Get into Bed with Olivia Cunning (Author Interview)

double time by olivia cunningKeira: What are your top 3 rock songs? Why do you love them?

Olivia Cunning: This is a tough question for me to answer. I’d have a hard time coming up with fewer than 300 favorite rock songs. My top three favorites change day-by-day and hour by hour depending on my mood.

So at the moment, I’m going to go with “Bat Country” by Avenged Sevenfold. It has my favorite guitar solo of all time. And that solo just so happens to be my ring tone. Though I think maybe tonight I like their song “Buried Alive” better.

My second choice is “Psychosocial” by Slipknot. There is just something amazing about how such totally different elements can come together to form a perfect song—hard and edgy, yet smooth. The screaming blended with the singing. I love that. Few vocalists can pull that off with that level of skill. And the drums in that song pack a serious punch.

And for my third song choice tonight, I’ll go with “The Bleeding” by Five Finger Death. Mostly because I had a crappy day at work today and feel the way he sounds. The song is powerful. Not just the lyrics. The music. I feel it on an emotional level.

So those are my top three today, but who knows what my top three favorites will be tomorrow. Maybe I’ll be in an energetic mood and want to listen to Emphatic or Static X. Or angsty and need some Three Days Grace. Or sexy and want some My Darkest Days. Do you see my dilemma? Last week I was on an Aerosmith kick. I must have listed to “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing” fifty times. So yes, this is a tough question.

Keira: It’s hard enough juggling one person’s emotions with your own in a relationship, let alone two. How do the characters find a balance in Double Time?

Olivia: They make an effort to ensure everyone’s needs are met—physically and emotionally. Eventually the three develop a strong trust, but that doesn’t come easy, especially since Ethan has broken Reagan’s trust in the past. Even so, I think that because two of them—Ethan and Reagan—have had a past relationship and a continuing friendship, they had a bit of a head start in understanding each other.

Plus, Trey is a pretty easy going person. He’s a bit mixed up at the beginning of the relationship, because he’s denying a big part of who he is and what he needs, but once he figures out how to be happy and how to go about getting what he, he’ll make it work. Trey has an uncanny ability to get anything he wants. Well, almost anything.

The three of them definitely have to communicate with each other. When they don’t, that’s when one of them will start to feel left out, or guilty about paying more attention to one partner compared to another. No one said it was going to be easy! But they genuinely want to work things out, so when things go awry, they set them straight quickly.

Keira: What do you think is the most important part of any relationship?

Olivia: Communication. No one is a mind reader. Problems don’t fix themselves. You have to talk. And half of communication is listening, so that’s just as important.

Keira: If you had to choose: backstage at mid-favorite band’s concert or nosebleed at your favorite band’s concert?

Olivia: Backstage, because it’s beyond the usual experience. And I still dream of marrying a rock star. How’s he supposed to fall madly in love with me if I’m the nosebleed section? Ha!

Keira: What’s up for you after this?

Olivia: The next Sinners on Tour book, Hot Ticket, will be released in February. It’s a deep, dark, emotional read. I definitely listened to a lot of Three Days Grace with that book!

Thanks for having me on your blog today.

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  1. I have been a huge “groupie” of this series since day one. I was in the bookstore when they were just putting Backstage Pass on the shelves for the first time. I grabbed the book out of the employee’s hand because the cover caught my eye. I went home and read the book in one sitting and was snared. It has killed me to wait so long between books. Thank goodness the wait won’t be as long between books. I can’t wait for Eric’s book. He’s an interesting character, lots of complications, and lots of hidden talents. Keep them coming Olivia….we all love your work!

  2. I am anxiously awaiting Double Time!! I really can’t wait to read Hot Ticket, though. Jace is my favorite Sinners band member. If I could ASk Olivia one question it would be: Who was your favorite Sinners to write about and why?

  3. I’m so excited to read the rest of the series! Love those boys. I agree, I think backstage would be insanely cool. Thanks for the contest!

  4. Loved the interview. I love this series! When I read Backstage pass the first band I thought about was Avenged sevenfold! Totally reminds me of the Sinners. Cant wait for the rest of the series. 🙂

  5. Great interview, I love associating music to the books I read and am greatful that Olivia Cunning has helped me out with that… I also LOVE these naughty Rock GODS… between Sinners and Sole Regret…it’s a girls dream… and on that note I too would pick back stage..

