Get into Bed with Robyn Carr (Author Interview)

Keira: As a writer, what kinds of books inspire you? Do you ever find time to read when you aren’t writing your own novels?

Robyn Carr: I read every day. I work long hours, but in the evening after dinner I read—and I am inspired by everything I read, whether it’s mainstream or non-fiction or some other genre. I have a particular taste for contemporary romance and women’s fiction. My favorite authors are Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Kristan Higgins, Jill Shalvis, Susan Andersen to name a few. For my reading pleasure I enjoy intelligent, romantic, humorous, sexy novels with strong heroines.

Keira: What would you tell someone who is coming to Virgin River for the first time? What do you want them to know about the town as they jump into HIDDEN SUMMIT?

Robyn:  Virgin River isn’t an easy place.  It calls on a person’s deepest sense of adventure to live there, which at least partially explains the strong sense of community one finds there.  Sometimes neighbors have to rely on each other to get through the day, sometimes for their very survival.  Not only does Mother Nature challenge this mountain town with snowstorms, floods, earthquakes and mud slides, the landscape is rugged, the wildlife plentiful and fearless, but there are more illegal (and sometimes dangerous) marijuana growers in that area than anywhere else in the US.

Keira: Which character from HIDDEN SUMMIT do you find yourself relating to the most and why? Is there one character, from any of the Virgin River books, that you are particularly drawn to?

Robyn: First, in HIDDEN SUMMIT, I relate to Leslie – when her husband divorced her, she suffered an enormous confidence problem.  I understand that too well – I can get 100 compliments but that single negative jab haunts me!

The single character from ALL the Virgin River novels I am most drawn to, feel I know the best and relate to most is Jack Sheridan – he’s a piece of work.  Sometimes he seems like a perfect man, sometimes he’s emotionally clumsy, sometimes wise, sometimes foolish; he’s sometimes so kind and supportive, other times he can be angered and has a bit of a short fuse.  Most of all – he’s terribly funny and his wry humor saves his ass more often than not.  Yes, even though I don’t know him in reality, I really get him.

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  1. I love these books…love the stories, the titles, the covers. And Robyn is great. She spoke at my local RWA meeting last year and she was SO funny! Very enjoyable to listen to.

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