Get into Bed with Rachel Carrington (Author Interview)

the first spellLynn Reynolds: Are you a person that loves to fly as a passenger or would you like to be the pilot?

Rachel Carrington: Just as a passenger. I’ve never even thought about taking pilot lessons because my eyesight isn’t 20/20 even with glasses. So I wouldn’t want to be up in the air squinting and trying to figure out if a really big bird or the blimp was coming at us.

Lynn: If you had any special powers, like some of your characters, what would it be and why?

Rachel: Wow. Good question. I’d love to be able to just think about one place and be there in a split second. Talk about saving time on travel! I could visit the rest of the states in a matter of days! I wouldn’t mind being able to just float up into the sky, either. That would be a cool way to relax.

Lynn: Do any of your favorite shows influence your writing?

Rachel: No, not really. I do picture some of my characters as the characters on screen, but I don’t use their personalities. And since I watch so few shows, there really isn’t a lot to influence me. I mean, I love, love, love Bones, but I couldn’t ever match what the writers of that show do. And I think trying to use some of the characterization would just be me doing the characters a disservice.

Lynn: Having been a paralegal, do you ever email the crime shows letting them know what they got wrong? Would you ever consider writing an episode for one of those shows?

Rachel: I don’t even though I’ve wanted to many, many times, especially when I see a lawyer yelling at a judge or the paralegal flitting around gossiping while the lawyer is in court. A good portion of the time, I would attend the trial with the lawyers as do most paralegals I know.

I would definitely consider writing an episode for a crime show. I think it’d be intensive work, but to see your work come alive on the screen would be incredible.

Lynn: Who are your favorite authors and what book can you not wait to read?

Rachel: Christine Feehan is one of my favorite authors as is Sarra Cannon. Right now, I’m waiting for the final book in her Peachville High Series. Impatiently waiting, I might add.

Lynn: Since you love to sing, if you could be a backup singer for anyone who would it be and what song would it be?

Rachel: What a great question! I’ve never thought about this before, but now that I have, it would have to be Carrie Underwood and/or Reba McEntire because I have a lot of country in my voice from living in the South all my life.

Lynn: On your web site you mention that you have visited 14 of our 50 states. Which state have you liked the best so far? What made it your favorite?

Rachel: That would be hard for me to choose because there was something I loved in each state. I’m actually now up to fifteen states as I just visited Pennsylvania in August. Each place I’ve been has given me a memory that I’ll treasure.

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