  6. This book and series sound great. Olivia is a new author for me. Love trying out new authors.
    My question is are there any more books for this series? And what is your favorite genre to read? And to write?

  7. Olivia, do you think that by moving Double Time from the 5th book to the 3rd it changes the “flow” of the series? will it end up causing spoilers? Love your books, Carin
    mawmom at gmail dot com

  8. I can’t wait for Double Time!!! I just reread the first 2 so I could make sure to remember all the awesome parts!!

  9. —Okay I have read all 3 of the Sole Regret books and LOVE every SINGLE one of them.. I wish they were longer though. haha BUT I was wondering……..
    QUESTION——> since there are only 2 more left in that set will we get a feeling of closure like a follow up that’s maybe a year or two later to tell us what has happened???
    —I have also read the 2 Sinners books that are out so far and LOVED them!!! no one can write a Rock Star book the way you can!! (AWESOME!!) So that being said I can not wait for HOT TICKET to come out since I know that Trey was supposed to be last and well I HAVE to read a series in order.. So I will be reading in the order YOU posted on your website… (I know the wait will be worth it for sure! 🙂 )
    QUESTION—–> Once you finish up with Sole Regret and Sinners what is going to be next for you? do you have a plan to do more Rock Star books or something totally different???

  10. Congratulations on your latest book! It’s also hard for me to choose a favorite song because I have so many and it depends on my mood. Music is something I like to listen to and do often. It relaxes me, motivates me, just makes me feel a lot.

  11. Olivia, you have quickly become my new fav author. I love your books. My question is would you be disappointed or upset if one of your readers decided they needed to read the books in the proper order of which you have written them?

  12. olivia-between Sinners & SR you can’t write ’em fast enough!! I’m totally addicted 2 your rockers! Thanks so much

  13. Can we have a lady sleepover Olivia? And will you tell me lots of stories? Ill bake cookies and we can have mani and pedis and invite a bunch of friends. Please? I love your work can’t wait to read Double Time.

  14. Enjoyed the interview. Really looking forward to Jace’s book, want to know more about him and really really looking forward to Eric’s book…think he’s gonna surprise all of us!!!

  15. Olivia you have an exceptional talent for creating people who I wish were real! How amazing would a Sinners/Sole Regret co-headline tour??? JUST SAYIN…

  16. I am so looking forward to reading this book, and the next two. I can never pick a favorite book, song, author, anything…either. I guess they depend on my mood at that particular moment in time 🙂
    manning_J2004 at yahoo dot com

  17. I can’t wait for this book! Like you, the music I listen to is dictated by my mood. I may be pop one day, heavy metal the next. But some days it changes by the hour! Good luck with your time and the EDJ!

  18. Olivia, I’ve told you I’m such a greedy bitch when it comes to your stories and have been from the start. I heard about Backstage Pass months before its release in one of your first blog interviews and knew right away I was going to be a crazed stalker fan of your work before I even laid eyes on your first book. I boy, was I and the rest of your fans lucky to be right. I was heart broken that Double Time was delayed almost a whole year and I am beyond thrilled that we are finally back to Sinners On Tour. Which of course leads me to my inevitable question, and you know what I am going to ask you already don’t you? When are you going to commit to sending Exodus End out to the world? The glimpses we have seen of Trey’s brother Dare certainly have proven tantalizing. Doesn’t big brother and the boys in one of the biggest bands performing deserve their HEA (and sexy rock and roll hi jinx) as well.

  19. Hi everyone! I’m sorry I was unable to drop by earlier. My schedule is INSANE right now.

    First, thanks for all the compliments. They mean more to me than you can imagine. *smoochies* Thanks for reading my books and I’m glad you’re enjoying my rock star worlds.

    Hopefully, I get in everyone’s questions here. If I miss anyone, I apologize. Feel free to poke me awake. It’s past my bedtime.

