial arts class five days a week for nothing. Don’t let the picture of me wearing a bustle fool ya. Just call me Mulan. 

Keira: Use this space to share anything you like!

Mary: I thought I’d show you the afore mentioned parrot…I mean ‘time sucking black hole’ but she seems to think she’s the office manager. Lol.

This is Ginger. She is an umbrella cockatoo. Ginger is about five months old and I’m the insane person who fell in love with her. She can employ an almost impossible tractor ‘cuteness’ beam that pulls all humans toward her. Once in your arms, she purrs and lets one cuddle her endlessly. This is all designed to make me forget that she throws her food all over the floor.

Thanks for having me over. You can find me on Facebook and Twitter!

Mary Wine

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  1. There’s nothing like a saucy pic of a Highlander on your novel’s cover, is there…This is an excellent author interview, and has set me up for wanting to read more Highlander novels.

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