    Paula Novak- My favorite Sinner to write about changed with each book. When I wrote Brian’s book it was Brian. When I wrote Sed’s book it was Sed. And when I wrote Jace’s book it was Jace. I will say that Eric surprised me the most with his depth and his unbelievably self-less heart. He really surprised me. I fell so in love with him. sigh…

    Chris Bails- The series will have five books by the time it’s completely published. One book for each member of the rock band Sinners. My favorite genre to read is like my favorite song. It depends on my mood. Right now I’m reading The Last Lecture (non-fiction) and an epic fantasy book. I used to read mostly romance, but now that I write it, I’d rather take a break from the genre when I read for pleasure. I also write a lot of genres. Fantasy. Medical thrillers. YA Science Fiction. Maybe I’ll publish some of those other books someday.

    Carin W- There are few spoilers in Trey’s book for both Jace’s and Eric’s book. Nothing too extreme, but yes, it does mess up the flow to some extent. I hope it doesn’t take away from your enjoyment of the series.

    Brandy- There are at least 12 more Sole Regret books in the works. I’m experimenting with a serial format. I thought it would be fun to have all five stories going at once, one night at a time. We’ll see if I change my mind after around book seven. So far I’m loving how the series is progressing. I have so many ideas for weaving the stories together. After Sole Regret and Sinners, I’ll be working on Exodus End. Those will be full-length novels, similar to the Sinners format. I know the Sole Regret serial format drives some folks crazy, but I like that I can put one out every six or seven weeks instead of every six or seven months. 🙂

    Jessie Ann- I won’t be upset no matter how a fan chooses to read the series. If it makes you happy to read about Trey the second his book is released, read Trey’s book. If you’d be happier waiting for Hot Ticket, that’s fine too. Don’t feel guilty about either decision. Just do what makes you happy.

    Lisa Survillas- When I get stuck, I seek out a change of scenery and writing mode. I usually write on my laptop in the living room. If things get too distracting *cough, internet, cough* I go up to my desktop computer in my bedroom. If that doesn’t work, I grab a pen and paper and go to the beach. That always works. I love writing by hand on the beach. Unfortunately, most of my daylight hours are consumed by my day job, so I rarely have the opportunity to walk the 1/4 block to the ocean and sit with my feet in the surf.

    Susie- Sounds like fun!

    Dawn- I’ve already finished the Sinners books and Sole Regret does not make an appearance. Would you settle for Sole Regret and Exodus End coheadlining? 🙂

    Joanna – Double Time and Hot Ticket are both being released in audiobook form in February of 2013. I’m not sure when the other three will be released, but they are working on them.

    Thanks everyone for stopping by. Love ya!

    1. OMG okay you just made my night!!!! 12 more Sole Regret stories??!!!! I know I am like one of those people who go a tad crazy when I get to then because is it shorter but I LOVE that we get MORE of them and sooner!! You are a very talented lady!!! And I will be patiently waiting for all your releases!!!! 😉

  20. Double Time looks very intriguing! I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of it. Keep writing, Olivia- we love what you do!

  21. I love all of Olivia’s books. She is an awesome writer. I can’t wait until her next book is released. Keep them coming and I’ll keep on reading them.

  22. Thank you for writing such amazing books Olivia! I can’t wait for Double Time and the rest of the Sinners on Tour books to come out! Backstage Pass and Rock Hard are two of my favorites and I’m so excited for Double Time!!

  23. I just recently devoured the first two Sinners books. I was expecting them to be good but they were AMAZING! I fell in love with the entire band and really want to read Trey’s story but am a little OCD about reading orders and spoilers. So despite the constant fabulous reviews I am going to make myself wait till February and read Hot Ticket first. At least that’s the plan now…who knows what will happen if I get my hands on a copy of Double Time before then!

  24. I love your Sinners books they are amazing and I look forward to reading Trey’s book, I wish I could read your other books but there all digital release, will they ever be brought out in paperback? :0)

  25. Olivia, I am a big fan of your work with Sinners and Sole Regret, so I was wondering if you will ever have a “Monstors of Rock” tour where Exxodus End, Sole Rgret and Sinners all play? The fans might not survive. sdylion(at)gmail(dot)com

  26. Question for you Olivia : You said you dream of marrying a rock star, who would it be? (Only one – plus must be a real live rock star, not a fictional one)

  27. I am so totally excited to read this book! and any other Sinners book for that matter…

    I think it’s kinda cool you like metal music!

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